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    Straw hats are seen in rice fields and agricultural lands of ‘hayseed farmers’ in the Americas. Straw Hats have appeared in cultures the world over, and have been made from just about every conceivable form of straw or grass as a result. The unique properties of the straw hat make it a comfortable piece of attire no matter what the weather…purrhaps, winter being the exception. Kits are not fond of head covers and I’m sure they feel the straw hat is gauche.

    I feel like I’m getting the crud. Blah

    Enjoy your Sunday and have a happy~

    Der Abend ist bei uns, anderen Kätzchen
    (The evening is upon us, fellow kittens)



    PG, I hope that the crud passes you by!

    1918? Guess we have gone back to a time when straw hats were more poplar. 😉

    Not sure that I would rock said headgear, unless it had a price tag dangling from it à la Minnie Pearl. 😉 And def sans the floral arrangement!

    Our weather bodes wool hat month! 😉



    I do have a straw hat, but it is a very plain one, simply for shade on very hot and sunny days … wondering if such days actually exist. Still wearing my warmest furry béret. The weather predictions are somewhat less ghastly now, but I doubt I’ll be going very far. Good day to work on the book translation. I had a nightmare, but after checking my e-mail and looking at a few friendly websites, will be going back to bed with the sleek sleeping and cuddling champ.

    There were a couple of decent days so I did some hand washing – the woollen bérets, the woollen scarves etc. But alas not ready to put them away as of yet.



    Well, it’s sideways raining here, ugh, but a great day to be inside!! Which is what I plan to do. And a bit of cooking since we have been on the go for the last couple of days. I am going to try a new peach cobbler recipe I happened upon in the newspaper. It’s very simple, quick, and sounds delicious. If it’s worthy, I’ll share the recipe.

    Gotta run, but will be back later!



    Happy Straw Hat Day! Hope you’re not getting the crud, PG.
    I have a straw hat with just the right size brim to shield my vampire eyes so I can read outside. It also keeps my head from sunburn!
    KZ, is your sideways rain moving due east? Expecting lots of rain later today and tomorrow, with high winds.
    Got my peas planted today, yay! Whether they come up or not is another story; the cats love to roll around in my gardens.
    Peach cobbler, yum! *leaves plate at the wormhole, ready to retrieve a piece fresh from the oven* Making pulled pork in the slow cooker here – the house smells great. Purrfect for a chilly grey day!



    I made a turkey chile? Chilli? chili? with “small red beans”, and of course some vegetables; onions, a red sweet pepper, other odds and ends, fresh coriander (cilantro). If you are a coriander-hater, simply use parsley instead.

    I also made buckwheat crêpes, and the dough for a pizza or foccaccia. And a curtido, which is a slightly pickled slaw of cabbage and other veg, in this case julienned carrot, and finely cut red onion. :// I use white wine vinegar (an inexpensive type from a Portuguese shop) as I find white vinegar has too sharp a taste – I use the latter for housekeeping purposes). Cider vinegar would be fine too. Diluted half and half with water. Some recipes add hot peppers but I didn’t. I made mine with red cabbage this time, so with the carrots and onions, it will be pink!

    They are predicting some nasty stuff such as freezing rain or nasty melting stuff, so I can probably avoid going out at all tomorrow, and spend the day working on my book translation (and cuddling with Livia, of course). One of my best friends will be returning from Cuba in a week, but the weather should be decent by then. She was there for over 2 months; nice to be retired!



    Pouring out and quite chilly. I’m so hoping that this rain doesn’t freeze over. ‘Cause even with cleated boots I will be most unhappy.

    Tomorrow after DIY spin class (meaning that I don’t have to get up way early) pm plan is for me and a guy to p/u my replacement micro. And if it’s hazardous driving, I just don’t know how feasible this will be. I have until Thurs to do p/u and can always call a cab, but still.

    Actually started raining as I walked home from stylist. We decided to go even shorter so as to avoid my DIY moments. Look is extremely gamine and works well for me! Might have to go a bit more often, but I’ll see.

    The chilli that I have is in a cupboard. And canned. Actually several varieties from the natural food store. Quite good. Esp ’cause I consider having to srsly cook daunting. But I can manage to open a can. 😉



    Oh yes JJ, by all means help yourself and anyone else who would like warm peach cobbler! That was the easiest recipe ever–I’ll post the recipe tomorrow!



    Sounds interesting, KZ! The similar thing I make is a clafoutis – a classic one is made with cherries, but I’m more likely to make it with small, dark Italian plums (susini) or peaches from Ontario. Not the season now. KZ, I imagine that you put up fruit. Do you have peach trees? We are just a bit too cold – the peaches from Ontario are excellent.

    There are many other versions if you google. It isn’t very sweet, but rich from the eggs; basically a crêpe or pancake batter.

    Livia is crying to go out, but it is a skating rink all there. All schools on the island of Montréal are closed, which is most unusual. She has actually gone out on the back balcony, which is covered, but I doubt she will attempt to go down the steep, slick outdoor stairs. I’ll just wait for her to return; it won’t be long.

    KJ, I always have a pantry full of cupboard supplies, including organic canned beans, which I buy when they are on sale at Rachelle-Béry or PA-Nature. I mostly add more vegetables to everything. I keep trying to reduce poultry (no longer eat mammalian meat) and eat more legumes as well as fish, but sometimes I have trouble digesting beans. Your haircut sounds smashing.

    In theory, I’m not setting foot outside, as I have plenty of cat and human food, coffee, tea, cat litter and the human equivalent, but I do have to take the recycling down the outdoor staircase. I’ll wait a bit, hoping the ice will melt (there isn’t much). Normally I’d wait, but I’ve been doing a huge cleanout, so I have a large transparent plastic bag to dispose of. It is raining now and will be a few degrees above freezing in a few hours.

    Lots of work to do in my home office…

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