Sunday Café – 11/2/2018 – it's get out your Guitar Day

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    How many starry nights did you spend learning chords, listening to a hit song repeatedly until you played with confidence? Well, if you put your guitar away, it’s Get Out Your Guitar Day! Ever since the first version of a guitar was created, humans have desired to escape and take some time to dream. Bards and storytellers of old became the pop stars of today. I think kits secretly have rock bands and play all night.

    The first weekend without football. *sigh*

    Have a happy~



    No guitars or even ukuleles in this house but violins, double bass, clarinet and recorder.




    The only guitar that I’ll be playing is air guitar. Though a ukelele would be cute, sorta.

    Dorry is now playing “My Food Bowl is Empty”. Plus n’bour is puppy-sitting and I think the barking is making him curious/stressed, so I’d best tend to his needs like a propurr servant! Lickety-split! 🙂



    Purrfect earworm for today’s theme!

    Genesis’ “ABACAB”. Why? Title is based on chords used in the tune.



    Ha! These are great. Older son is learning guitar. We never thought of plugging the guitar hole….hmmm.



    Happy Sunday all! Middle school music class taught guitar. We learned the opening rif of “Smoke on the Water”.

    I miss football too.

    Mouse and teddy bear is one of the cutest pics ever!

    Excellent ear worm, KJ.

    Since I had no idea of what to make, and no particular interest in making dinner, we went to a diner last night. There’s nothing quite like a Jersey diner on a rainy Saturday night!

    It’s been raining all day and has been quite foggy with the snow pack. All of the JJ crew have come in to eat, they’re so brave!



    Goodmorning from a hot and very humid Monday. 91% humidity with low cloud and absolutely horrid when the sun pops through occasionally. And today of all days I decide to dehydrate more tomatoes, but they’re ripe and have to be done. I’ve had to increase the temp on the dehydrator or they will re-hydrate with this humidity. There are several pounds on the trays now and the aroma of tomato is delicious.
    Squeeeeeeeeeee just had pics from Mini KK who is visiting a Cat Cafe at the moment. Excellent, they have large sticky rollers so you can remove any evidence of fur at the end of your visit. Lots of cats and toys there. I haz a jealous but don’t tell Shadz.
    It rained all night lastnight and I was mean and kept Shadz inside most of yesterday as well as last night. The humidity got to her in the night and I found her curled up asleep on the toilet mat at 2m. She then hogged the fan side of the bed for the rest of the night. Success !, our crazy scrubbing of the balcony decking in the rain yesterday and the deck boards look so clean and a much nicer colour now.



    I understand your “Hazing a jealous” MS! When I visited one of our 2 cat cafés I srsly thought that I would have to strip nekked in my hallway and throw my clothes and self in the wash before Dorry assumed that I was cheatin’ on him. But a roller, that’s a good plan, might have to bring my own next time I visit the place.

    Segue into fun pic – looks like my cell battery needs replacing as it drains even when not on! Called ISP and tech recommended that I go into an actually retailer with the cell as opposed to taking a chance ordering from an etailer.



    LOL, love the retailer pic.
    Yes it’s always recommended you get a genuine phone battery from a reputable stockist.
    The sun is back out here again and the heat is building even more.
    One of those wee personal sticky rollers that you can rinse the fur off under running water but is small enough to fit in your handbag would be a good idea for your next Cat Cafe visit. No evidence. 🙂



    The wonderful Judith Kerr (Mog series, Hitler stole pink rabbit) wrote a book about Katinka, a white cat with an equally inappropriate tail.

    I studied mandoline for a while, but don’t do any music now, just writing, visual arts and cat-petting.



    91% humidity? Ewww

    I love the kitten with the tail. I guess the wee kitten is a Calico even though its mostly white.

    My phone has been doing the same so I need a new battery.

    A roller may not be enough. My gang picked up the smell so I got a small bottle of Febreeze.

    Hi Lagatta-When is Livia going to be our Daily Kit?

    Am I the only who can’t see the emoji link?

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