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    The simplest cookies to ever be created are sugar cookies. It’s the favorite of Santa who wolfed down tons every year in a deluge of milk.
    Sugar cookies can be traced back to the 1700’s among the German Protestant Nazarenes of Pennsylvania. They believed it was this simple creation that proved God loves us and wants us to be happy.

    Welcome to Sunday and have a happy~

    Cwsg yn y gwres o gariad (Welsh)
    Sleep in the warmth of love



    Oh my goodness, the cat with the tiny kitten wrapped up is just adorable!

    I love sugar cookies, the soft ones with sugar on top. Yummm. Willow is a cookie crumb scavenger, and he is teaching his brother Peso to also be one. Maybe it’s because they are boys, but they seem to be food challenged… 😳

    I am being sooo lazy, I need to get my day started in some way. Maybe a shower will help to get me going. Beautiful, sunny day here with low humidity. I need to amble out to the garden and check on my beans and tomatoes, maybe pull some onions too.



    pussigato, what a good mum your ginger girl was!

    Cookie is originally a Dutch word that means little cake. Originally an American name for a sweet biscuit, the derives from the Dutch word koekje or more precisely its informal, dialect variant koekie which means little cake, and arrived in American English with the Dutch settlement of New Netherland, in the early 1600s.

    At the time there wasn’t a definite distinction made between people from the Netherlands and low German speakers such as the Pennsylvania Dutch.

    Fortunately for cheeseheads like me, there are also savoury cookies or flat biscuits: with cheese, herbs or even seaweed (as in the little Japanese rice crackers).



    Oh yum, sugar cookies! The smell of them coming from the TDK kitchen wafted through the wormhole and is heavenly! Those chef kitties bake every one purrfectly and somehow manage to keep them soft and warm. Mmmm…
    Sugar cookies are great. So easy to make but I have to say the pre-made ones you just cut and bake are good too.
    Sunny with low humidity here in Jersey too. Went out and cut some forsythia. Still lots to do but the area I’m working on gets full sun so I should do it in the morning.
    Any Mary Tyler Moore Show fans out there who are also familiar with the Twilight movies? In the episode where Ted gets an agent, she’s a little old lady named Bella Swan!



    Same kinda weather here too JJ!
    So just finished (assuming client is correct) project. Plan to give it the once over afresh tomorrow before I send it. Today for a sec I almost spelled “positive” as “pawsitive.” Hehehe.
    Bella Swan – I could not stand the Twilight books (based on ridiculous premise as vampires, being dead, cannot have children) so gave the flicks a miss, but MTM ref is indeed strange.
    Much better plan doing new 10:30 am spin class, harder instructor and I get more accomplished with earlier end time. Of course the co-ordinator has not put the correct time on the schedules, necessitating yet another polite email to her boss from KJ. How difficult can this be? As I was getting ready to leave saw the 12:15 instructor who I strongly sense was PO’d at me. I don’t much care.
    It’s enough that I get grief from cantankerous old “B” at Knitting Circle. She took instant dislike to me. Her tirades in a retail establishment are not pretty. Anyway I took this up with mgr but this woman spends a lot of money in store (making lots of not pretty items IMHO) so she will not get chastised, woman is clearly “not well”. My plan is to say nothing/avoid her/give her the KJ “look”. Almost tempted to not go back, but the rest of the group are friendly, so why should I be chased away? Now I do have respect for older peeps, but not when they don’t merit it.
    Back to cookies. I discovered some maple shortbread with maple glaze. Shaped like maple leaves. Awesome and kosher! At Winners (your TJMaxx) of all places. Never seen them at other store locations. 2 left, might plan return trip to initial store.



    I might buy those to take to a kosher friend in France, but usually she is thrilled with my gifts of maple syrup.

    Then there is the issue of food items that aren’t kosher though they contain zero offending ingredients or combinations. Such as the Santa Maria Portuguese soft goat cheese I buy; it explicitly states no rennet. It is a soft cheese though firmer than ricotta and very refreshing with a salad in the heat.—some-of-the-freshest-cheese-around/article4104289/

    Someone should ask them to get kosher certification, as it will open up the market not only to observant Jewish people but also Muslims, strict vegetarians, Seventh Day Adventists (Christians who keep kosher: after all it is in the Bible) and other groups.

    I love it, though the article is silly. In no way does it correspond to pasta (a starch). It corresponds to Italian ricotta and Greek and Balkan ricotta, though it has a nicer form than the former and is much less salty to the latter.



