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    In countries all over the world, new people have travelled from their points of origin to inhabit land previously belonged to others. While we call the Americas the “New World”, the culture and history of that country was anything but new when it was first discovered by Europeans. The relations between their new neighbors (who quickly made themselves unwelcome) were tenuous and then tumultuous, until the culture of the country’s first inhabitants was nearly forgotten.

    Native American Heritage Month honors those who remain and serves as a reminder that their culture is far from dead, it’s still alive and breathing in the descendants of the First Americans.
    Although this month is specific to American Natives, there are hundreds of tribes across the world, but most people are only capable of naming a few, and even fewer are represented in the media of the day. People who identify themselves as ‘Aboriginal’ range from dark-skinned, broad-nosed to blonde-haired, blue-eyed people. Aboriginal people define Aboriginality not by skin color but by relationships. Light-skinned Aboriginal people often face challenges on their Aboriginal identity because of stereotyping.

    Notable minority indigenous populations in Europe include the Basque of northern Spain and southern France, the Sami of northern Scandinavia, the Nenets and other Samoyedics of the northern Russian Federation, the Komi of the western Urals and the Circassians in the North Caucasus.

    Cya and have a happy~
    (Sorry for another long-winded TDK)



    PG, it’s good to learn something new! 🙂

    It’s also Guy Fawkes Day!

    “Remember, remember the Fifth of November …”

    No bonfires in my n’hood though!



    Good morning KJ. I hope you got some rest for Sabbath.

    Did you train Dorry to bring you a towel yet? 😆 We did the whole fall back time change. Weee? I thought about Guy Fawkes but the LOLCats don’t have much on him. He was/is prominent in political history. So much stuff to learn-so little time.



    Morning friends! ….. got all my ‘work/cleaning’ stuff done yesterday, so today is my Sabbath! ….. Gonna take an uber to the golf club to meet Mr. AV for lunch, and there may be a mimosa in my future 😉

    I’m so bummed, when I got up this am I saw that my pond had lost more than a few inches of water over night …. now I’m afraid there’s a leak in it! 🙁 don’t really know how to find/fix it, might have to call a pond scape company ….. I filled it back up and the fishies seem ok (thank goodness to the super filtration system Mr. AV installed) ….. I’ll keep watching it …..

    Son is running in the NYC marathon today, he starts in about an hour at 11am …. his goal is just to finish (he’s never done one before, and has only recently been training over the past 6 mos) ….. prayers would be appreciated! ….. he sent us all an app and his bib number, so we can track his progress ……

    Hope everyone has a great Sunday!!



    Good morning – there are several native indian tribes here in the northeast, the closest to here being the Ramapo Indians.

    I love the indian kitten!

    Hope your pond is okay, AV. It’s cloudy and somewhat mild for this time of year. The weather is pretty much purrfect for the NYC marathon; sending good vibes to son!



    We celebrate National Indigenous Peoples’ Day on June 21st, the Summer solstice and longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, and this year have also celebrated the tenth anniversary of the United Nations Declaration of the rights of Indigenous Peoples.

    I’m wondering if the cats becoming leopards after dark proverb has a translation issue? Leopards are Old-World big cats. The largest cat by far in the Americas is the jaguar, which is indeed spotted as leopards are; if anything the jaguar is larger on average.

    Then comes the cougar, or puma.



    MS prayers for kitty B – saw his situation while catching up on threads.

    So today we have our mayoralty race. I’m not bothering to vote, and from what Ive heard I’m not the only one. I don’t feel strongly about either candidate, current mayor spent 3 million dollars to light up a bridge! Opponent’s plan is to extend our subway system to an area which I have no need/desire to travel to.

    Plus the weather is de-motivating, blustery cold and seriously raining, back inside for duration. With binge-watching crime series and knitting as the plan.

    Whatever the weather I will get myself to polling station when I get the chance to vote Justin out of office! Had his dad not been PM he would be doing what he is qualified for – HS English/Drama teacher and his wife would be a yoga teacher. Apple sure fell far from the tree when it came to Justin or as I like to think of him Mr. Self-agrandisement. Off soapbox now.

    Adjusting to time change has left me just a bit tired out, guess in a few days I’ll catch up.



    I admire peeps who, at least, try so may your son complete the marathon. Hopefully, there’s nothing wrong with your pond. Enjoy your mimosa, yum.

    I agree Lagatta. It annoys me that Jaguars are confused with Leopards and both are often referred to as Panthers.



    I hope nothing is wrong with your pond AV. Sometimes the vegetation around my pond up around the waterfall/biofilter area will let water drip/spill out which makes the water level drop. Hoses can get holes and yes the liners do too, and that’s when the pond company should be on speed dial!!

    It’s balmy here and 70 degrees. Ugh. I wish it would just stay at a steady 55, instead of 30 to 70!! It’s November already!! 😳

    MS, I’m glad you got a chuckle at my coffee pot experience. My dau told me to order one online–I told her that IT’S MY COFFEEPOT FOR GOD’S SAKE! There’s no waiting days for a coffee pot to arrive! Glad you gave up on yanking grass and decided to put your feet up and listen to tunes. There is nothing that can make you feel better faster than listening to music!!



