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    Who would have thunk plumbing day is an international event, initiated by the World Plumbing Council. The WPC, through its member countries and partnerships with the World Health Organization, works year round to promote the benefits of safe plumbing.

    We don’t think about how lucky we are to have plumping. Our society and health are much better for it but over 2.3 million humans don’t have or ever had plumbing. Inadequate sanitation allows for sewage to flow directly into streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands, affecting coastal and marine ecosystems, fouling the environment and exposing the environment that millions of animals need to survive and thrive.

    It’s grumpy day or better known as Daylight Savings Time. We lose an hour and I still don’t know where it goes. 😀

    Have a happy grumpy day…or not~



    I already need back that xtra hour!!!!!

    Crossover pic:



    HRH tells Dorry where their relationship is.

    We are awaiting possibly ex tropical cyclone Hola to arrive tomorrow and race through my area with heavy rains and gales. She should be here and gone in a day. Also a short time ago we had a wee quake, only 3.2 but enough to make the house creak loudly and make the cuckoo clock pendulum chains tremble.
    PG, great cossover pic.



    A “wee” earthquake? 😮

    MS, please tell HRH you can’t blame a boy-kit for trying to spin his way out of an awkward situation. 🙄
    Twas I as found the crossover pic – but it easily could have been PG! 🙂

    Snowing out and I so need that hour of sleep back, but nothing for it. Zonked from last week and if it works out I might find myself napping in pm. Right now it’s up and getting ready for gym.



    Hi all – somewhere I have a photo of Shaddo under the kitchen sink. From that day forward one of his nicknames was, “Shaddo the Plumber!”

    Such funny pics! The family business on my father’s side was plumbing and heating. Dad wasn’t a plumber, but four of his brothers were, as well as two cousins.



    Don’t forget the related World Toilet Day, 19th of November!

    Livia is fascinated by the toilet flushing. She runs in to look at it.



    Is there anything more important than indoor plumbing? Well probably, but to my way of thinking, there’s not much. 😆

    Peso is also fascinated with the flushing toilet…sticks his head way down in the bowl until I say PESO!!

    The site is running much smoother now, thanks to our very efficient Kittenmaster. And the awesome people who let him know when we have problems. Thank you everyone for your commitment to this site!



    Good morning all.
    A cat plumming. I couldn’t resist it.
    Still waiting for the rain/gales to arrive. The rain isn’t far away now, maybe less than an hour while the winds are about three hours away. We are expecting more gales than rain here according to those in the know. It is actually very quiet and still outside at the moment. It has been quite some time since we’ve had a quake locally and I do prefer it that way but it’s not going to stay that way anywhere in NZ, that’s why we’re called The Shakey Isles.
    Oh KJ & PG, sorry about the pic mix up. That’s what happens with late night posting. Don’t worry about HRH having her feelings hurt, she knew this long distance relationship was really only platonic. Speaking of HRH, her appetite seems to be increasing as the temps have begun to drop.
    JJ, that certainly is a family history of plumbing.
    Lagatta I had to giggle at the image of Livia’s loo fascination.
    KZ, when I listen to my Mum’s stories of having to guide her younger siblings down the garden path in the evening by candlelight for the last visit before bed while possums and birds made noises at them from the trees above, the spiders staring at them from the roof of the outhouse/longdrop and the candle blowing out while younger brother would jump out of the dark to scare his sisters I am thankful for indoor plumbing. Also not having to take the potty or ‘po’ out in the morning for emptying and washing. BUT, if something does go wrong with our indoor plumbing then we are in a pickle whereas the old outdoor plumbing didn’t have those problems.
    It has been a sad weekend here with a lovely lady and great friend of the family who influenced our girls greatly in all things outdoors when they were growing up passing away after an accident. We are greatly saddened but the memories we have of her are so many and so many are hilarious. She was a wonderful person who must have influenced hundreds of lives with her volunteer work here and abroad.



    “Plumming” MS – delightful! 🙂
    So glad that Dorry will not be in the doldrums re offending HRH.

    I am extremely Westernized and in no way a “nature lover.” So indoor plumbing is a must-have for me. While camping will ever happen!

    Tks KZ, when things go awry, I have a need to see if I can get them fixed ASAP. That’s just my style.

