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    The aim is to teach children about starting and running their own businesses. The very first uses for the lemon in the Mediterranean were as an ornamental plant in early Islamic gardens. It appears that the all-American summer drink, lemonade, may have had its origin in medieval Egypt. Cats, of course, don’t care for lemons because of the citrus smell.

    I planted my Lilac bushes and cleaned out more of the garage. Now, I’m getting caught up on John Oliver. Cya and have a happie~

    així el son i els somnis dolços (Catalan)
    Sleep well and sweet dreams



    We had a busy day today, had our firewood delivered which means we have a lot of barrow loads getting it all stowed away in the basement ahead of us. Then we moved all the old compost or rather beautiful new soil from one large compost bin into another bin so I can use it once Spring rolls around later this year. This afternoon daughter Meegz held an early Mother’s Day afternoon tea for me, my Mum and her Grandmother in law with delicious home baked cakes and jasmine rose tea. Then we watched La La Land. We all enjoyed our lovely afternoon.



    Morning all! Lemons are something I use in almost everything! And I bet your lilac bushes are lovely, PG …
    MS, your tea sounds wonderful and I haven’t seen la la land, but Dau says it’s great!
    Trying to get motivated here, must change the cat box, then Mr. AV and I are headed out for smoked mullet or a grouper sandwich . L8R !!



    Well, nature has provided the western part of our island or rather off-island with lemons in the form of srs floods.

    Some posh ‘burbs affected and army has been called in to help with sandbagging, evac if nec’y.
    So glad that I do not live in ‘burbs. Here we just have rain and lots of it which bothers me not at all. Could never live anyplace where places that I want to get to cannot be accessed via walking/public transport. Still can’t quite get how peeps give me that “Luddite” look upon discovering that not only do I not own a vehicle, but I don’t know how to drive. These same peeps moan and groan about intense traffic and arriving late to spin class as bldg has long-term construction going on and there is little parking to be found in area. Makes no diff to me. *Sighs and chuckles to self.*



    When life hands you lemons…make lemonade!! Sounds good to me, I may have to go get some lemons today.

    Another beautiful rainless day today YAY! So soggy, it’s hard to know when Mr. KZ can even get into a field to plant beans. Cool outside though, but I need to go out and get my daily dose of vitamin D!



    Enjoy those lilacs, PG. They are in bloom here, and smell wonderful!
    What a lovely afternoon after such a busy day, MS. Tea and cakes sound fabulous!
    Enjoy lunch, AV. If I lived as close to the water as you I would eat a lot of seafood!
    I for one think it’s purrfectly logical for you not to have a car, KJ, and who gives a hoot if you don’t know how to drive. Where you are it makes purrfect sense to walk (free exercise) or take mass transit. There’s been some flooding here in Jersey, but it’s mostly flash flooding and recedes fairly quickly.
    When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Just ask Comet. When he was a baby he wound up in a linen closet all night. Every other cat on the planet would have howled, scratched and/or peed, but Mr. C made himself comfy and settled in. When the door was opened during the search for him, he sleepily looked up as if to say, “Oh, ok, I’ll come out now.” He is the happiest, most good natured cat I’ve ever known.
    Something about a stalled front over Jersey means we are in for some rain and maybe storms later on this chilly, cloudy day. For now it’s ok, but will probably have a fire later. Maybe soup will be on the menu for dinner, hmmm.



    Way back friend and I tried to set up a “public library”/book sale on a country road. Needless to say we dod not get get rich. Hehehe.

    We still have winteresque temps here – but I downright refuse to wear winter coat – so there!

    For sure JJ re car. Don’t really need more exercise, but it all works out, esp with 2 shopping areas about 10 mins away in opposite directions. Plus when logic kicks in I send stuff home or grab a cab. Speaking of which I found me some ready-made organic soups – creamy butternut squash, mushroom broth, creamy broccoli and tomato with roasted pepper, the last 2 are waiting for my guts to be more settled. Now box says to use up after 7-10 days, What to do? N, who is way smart about cooking and lots of things came to the rescue with advice to divide box into sturdy freezer bags and they are good until final best by date which is for sure way longer.

    Today I had an angry at spin class. Cohort asked me if I know someone who wants 1 or 2 older kits. Her son, whom they technically belong to finds that with his lifestyle they have become “inconvenient.” As politely as possible I told her that when one takes in a living being it’s for life (barring extreme circumstances.) She differs and I will not go on. And i was not going to change her views. I gave her the name of a responsible no-kill shelter if it comes to this as older kits are not as easy to find homes for as cutesy kittens. Grrrr!!!!!!
    I was getting this close:



    Hi guys….I love lemonade!

    Joan, Comet and Eko really do have similar personalities. Eko also spent the night in a linen closet once and I marveled at the same thing…how quiet he was. The closet was near all of our bedroom doors and nobody heard him. I only noticed he was missing when he didn’t come running for breakfast…sweet boy!

