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    To one degree or another, everyone appreciates antiques. Antiques – Latin antiquus “old”, “ancient” date back to, at least, 100 years old. On this day, we recognize the tens of thousands of people who buy, sell, repair, appraise, and collect vintage items and antiques. Take a stroll and check out the goods at a museum or antique store.

    Discovered in a Seattle antiques store the old-time Lolcat is a postcard that dates back to 1905, featuring a dress-wearing cat sitting in a high chair. “What’s delaying my dinner?

    We’re in the 70s/21c this weekend so it’s getting time to plant and stuff. Cya and have a happy~

    Schlof och meng Frënn (Luxembourgish)
    Sleep well my friends



    Antique skittles set

    Evening all. It’s Sunday evening and we are relaxing after spending the day chainsawing fallen trees into rings and loading them onto trailers and then driving them to my BIL’s property and stacking the rings to season. Daughter Meegz and SIL also helped and we got 4 trailer loads or about 3 ton of wood moved. We feel suitably tired this evening. The weather today was beautifully sunny but with a breeze that was cool. HRH seems to be improving, she had to fend for herself today while we were out and was quite happy when we returned. Fingers crossed that she is getting over whatever ailed her. She is still being picky with her food, wants chicken then turns her nose up at it but she is still eating her biscuits which is great. Daddy needs to get her a bunny.



    Happy Sunday all! Todays theme fits right in with my score on the 1920s globe last evening ….. now I just need to consult with some artist friends to see the best way to adjust the colors a bit (too orangey) …. altho, the more I ‘live’ with it and pass it on the bench each day, the less the colors bother me …. they actually seem to blend with the 100+ year old hardwood floors better than I thought they would …. we’ll see

    Its a beautiful sunny day, and not too hot (80), so I’m thinking I might bully Mr. AV into walking downtown with me to the huge home show that is taking place in our convention center …. of course, he wants to be glued to the TV all day, since his fav golf tourney (the Masters) is on, but hey, why the heck do I pay for DVR? just for days like this!

    Well, whatever I’m gonna do, I have to change the litter box first, so I’d best get started … have a great day everyone!



    PG, fun theme as in some of my street finds have veered into antique category – and free!

    A new “good night” language efurryday! Will you run out of languages? I think not. I tried to post in Hebrew at one point as I have those chars available. Site gave me a bunch of question marks instead. So purrhaps heiroglyphics/cuneiform won’t quite work. 😉

    MS that tuckered out baby goat is adorable!

    A rarity in that we have a sunny day and relatively mild temps. Off to do a bit of n’hood shopping for some last min stuff (fruits/veg) and then to the gym for major attempt at destressing. Don’t think that the place will be packed as many peeps in srs cooking mode for hol, KJ being an exception. L8R.



    Good morning – I love that old postcard, one of my favorites. Wow, 100 years ago is no longer the 1800’s, how time flies!
    Nice article on the front page of the local paper this morning. A cat named Jimmy was returned to his home after 2 1/2 years. Made me think of ECB’s Lucy-Wucy. I think of her often, especially on Sundays.
    Well today is Palm Sunday. My other birthday, for I was born on Palm Sunday. The outdoor cats gifted me with a bird, sigh. Those poor robins love to hop around on the lawn this time of year, oblivious to the danger they face.



    *pops* back in the Cafe …. Joan, I got a similar ‘gift’ last week …. a headless blue jay *sighs*

    Glad to here HRH is eating well and has bounced back …..

    KJ, enjoy your Passover prep/cleaning …. we will be celebrating next Sat. I’ll probably make a traditional brisket 🙂

    Tonight, I’m grilling boneless chicken thighs, making fresh roasted asparagus, and probably scalloped potatoes ……

    Well, time for me to head to the store …. MS, I hope Mr. MS gets HRH a bunny soon 🙂

    Have a great Sunday all!



    Moonshadow, where on earth did you find a picture of LIVIA clawing my pine furniture?!? That little black cat is the spitting image of Livia. Just hope she won’t attack my antique blanket chest or my very tall, wide and deep bookcase, which isn’t an antique but was made by two friends whose thing is woodworking. Oh, it is at least 30 years old, so it is up there!

    She won’t attack the oak pieces; the wood is too hard.

    I also have two Victorian prints of naughty kittens, which were in my paternal grandparents’ house. They are colour prints – lithographs? The red tones have faded a bit; I keep them in a spot with no direct sunshine. I suppose those things are all over the Commonwealth…

    It is hard to visualise other alphabets on a lot of online software…

    Happy Week to everyone here celebrating Passover or Easter, and everyone celebrating springtime (and happy vintage season for those in wine-growing Austral regions, and hello from my friends in Argentina)…



    Happy Sunday all, and like Lagatta said, happy week to all who celebrate Passover, Easter, or generally just being alive!!

