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    The usual suspects have not yet arrived with breakfast and it is fast approaching noon here in Oregon. I’m hungry!! I’ve whipped up whole wheat toast with huckleberry jam or orange blossom honey, eggs any way you want them and lots of thick-sliced bacon. Mimosas are coming up. Lots of strong hot coffee for those who indulge and hot tea and orange juice for those who don’t. Pull up a chair!



    Thanks, KittenWhisperer! LOL – I didn’t know that huckleberry really exists! I need to taste it and that orange blossom honey (What a lovely name!) and bacon of course – can’t really think of TDK Buffet without bacon – and and…


    Huckleberry jam is the best! It is hard to find. The red huckleberries are very tiny and grow in the northwest part of the US and in Alaska in the wild. Here is a reference in Wikipedia:

    and here is a source from which the jam can be ordered:



    Have been so sick. Wicked sinus infection and in my glands too. I blame those cootie ridden children that have no idea what it means to cover their mouth when they sneeze and cough. Not to mention the thought of washing hands–what was I thinking to suggest it. I have the economy sized Lysol spray and the extra large bottle of Germ X in my room, I even bought the anti-bacterial wipes. I am going to get rid of these germs one way or another! The only think appealing for breakfast would be a nice cup of hot blueberry tea. I had some tea after church and that really seemed to hit the spot. So tea is my only offering.


    Sorry you are still working your way through the germ pool from school. Keep drinking that tea!


    It is almost bedtime here now. I am drinking a nice glass of South African Chardonnay before retiring. Anyone want a glass?

    We did a really great choral evensong tonight – all unaccompanied. We sang very well – our choirmaster was delighted, as was the congregation.

    I’m tired now, school tomorrow. Need sleep …………….


    I’ll take a glass. I’ve never tasted a South African wine. I didn’t know wine was produced there.

    How many are in your choral group? Is it all female or both male and female singers?


    Mixed – 4 part harmony. We vary in size because we all work and can’t all attend every service, but we usually average out at about 15 or so. For really special occasions we can muster 25 or more. In Novemebr we are going to do the Faure Requiem (in it’s liturgical form) for the All SOuls’ Service.

    South African wine is very good. I much prefer it to Australian, but my favourite is still French, and I’ve had some wonderful Geman and Austrian wines.


    Whoops! Just spotted my erroneous apostrophe. Sorry! Also November and All Souls … I’m tired, fingers aren’t working, need sleep ………….


    I was an alto in a mixed choral group more years ago than I care to remember. I enjoyed singing very much. Are you an alto? Soprano?


    Alto mostly, but I can’t resist a good descant (especially at Christmas) and I can still get up there if I stand on a hassock …. I also occasionally sing top tenor if we’re short of men.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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