    So sad about those unwanted cats, KJ.

    I cleaned the insides and outsides of all the windows along the back of the house today. What a difference! So sparkly clean. Now the bird watching is even better.

    AV, so glad to hear Caddy is loving her cat tree!



    The unwanted older cats issue infuriates me. My Renzo lived to be very old, and had a mangled ear from a tiff with a neighbour cat (they were probably just play fighting, but claws in ears get nasty infections) but I loved him more than anyone else in the world. You were good to avoid asking that lady why her son didn’t dump HER…

    I don’t drive a car either, and the only vehicle I have is my old 6-speed Raleigh Sprite mixte. But I also live close to two métro lines and walk a lot when I can’t cycle.

    I mentioned our floods in the Caturday thread.



    It is sad about those kitties, KJ, and sad how peeps can be so narrow-minded.
    All of those soups sound really good! Yep, just freeze what you don’t get to in the next few days and they’re just a thaw away when you want some more, yum!
    Good job on cleaning the cat tv, ECB. With every shared story it sounds more and more that Eko and Comet were cut from the same cloth.
    Hubby took wee Aslan from his crate and now he is having a supervised run of the living room. I put baby gates up to keep him from the kitchen, and another to keep him away from the stairs. He has pestered everyone, but nothing serious. He discovered the wood burner, and to Leela’s annoyance, has taken her spot in front of it.
    Was going to make soup, but decided on having leftovers for dinner. We’ll have burritos again but this time I’ll put them together and pan fly them.
    Harvested rhubarb today which is stewing in the slow cooker. The house smells fabulous!



    My Lilacs are small so I’ll have to wait a year or so for blooms. But I love the smell!

    Your dau is so nice to have an early Mom’s day. It sounds lovely. 🙂 Jasmine tea does sound very good. Hmmm…I’ll have to find some now.

    Clean windows are the best. I was going to clean the outside windows but the rain did it. Yea rain!!

    I hope everyone and every furry is, at least, safe from the floods.

    Hi KJ-wasn’t sure if you were going to stop by this weekend. It sounds as if your stomach might be getting better. Maybe some Jasmine tea, eh? I admire your holding back, KJ.

    Poor Miss Leela. Your girl is sooo put upon that she may pack her bags…or just make you pay for it. Now she has to deal with the baby interloper in her warm space! 😮 👿 Baby gates? Who does this look like, JJ?



    Yum for lemonade, i love a good twist of lemon in ice cold water on a summers day, Boo to the person who didnt want his meowers anymore, someone like that doesnt deserve a meower and people who take on a fur friend and then abandon them because they dont fit their life style anymore should be future banned from coexisting with anymore in the future, i dont use the own word because i think we all know who owns who in a meower/human relationship.



    Brava, CGM!

    Hi, it’s good to hear from you.



    Well said, CGM.

    I love pink lemonade on a summer day.

    PG, that sure looks like our Aslan. He has mastered the baby gate. Didn’t think it would take long, but as long as I’m on the right side of it, he forgets he wants to scale it.



    Thanks for backing me up guys! And hi CGM! Very well said!

    You’re right about my having to hold myself back – very challenging, as she was due for a good b’slapping, but this person while not a friend sits on bike next to mine like every day and I knew that I would not change her mind.

    At least she will not surrender the kits to a kill shelter. Someone I worked with had her 9 yr old cat PTS as her condo had no pets policy and she was “sure” no one would want the cat. Never spoke to her again.

    What if I have a kid and decide that my freedom is cramped? Hmmm … IMO all living beings get equal consideration. These cavalier attitudes trouble me so very much. But I’ll leave this now.

    So about 4 hrs ago I became inspired to remove some stick on tiles from head and footboard of bed. Goodness this was some job! Now all are banned from bdrm for a bit just in case that sticky stuff remover is a prob, although I beyond cleaned the stuff off.

    PG, now that I’m (supposedly) done with the stomach-challenging potassium things should improve considerably, I just want to be more or less careful. Was told that chocolate settles tummy aches and seems to work. Will be giving full report to nurse tomorrow and getting potassium level checked Thurs.

    BTW, “Handmaid’s Tale”, watched 1st 2 eps. IMHO very good. And for Gilmore Girl fans, Alexis Bledel is one of the stars.

    And for peeps who like music that connects to timeline events, there’s a new CNN series “Soundtracks” that I’m PVRing. Also looks good.



    I don’t really like lemonade (I don’t like sweet beverages) but I do like some lemon in bubbly water and often use lemon rather than vinegar in salad dressings. I also make hummus tahini, which is quite lemony as are many other dishes from around the Mediterranean. Lemon is nice with dark green vegetables… And of course with fish.

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