    We went to an FFA banquet last night where my oldest granddaughter received a host of awards–she has worked hard going to competitions like soil judging, equine competitions, speaking competitions and she has pins for her jacket for her excellence! I am proud of the young woman she is becoming. Quite formidable in her love and protection of animals and people (those who don’t have a voice) and fearlessness in putting herself to a challenge. I was never able to do that at such a young age.

    What a gorgeous day this is! Spring is in full force in Ohio today. Green everywhere and birds making quite the ruckus outside. The cats inside are thinking it’s past their lunchtime and keep coming up to check on me to see if I’m still at the keyboard. This morning they all ‘walked’ across me and Willow had to chew my hair just to make sure that Meowmy was still alive. The windows are open and there is at least one cat in their favorite window by the bird feeders!



    KZ, I looked up what FFA stands for (Future Farmers of America.) Congrats to grandau – that’s something. You must be awesomely proud of her! 🙂

    Happy Palm Sunday b-day JJ!

    Guess it’s sorta like me having my Jewish b-day according to lunar calendar and changes efurry yr, and my other one as per birth certificate.

    Lagatta, I actually have ability to get Hebrew letters and other non-Latin scripts as well, not on this site though.

    I’m as on schedule as I can be. Although why I decided to srsly clean the t. oven that gets put away for hol and didn’t really need it, is beyond logic, but very much me! *Sigh*

    Anyway must get some noms in me – esp coffee!



    Sorry, I should have explained the abbreviation of FFA, KJ, I wasn’t thinking! And yes, Mr. KZ and I are awesomely proud of her!! Some kids take the class for the 4 years of high school because they think it’s a class where you can goof off and get an easy ‘A’. Not the case in this rural area that is serious farming and don’t take kindly to people thinking that farming is easy and isn’t serious business. Most of these kids go on to work in the veterinary field, to agronomy and agricultural businesses, to teaching–even the females. Which to my way of thinking is WAAAYYY COOL!



    I never thought of agronomy courses as easy. They can also be very physically demanding.

    The vet who did The Nasty Operation on Livia was as small and delicate for a woman as Livia is for a pussycat. She had also worked in the Eastern Townships (L’Estrie, in French) where a good friend of mine who is a vet lives and works. And at the rural clinic where she worked, she did large as well as small animal practice. After all, no human is physically a match for an equine, a bovine or even an adult pig, so one must use other methods…

    I’m also sure that generations of FFA members have rudely changed the m in the second word to a t. 😆



    😆 Well, Lagatta, you made me laugh, that’s one I hadn’t thought of before, but I’ll have to ask my granddaughter and husband if they have. And yes, animal husbandry is physically demanding no matter if you are male or female. The center of gravity of a pig is very low–just try and stop one if it’s running at you or get between your legs…might as well sit down and take a short ride! 😀



    OK, I couldn’t stand it anymore so I ordered some “kitten fur” purrfume.



    PG, I wear Katie Perry , the purple cat! My fav for years!



    PG, when you try that purr-fume we expect a full report.

    I wear Katy Perry lipsticks. So far I have “Maroon Meow” and “Sphynx.” The shades are super, but the TV ads featuring Ms. Perry and some noir kits was what ultimately sold me. She and I share the same b-day!

    OK, just convinced myself that taking down my Passover micro at this late hour for no good reason is a very bad plan. I’m not grouching about the hol per se, but hols are hard for me and this one sees me doing too much kitchen prep time. Putting away my year-round micro was way not fun, as it’s very heavy. Took like 45 min and I was soaked like I’d had a wkt.

    And then I decided to attempt changing a watch battery and cut my hand 2x with the exacto used to pry the back off the thing. One would think that after the 1st cut I would give up? *Sigh* Guess I’ll bring watch in to repair place tomorrow and see if they have some thing-a-ma-jig for this. Like I only have umpteen watches. *Bigger sigh*

    I get through though. I have to. Must search for my common sense, it must be somewhere. 😉

    Going to open tomorrow’s Café then dial my stress back by chillin’ with fab PBS series “Call The Midwife.” Purrhaps will knit a bit, nothing complicated.



    I’d love to see the BBC series “Call the Midwife”, I wonder if I can borrow it from one of our library systems. Nowadays a lot of the tough neighbourhoods they visit have been renovated and spruced up…

    A friend gave me some bubble wrap from purchases – I’ve fastened it around the affected table legs and it actually isn’t as unaesthetic as one might think. Livia hasn’t touched them (or the other two legs, knock wood) since then, but of course now the slightly milder weather means that she goes out in the garden a few times a day, and yes, there is a tree she can climb and scratch. fxdzaw – Livia typing!

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