    Now while I didn’t ask for it, today’s spin instructor (who moved last yr) maintains that this could come as a new “leash” on life for me. Hehehe. Purrhaps, but the suddenness of it was what I think hit me bigtime.

    Purrhaps I could fulfill my long-held dream of an actual room designated for wardrobe/office piece/craft storage. There are so many neat and inexpensive wardrobe units online. Plus the idea of a doorman to receive package deliveries and a fix-it person on premises, plus efurrything spanking new would also be a plus. I’d also have a balcony/view.

    Although I would never let Dorry out ‘cept on a harness, hmmm … I asked him if he would like to move, he’s mulling it over. Wants to know if we’d be nearer to Miss Moppet, PG!

    Clearly I’m trying to wrap myself around all this, but there is a ways to go.

    I actually have a footstool/storage box almost exactly like this. Plus it sorta explains why moving peeps would be mandatory. 😉



    KJ, I am ‘Westernised’ too but have been taught how to cope if those ‘
    Westernised’ facilities and nicities fail. One motto, “Be Prepared” works well especially in a country with earthquakes and volcanoes. Cyclone Hola is almost here and I have fenced in my patch of milk plant that is covered with Monarch butterfly caterpillars so they don’t get blown about too much, harvested my rhubarb and courgettes and cleaned all the leaves from drains and put out some boards to divert the rainwater from a path on to the lawn where it will spread out. I’ve also put away any light or movable outdoor furniture so it can’t blow around and cause damage.
    KJ, that is a good attitude to look forward to any possible moving as a positive thing. Sure there will be worry and sleepless nights but planning for something better or different is great, but maybe not a “new leash on life’. Giggle giggle 😀 Definitely use professional movers, ask friends etc who have moved if they were happy with who they used as moving is stressful and if you can mitigate that stress then all the better.



    MS, your description of the ‘foray’ out into the night before bed, sort of gave me the heebee geebies! Well, the part about the spiders that is. Also here, it’s darned cold in the winter (like below zero cold) so hanging out in the outhouse would never be a good idea. I also know how to ‘rough it’, but prefer not to since if our electric goes out, the pump to the well does too which means no water for anything–including flushing. Mr. KZ would most certainly have to get a generator going, as I don’t relish going to the barn to do my business–cows can be sooooo nosey!! 😆



    Sounds like you’re as prepared as you can be for Hola, MS. I hope the winds aren’t too damaging. I’m sorry about the loss of your friend.

    You and Dorry have things to ponder, KJ. After the initial shock wears off you’ll see clearer.

    We have a well too, KZ, so no running water when the power goes out. When the lake isn’t frozen we can get water by the bucket to flush, but a power outage during a blizzard is challenging.

    Today was a bright sunny day and a lot of snow melted. All day I heard the sound of giant chunks of snow and ice falling from roofs and trees.



    LOL, KZ, at least our spiders are non threatening. They just make faces at you. Worse still is finding a weta on the seat or under the seat or feeling something tickling the back of your butt only to discover while standing safely outside the ‘dunny door’ with your pants around your ankles that the threat it was just a fern growing through the cracks in the wall that was giving you the heebee geebies. Been there, done that and screamed loudly. 😯 🙁 😳 🙄
    ROTFL at the nosey cows, sheep are just as bad.
    JJ and KZ, that is really annoying to lose power when you rely on it for your water pump. Do you have gravity feed storage tanks for these occasions? JJ, the falling snow and ice must make it dangerous for going outside safely.
    HRH is not in a good mood with me, it has begin to rain here and I found her curled up asleep under a shrub and brought her inside. She does not appreciate being inside and is racing from door to door and flinging me some pretty big stink-eye as she passes by. Too bad as she is inside for the night as far as I am concerned. I’ll have to warn Mr MS about the ‘prisoner’ so he doesn’t accidentally let her out when he comes home from work.



    Livia and I would be very unhappy without our “Balconville” balconies. I sit on the front one sipping coffee, tea, the odd glass of white wine (especially with friends) but above all, plain tap water while she explores the adjacent rooftops. These are row houses, all attached.

    When I was living in Perugia, wee quakes were about as common as snowstorms here. Most did no serious damage, but after I left, there was a significant quake that damaged precious frescos by Giotto which I had seen before.

