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    It’s Argyle Day! I had no idea what this pattern looked like so here’s the story. An argyle pattern is made of diamonds or lozenges, with overlapping motifs that typically contain an overlay of intercrossing diagonal lines on solid diamonds. You can see it on tartan hose worn with kilts, old golf costumes, Earasaids and socks. The argyle pattern comes from the tartan of Clan Campbell, which originated in Argyll in western Scotland. Cats aren’t impressed with patterns especially when hoomins make sweaters for them. 😮

    We’re looking at Sunday. Hopefully, it’s a relaxing day for all.

    I’m watching Gargoyle and then off to bed.

    Cya and have a happy~




    I thought I’d help you out on a crossover pic, MS



    100% perfect crossover pic PG.



    Upcycle your old Argyle sweater in to a cat bed.
    Nighty night



    Well you are aware that this is the breed of sheep that argyle yarn comes from.

    Knitting an argyle pattern is way complicated. And some of the sweaters sported by today’s pic kits are well, sad. ‘Cept for Basement Cat – whose Mom must be a good knitter.

    Anyway srsly cold in n’hood, warm sweater is def yes. Crud still here 7 days/1 wk thing, nonetheless I’m going to spin class. Can rest in pm.



    Hope everyone is having a relaxing day. That’s what’s in the cards for me–it’s way cold outside again, BUT I think this cold snap may break tomorrow as we could hit 27*!! With warmer temps expected all week with rain (really?) expected too. That will be a bummer as it will turn to ice.

    Love the argyle kitties!! Poor things being made to wear sweaters, unless you are a hairless cat then it’s expected.

    Well, off to feed the cats their lunch as they are running upstairs to see where Meowmy is (doesn’t she know it’s lunch time for us? 😮 ) and maybe scrounge around for a cup of coffee.




    Happy Sunday all! …. cold here today, last night was down in the 30’s and highs today only in the 50s ….tonight will be in the 40s, then high 60s tomorrow, so it’s warming up fast ….

    I did some minor Hazeling after handy guys left this afternoon, now relaxing for a while, then headed down to the kitchen to make a pot of Ree’s comforting chicken and noodles …. it should taste good on a cold day! …

    … Son flies in Tues. and we’ll get the week with him before he flies out again on Sun. to NY for a business conference, and meetings with the foundation that will be publishing his third book …. he’s very excied.

    Hope everyone is having a great day!



    Hi all – love the argyle stuff! Argyle socks were all the rage when I was a kid, and it was cool if you wore different colors on each foot. I have an argyle twinset. It’s subtle, and whenever I wear it I get compliments.
    It’s pretty cold here, but Leela reports a comfy 85 degrees F at her post by the wood burner. Dewey has been in and out, mostly in, and he’s napping on the bed – as long as Mac isn’t pestering him. Though Comet is snotty and sneezy, I’m cautiously optimistic that the meds are kicking in.
    Yay Steelers, well done! Now on to the frozen tundra of Green Bay to see if the Giants can win too.



    Good morning all. Another warm but very windy day here. HRH is somewhere outside out of the wind. Watched her see a feline intruder off her property earlier, a lot of stink eye staring and floofing of her tail but no close quarter snarling. She really is a pacifist cat.
    KJ, you had me falling about laughing at the Argyle sheep. The shearer can get the fleece off with the pattern pretty much intact but the process from there on would be a nightmare. 😆 😆 😆 Hope the crud starts leaving you soon, guess it just had to run it’s course.
    KZ, definitely not having a relaxing day here. Have my own stuff to do and then off to do Mum’s stuff while she is still moonbooted. Meegz and I picked 2/3 of the plums n her tree yesterday and will finish the picking this evening. Helped Mum weigh out plums for plum sauce this morning which she can cook up and then freeze until later when she makes it into sauce. She had a huge amount of plums left over. Guess I will be stewing and freezing plum pulp in the coming days. I spent several hours yesterday watering and picking produce from her vege garden. The strong winds and hot temps we have dry a garden out in two days so it’s non stop watering at the moment. Hope your temps do improve upward.
    Waving to AV relaxing.
    JJ, Leela has the right idea, Dewey sounds like HRH with the in and out habit. Mac stop pestering the wee guy, Comet – bless you for each sneeze and gt better soon. I am also sneezing – hayfever thanks to the strong winds.
    Argyle is synonyms with golf clothing or the preppy look for me.



    Between PG and JJ now even I’m aware of what football teams are playing LOL!

    Argyle is a classic – will always be in style IMHO! 😉

    MS, bless you on sneezing too. I feel like my lips and nose have been sanded, so dried out and just generally cra**y. That’s day 3 of the crud for ya. And we had sub in spin class, whom I have had no less than 3 altercations with (which I won) so he’s not my bestie! I plan to be polite and ask reg instructor to let her boss know in advance if she won’t be teaching (as per policy,) emergencies an exception of course. If not Plan B is to take this up with her boss. ‘Cause I might have gone DIY route which is plan for tomorrow in any case. But I didn’t bring my tunes.

    Completely lost track of time as finished Barn Door Heather sweater. Without running out of yarn. In any case 2 free balls are in the mail, slated for a matching cowl and purrhaps a ski band for N.

    Just binge watched 2 parts of a BBC 3-parter that even creeps me out – an this is saying a lot! Now I’m up for final part. It’s called “Stag” about a bunch of guys at stag wknd in Scotland but cut off from everything. Vibes are a bit Deliverance/Deer Hunter, but details completely diff – thankfully.

    And while watching plan is to have noms and soothing Honey/Green Tea (brand has been discontinued but kindly purrson gave me a last box.) When I feel cruddy eating goes by the wayside – and even when I don’t. LOL



    OMG! MS, that ‘cat argyle’ pattern is great! LOL



    AV, if you take up knitting you too can have that very same kit argyle sweater. Me, I think that I’ll appreciate the pic but give the pattern a pass. 😉



    LOL @ KJ! …. I’ve wanted to try kniting, I’ll have to youtube it ….. Mr. AV and Scotty seem to be able to do everything after watching a youtube! LOL



    AV, actually Youtube is now “go to” place for knitting lessons, from beginners on up.

    When I started like 10 yrs ago main resources were books/peeps. One can still sign up for knitting lessons, and I have a mentor at a local needlecraft shoppe who is happy to ans any Q’s. But with Youtube you just have to Google what you want to learn and there are a gazillion vids where one can knit along with “Amanada” or “Sue.” And replay until you get the tech down. And your “teacher” never gets frustrated. LOL And you don’t have to pay or leave comfort of home. Works for all types of DIY/crafts so I know where Mr. AV and Scotty are coming from.:-)

    I have actually been offered $$$ to make sweaters. Not going to happen as charging for time involved would make sweater way expensive. Although I did finish/assemble some kid’s sweaters as favour. Woman got me neat gift which was unexpected and another time made donation on my behalf.

    And I’m for sure not an expert knitter. I know some peeps who are and here’s another myth dispelled (one that I hear lots of times) LOL: these experts are all kewel gen X/baby boomers, so much for impression that knitters are all great-great-grandmas. 😉

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