    I have to admit I don’t know what sugar cookies are. I realise that what is called a cookie in the US is what we call a biscuit(sweet) and an American biscuit is loosely what we would call a scone. Confused? You ought to be. Anyway just for fun and because of the phrase ‘milk and cookies’ that is what I call Shadz kitten milk and kibble, milk and cookies. She knows what I mean when I tell her to go and eat her milk and cookies.
    I love the pic of the Mama cat and her tiny ‘swaddled’ baby.
    KZ I am at the stage of trying to decide if I will grow my own tomato plants this year or buy the plants as it’s about now that I need get the seeds growing.
    Lagatta thanks for the explanation of the term cookie and how it came about.
    JJ and KJ, we have sun too today although I am only looking at it through the window as it is cold out there. I need to keep warm with this crud. Ribs ache from the barking cough and I won’t mention the nose situation. I think I have used up an entire tree in tissues though.
    I didn’t watch the twilight series but KK and MiniKK were total fans and even visited the area where some filming was done when they were over visiting Mr KK’s family at one stage. Somewhere I have a pic of them and pics of HRH and GreatDanes Bobby taken in Forks. Back when Bobby used to travel the world with TDKers and wear his Speedos.
    The country, mainly the south is forecast to get ‘a significant snow event’ for the next week which is the first week of the school holidays. Typical. We don’t get snow where I live but we will get the icy temperatures. 🙁
    Oh KJ, pawsitive 😀 oops 😳
    You have my sympathy over the cantankerous old B, it is sad that people like her are not taken to task for their obnoxious behaviour because of their spending power. Sad indeed and difficult to hold ones tongue. Respect is earned and not bestowed automatically .
    Lunch time here and I think I will see if I have some chicken lemon orzo soup in the freezer.



    Yeah KJ, I can’t get past Bella the human on her honeymoon with Edward the sparkly vampire. I won’t go into details, but I’m sure you can read between the lines. *shudder* After seeing that MTM episode I found an article that alluded to it not being a coincidence.
    I agree, one person should not chase KJ away.
    Sugar cookies are basically sugar, butter and salt. Most recipes call for baking soda and/or baking powder as well.



    Evening all! Like KK and mini KK, I liked the Twilight books …. I read them cause Dau wanted to, they were an easy entertaining read. Books always better than movies IMHO ….. i.e. Scarlett had 3 children, not just Bonnie …

    My grandmother made sugar cookies, but not liking cookies in general, I can’t say how they would compare, but the rest of my family seemed to love them!

    Caddy has been enjoying her ice pack every afternoon, I’m glad she’s ‘got’ the hang of It! Have a great evening all!



    Tks JJ and MS for your support. It’s shouldn’t be that big a deal, I just don’t like it when I can’t really fight back. It’s just a knitting group after all, and yeah, this “B” will not be chasing KJ away.

    MS, it’s high time that this crud left you!

    AV, I think the point in the film was to make it seem like Rhett was Scarlett’s “first time.” Must have read this somewhere.

    Lagatta, I found said cookies at the Decarie Square Winners but not at the Alexis Nihon Plaza one. Always sorta exciting when I find kosher items, although in a big city I have no probs. I have found kosher goat’s milk cheese, but I’m not in love with the texture and I find it too salty.

    I thought that sugar cookies were the ones sprinkled with sugar – shows the extent of my baking. Scones have more substance than cookies – at least the ones that I’ve seen labelled as such. Purrhaps I should buy me some, but often I buy something and then decide that I don’t really want it. So as I don’t like throwing out food, I foist it off on N, who (if it’s sweet or starchy) foists it off on her teenage son. 😉

    I’ve been watching a Nat’l Geo series “Year Million” docs about what’s in store for humankind/society in the far future. Intriguing!



    Somedays you want to put your bitch slapper on and start the day.

    A sugar cookie is a sugar biscuit.

    It really sucks that you seem to get worse, MS. Rest and fluids is all I can think to do. I hope they can help HRH. Let us know.



    Oh, KJ I do love the nat’l geographic channel! Sorry for your troubles with B ….

    I’m finishing up my new book series, I love to read and admit to staying up until wee hours when I’m really intrigued with a story. My Son has published 3 books and is an accomplished writer at a young age. Non fiction, but very educational.



    Well, I can’t consume cow’s milk, and that particular fresh cheese is not very salty, unlike feta (obviously) and what anglophones call “chèvre”. It is refreshing and nutritious; not too salty or fat. Great with a salad or some fresh tomatoes.

    I have very little appetite right now because of my injury, but feel the need to eat (small quantities of) nutritious food.

    Far more kosher goat and ewe’s milk offerings in France. Don’t know about Israel; could ask my friend in Paris (of Moroccan origin) as she has two sisters there.

    I haven’t been to Décarie Square in a long time. I go there mostly for bérets at Haya Kova. Obviously it is far easier for me to get to Alexis Nihon, as I can do the entire journey on bicycle paths. Décarie is a long (though direct) bus ride on the 160 bus.

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