    Fortunately there was no loss of human life, and probably no loss of feline life.



    For sure MS, if it came to a (hopefully never) emergency situation I’d have no choice but to somehow manage. Just can’t get how some peeps enjoy roughing it.

    But we all have our prefurrences and I’m not one to question what others do, ie I’d never travel, would rather spend the amount of a yearly trip on higher rent, which is where I sense I’m headed. Not that’s it an either/or. Last time I was on a plane was in early 90s, don’t even bother renewing my passport. Nor do I go to restaurants or entertain. And yet I still manage to have fun on my own terms! 😉

    Yup, won’t bore you all with the details, from what I sense looks like a move will be the way to go, but need to see how this all plays out. And I do have lots of time to figure it all out. And feel somewhat better now that have done a good bit of research. MS I would def use a reputable moving company. If one has the $$$ one can get just about anything done. I’ve never had a balcony, but it might be nice. And the very notion of living in the “boutique hotel” style condo rentals that seem to be abounding fills me with joy! But we’ll see, cause had this not happened I would have just stayed put.

    Also in prep for bringing in taxes to acct did major clean-up of no longer needed paperwork. Admittedly I’m super-organized, the exact opposite of a hoarder, but a thorough scouring of various storage places resulted in 5 bags full ( as opposed to 3 bags full!) of trash! Thought that I needed to keep files way longer than is nec’y.

    Anyway, tks for hearing me out guys. And not it’s time for me to open Mon Café and then try to snag that 1 hr of xtra sleep. Don’t want to have to wait until Fall to get it back!



    I remember visiting my grandma B. She had no plumbing so we either used the pot or walk out to the out house. Good times…not so much.

    Damn cows-they could, at least, be quiet while you’re in there. 😆

    I hope you’re not badly hit by Hola, MS. I am sorry your friend is gone and I’m sure the girls are as well. Miss Gaea is so much like HRH. She comes in about 6-ish and naps. Then she gets up about 9-ish, noms and has to go out…NOW. I don’t let her out that late and so back and forth to the doors, to the windows fussing all the while.

    Where ever we go, a patio is a necessity.

    Hey, I washed some of my windows today. Now that the sun is shining in, I opened the curtains and yikes!



    PG, just a heads-up. Copied you on email sent to KM about site having some probs again – bounced back to me.

    Chamber pot or outhouse? Not for KJ! 😮



    Lived in places with outhouses for about 30 years – although they’re long been connected to the sewer system, outside loos used to be common in the older, unrenovated parts of central Melbourne. Worst things: gastro when it’s raining; standing on a large slug when wearing socks but no shoes; red-back spiders (relatives of black widows).



    When I travel, the main motivation is work at a conference or seminar, but if possible I do take the time and some money to visit my friends abroad – though I’ve passed the age to crash at their places (them too) if we are talking small flats in major European cities). I do keep my passport up to date as I don’t drive and except for a driving licence it is the best form of identification – sure in Québec we can use our medical cards but they aren’t always accepted elsewhere.

    KZ, I suppose the architecture in your ‘hood is why you’ve never had a balcony, as I’ve only once had an apartment in Montréal without one. I’ve visited splaces from the poshest districts to the slummiest here, with balconies.

    I’m very interested in divesting myself of paper documents. I was never a hoarder (though I’m not particularly well organised) but I’ve cleared out bags and bags of recycling – I do have a shredder – and would like to keep on doing that. I suppose one can access the guidleines for taxes (especially possible revisions), utilities, retirement etc.

    I don’t like roughing it either. No interest in camping. But no appetite for posh places either.



    KJ not KZ, but no matter. ‘Cept that KZ lives on a farm. 😉

    Actually all or most of the places that I’ve lived in had or have balconies in the other units, I just never found that I needed one. Don’t know if I’d really want one now, but if it doesn’t impact the rent too much, well OK.

    For me one of the new “posh boutique hotel style” condo rentals would be ideal. All appliances, doorman, luxe surroundings, that’s me. Still way early to srsly look, but doing a bit of I’Net rsch tells me that it could be possible!

    As stated I don’t go anywhere so RAMQ ID works, not paying $100 or so for something not needed.

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