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    Enjoy your Day! 🙂

    Friendship day was originally founded by Hallmark in 1919. It was intended to be a day for people to celebrate their friendship by sending each other cards, but by 1940 the market died out. However, in 1998, the United Nations and International Friendship Day officially recognized on 30th July. Winnie the Pooh was made the world’s Ambassador of Friendship.

    Cya and have a happy~

    Friends before the rift! 😮



    “Little box of sadness” gets me efurrytime!
    Took me a moment before I completely understood “the rift” – it’s none other than Ceiling Cat and Basement Cat as BFFs! 😉

    Safe travels on your kitty re-locating mission PG!

    And Happy 3rd Birthday Miss Avery Mae!
    Best of everything for you and family, KZ!



    Long ago, friends in Italy did a Gatti contro il apartheid poster, with a black and a white cat (who were among their 5). They were a little older; bianco was a young adult and nero, or if I recall nera was a half-grown kitten.

    Internet does make it easier to keep up with our friends, human and feline, on different continents.

    I’m just waiting for my coffee – moka, stovetop espresso – to come up, and sipping some San Pelligrino water, which is on promo at a supermarket chain here this week. That reminds me of studying in Italy, where some water, often sparkling, is brought with one’s morning espresso, macchiato or cappuccino. I’m hoping to return sometime soon and catch up with old friends.



    Morning all! ….. love the pics today …. ying/yang vibe 🙂

    I love my morning coffee …. Lagatta, not too long ago, we had a thread talking about our coffees and preferences …. I have to say, I went back to an old school percolator ….. I think EC was my inspiration on that, and I absolutely love it! …. somehow just the taste of perked coffee is better to me ….. I live in a city where ‘Cuban coffee’ which is very strong and expresso like or ‘con leche’ like, is all the rage – and Mr. AV loves it, but I’m just not a fan ….. I love my perk!

    Getting ready to tackle my ‘sunday duties’ i.e. box changing …. ick! …. then relaxing until meeting clients later to make an offer on a waterfront property …. working weekend for me! …. have a great day all!



    Happy day all! It’s cloudy and lazy here!
    Mr. KZ picked up older granddaughters and took them into the fair so they could feed and water their projects, and also the youngest one has a show. He and older granddaughter were sitting at the local food tent, having a ‘sunshine’ (egg, sausage sandwich) strong coffee and orange juice. Probably donuts are involved too. This is such a great way to start a morning, people just waking up and coming into the fair to care for their livestock–seeing your lifelong friends and neighbors and reconnecting over a common lifestyle. Good times, and wonderful memories over MANY years. 🙂 We were 4H advisors ourselves for our kids, and now our grandkids have projects. Along with our neighbors who are there for their own grandkids. Everyone looks a little older and we have the funniest stories to tell and reminisce over.

    Off to make my bed, fold laundry, and take my shower. Later!



    Good morning – sending white light and lots of comforting vibes to KK’s Dara.

    Love the pic of Feeny yesterday! Feeny is at the Rainbow Bridge now, and Taco has stepped up to look after Ginny’s kids and be their furry friend.

    ECB, great minds think alike. I left some brownies for niece when I took care of her kitties. She got a bum rap at work, having to drive home from Lake George NY, work one day, and go back up the next day. She’s not even the new girl at the office, and they take the same week vacay every year. Anyway, I thought some brownies might cheer her up a bit.

    Happy Sunday! I think Winnie the Pooh is the purrfect ambassador for friendship.

    Happy Birthday Avery!

    I found a white beany baby kitten in my stash of stuffies. Put a sticky note over the name tag; now his name is Aslan and his dob is 3/22/17. Giving him my b-day worked out because of his estimated age when I got him. Aslan’s new daddy texted yesterday that his mom, grandma and sisters love him, and that it’s hard to get a pic because he runs around the house all day. It sounds like he will be alright. Despite the return to normal here, my heart really misses the little white flash!

    I’m very thankful for the friendships here at TDK!



    I’m thankful too JJ!

    Just wondering if Aslan’s new Dad is keeping his name. Dorry’s original name was Chi (his fur bro was Tai.) Didn’t quite work for me, but I like the name Aslan.



    JJ…what a sweet Aslan update….love it!

    PG…adorable pics today. The box of sadness gets me every time too!

    AV, I’m still really enjoying my percolator too. Inlaws are who got me started on the percolator kick and they visited this weekend.

    KZ, your description of the fair sounds wonderful and makes me want to come live with you…just for a bit. :).

    MS, is Dara your niece cat? Hope she’s doing better.



    Awww ECB, what a great compliment! 😀 I’m sure you would love the farm and the fair, and so would your boys!

    MS, I have been sending good vibes for KK’s cat, but keep forgetting to tell you. (((Dara)))

    AV and ECB, all this talk of percolators, and I’m going to have to get one too! We had one for years when it finally died and I didn’t replace it. I love listening to a percolator, and oh the wonderful coffee smell!!



    Finally made it to the Cafe. Have been in places with no internet or cell phone coverage over the weekend.
    Firstly KK’s cat Dara is showing improvement in her health. She wants to eat but has trouble getting food into her mouth so they have been syringe feeding her with recovery food from the vet. She said they have had so many wee plates of different foods on the floor that Ringo the other cat thought they were offering tapas. 😆
    Dara’s lymph nodes seem to have gone down a bit and she has energy and the will to bathe herself now and wants to be cuddled continually. Please keep the TDK White Light coming for her.
    HRH is also improving and eating better and is happy to disappear off for longer periods to somewhere deep in the garden. Her plate yesterday had steak,rabbit and a few tiny pieces of bacon. No, we don’t spoil her.

    JJ, tht’s great that Aslan’s new family have let you know how he is doing and that he is settling in very well by the sound of it.
    ECB, yes Dara is my niece cat, she is a beautiful Siamese and my sister Kapitikats(KK) was the one who introduced me to TDK way waaaaaaaaay back.
    KZ, I first discovered 4H in some pictorial magazines that sister KK’s in laws used to send over(I can’t remember their names). I think it is a great idea to assist and encourage young people in farming and lifestyles on the land and in animal husbandry and care.
    We woke to fog this morning but have a beautiful sunny and mild day so I got out into my vege garden. It hasn’t produced anything all Winter as the weather from late Autumn to now has been consistently too wet and cold. However the weeds haven’t stopped growing and in the last few weeks I have noticed the vege plants beginning to grow so I had to get in and remove the weeds. HRH came and joined me for a while.

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