    Oh and forgot to say that my poor Willow was miserable this morning. Pacing, trying every litter box every few seconds and only a drip of pee. He peed on my kitchen floor while I watched and waited to see if he could squeeze drips out. He did thankfully so there isn’t a total blockage. I cleaned that up and called the ER vet number. They told me to give him more of the dilator, which I did and he calmed down and is acting better. We are going to have to come up with a plan as this isn’t working. Maybe some special food for him, because he may have crystals or stones–that’s what I’m thinking anyway.



    Poor Willow! How old is he. Yes, you’ll have to find out what the root causes. I had a UTI not long app and was miserable for weeks, first with the infection, then the antibiotics (which I react horribly too), then drinking great pools of water to flush everything out…

    I did vote, obviously for the (woman) candidate pushing for the metro extension, although I don’t live anywhere near the proposed new line. The line I usually take is often completely full if I have to take it into the city centre at rush hour (to work at conferences, for example) and I have taught ESL and FSL at neighbourhoods at either end of the proposed lines and it took me over an hour and a half to get there. But also because there are a lot of immigrant workers (and their kids studying), particularly in Montréal-Nord, who have to do that every single day. But above all due to an environmental committment to public transport.

    For that reason, even though I do agree that Trudeau is a lightweight, I’d certainly never vote for Harper (though he is more experienced and probably more intelligent) as his program was ecocidal, centred on tar sands and other destructive development. Fortunately here in Québec, we have a surplus of clean hydroelectric energy so it will be relatively easy for us to electrify our métro, buses and hopefully, trams or light rail. It is fairly easy to deduce whom I voted for. (Neither of the above).

    Returning to our core subject; cats – cougars are also often called “panthers”, and while they are not larger than humans on average, a cougar would win a fight against an unarmed human. No, we are not a desirable prey for them; they would opt for something smaller, more tender and more manageable, but they can certainly kill humans out of fear.

    However I’m certain that more humans have killed cougars than vice-versa. Including idiot “trophy hunters”.



    He did it!! He finished the marathon!!! Not bad for his first time!

    I hate daylight savings time, gets dark way too early!!! Ugh, can’t wait til spring!!



    Willow is 3. He’s just the sweetest natured cat ever. I will be calling the vet again in the morning.



    KZ, hope that you can figure out how to treat Willow and soon. Poor boy! 🙁

    Well for the most part I’m apolitical. ‘Cept for certain causes that I care about purrsonally. As in there are certain orgs that I would not work for no matter how much they offered me. I’m not really eco-minded either. Anyway, since whoever wins election does not exactly impact me, I will not get started on any of this.

    PG, if you haven’t seen “V for Vendetta” well it’s a terrific film and will explain more than you want to know about “Guy Fawkes.” There is a dearth of good pics available, but there is this one. 😉

    In brief: In Jacobean England, Guy Fawkes and conspirators planned to blow up Parliament. Plot was foiled. Fortunately for Fawkes he died by hanging before being quartered while still alive.

    Train Dorry? I’m sure that you say this in jest! 😉

    With time change it’s way dark out and I feel at “sixes and sevens” like by rights it should be later than it is. 🙄



    That was indeed a lucky break! (of neck).

    I would never tell anyone else how to vote. But I am very committed to environmental issues. And animal welfare, of course.



    Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples still struggle for acknowledgement and recognition and suffer the harms of colonisation.

    A question that is relevant to today’s theme. Is ‘the happy hunting ground’ a genuine part of First Nations belief systems, or something that’s been made up and imposed or a distortion of traditional beliefs? You all refer to ‘the meadow’…



    Lucky break indeed Lagatta!

    PM, from what I gleaned off I’Net the “happy hunting ground” seems to be part of belief system of certain tribes.

    And here is an explanation of the Meadow, connected to the Rainbow Bridge.



    I never refer to “the meadow”. I don’t believe in life after physical death, except in the cultural and historical sense of people and other sentient beings living on through their deeds and influence or the memories and hopes their lives have inspired.

    I think of my Theo and my Nadja (both black cats) who were killed by cars and how their untimely deaths spur me on in terms of environmental struggles. And obviously, certain humans.

    Happy hunting ground sounds like a distortion and simplification of First Nations belief systems.



    Well, according to Wikipedia at least one tribe the Lakota, believe in a happy hunting ground. And I know nothing further about this concept.

    We all have our own belief systems and to me, whatever brings a purrson comfort is a good thing. Just sayin’.



    Congrats for Son! Woohoo!

    KZ, I had to re-read your comment to MS about the grass. I thought you wrote yakking up instead of yanking up grass. 😳 Has the vet. recommended fluids? Cats really don’t like it but it helps them to flush the crystals out. I just hate that your Willow is going through this, give him an extra scritch from me.

    Thanks KJ-I enjoy studying and reading about world politics.

    The happy hunting ground is a part of most First Nations beliefs. It’s the western distortion that changed and mocked the understanding of it.

    We have an election coming up on Tuesday. I’ve never understood why we have elections on weekdays.

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