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    Holidays can be a traumatic time for pets, which is one of the reasons to spend the days comforting and reassuring them. One of the easiest pets to care is for a Pet Rock and today offers the perfect opportunity to pamper and spoil the special stone in your life. For a small pittance mere people could adopt their very own rock, supplied on a bed of hay in a well-ventilated box. Like all things, pet rocks are more expensive these days, but you could always catch a wild one for free – just remember that undomesticated rocks may be more difficult to handle…

    I once had a pet rock. Actually, it was dad’s so it was my sibling. Bahaha! I got my hair trimmed and my pedicure so I felt special this afternoon.

    Cya and have a happy~




    Just to let everyone know September 16th is Gray Tabby Appreciation Day! Get you kits together!!!



    Crossover pic – I haven’t done a crossover pic for some time.



    Back in the day when worked part-time in major dept store (it did lead to my full-time job in advertising right out of uni) I could be placed in any dept where they needed xtra cashiers/help.

    So yeah, at times I found myself selling pet rocks. And mood rings. And yeah, peeps bought both!

    A clowder!



    It would be fun to find some rocks and paint them to look like cats…I would like to try that! But my favorite pic is of the cat on it’s back with the rock hard abs…imagine the patience to place those little rocks on that fuzzy tummy! πŸ˜›

    Well, youngest dau and I and Avery are going to a mall today…it will be fun to be in a shopping atmosphere and ambling with no goal in sight. Ahhhh, girl days–they are so much fun!



    Heehee, such funny pics! I remember the pet rock craze, but I don’t remember if I actually had one.

    It’s a rainy lazy day here in Jersey. Dewey was up but is back to snoozing on the bed. Poor Comet, I cleared stuff from behind a corner chair and it looked to be the purrfect hiding/napping spot. Alas, Mac must have seen him go back there and went and pestered him.

    We are hoping the skies will clear later so we can grill. I made a macaroni salad and jello salad to go with whatever we throw on the grill.



    Hi Efurryone,

    Yea, a crossover pic! I missed them.

    The rockclimbing kitteh suffers setback – that’s me.

    Enjoy your leisurely girls day, KZ. Poor Comet πŸ™ Let’s hope you have a good afternoon.



    Morning all! …. pet rocks! … I still have the TDK rock that our Julie made for many of us almost a decade ago …. it’s always tucked safely away in my wallet and everytime I see it, I think of TDK …. such a special family …. old/long time friends, new friends, and those that have crossed the bridge …..

    Today is my lazy day, I managed to sleep in till 9, and then sat on the porch with Caddy to drink my cuppa joe ….. Abby is asleep in her donut bed by the french doors, and I’m just sitting down to catch up on some of my DVR’d shows …. hope everyone has a great Sunday!



    Oops-due to technical difficulties our Gray Tabby day is on Sept. 17th. Thanks for your attention!



    Tks PG! πŸ˜‰

    Pouring here too JJ. Anyone who has plans for BBQ – well they’ll prob have to postpone ’til tomorrow. Today it’s chilly, 14C, tomorrow supposed to be 30C with humidity factored in – what gives.

    And now I feel like I’m coming down with the crud. πŸ™ Hoping it’s just dust from having srsly cleaned/reorganized sweaters for Fall.

    KZ, they actually have hot stone massages. Never tried one though.

    Sad news in the rock world: Walter Becker, co-founder of Steely Dan, has died, age 67.
    “I intend to keep the music we created together alive as long as I can with the Steely Dan band,” (Donald) Fagen promises of Becker’s legacy.”

    One of my fave groups of all time. And here’s one of my fave tunes. Yeah, it’s about dope! πŸ˜‰



    AV, I just looked at my TDK stone earlier today!

    Hope the crud isn’t attacking full steam, KJ. Heard about Walter Becker and have been hearing a lot of Steely Dan today. My brother had a black cat named Aja.



    Just realized that I do have a rock kit, not from the Pet Rock days, but one that I use as a paperweight. Sorta shaped like the Grumpy Cat rock, ‘cept mine is a brown tabby. I don’t feed or talk to it though – well not yet! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

    Aja is one kewel kit name!

    It’s been raining heavily all day. Think I might have me a short catnap as not feeling quite up to purr, and if it is the crud, well nothing much for it. πŸ™



    I’m working but terribly tired and achy (though I work on a computer, not on the proverbial coalface). I’ve almost finished and think I’ll give up and get up early tomorrow morning.

    I’m nursing a wee glass of wine with a bit of goat feta. Livia is sleeping, of course.



    Morning all. We have sunshine and no rain.! Hallelujah !
    Time to get as much washing out on the line as possible.
    AV, I too have the stone from Julie somewhere although the pawprint wore off. I hope all is going well for her. Can you remember her TDK name?
    I’ve just been messaging with kK and new meezer kits are having lots of fun. They met their older hoomin sister over the weekend and decided she was wonderful on sight. They floof their tiny tails up when they smell older brother Ringo’s scent when they visit the lounge. Awwwwwww
    KZ, have fun, the three of you girls out at the mall today.
    Awww Comet, you need to be stealthier to get past Mac.
    KJ, oh no not the crud. Do what you can to fend it off.
    Lagatta, giving up now and coming back when fresh is a good idea. Wine and goats feta will relax your mind.
    I’m going on a pet rock hunt for the stone I got from Julie.

    I’m back and I found it. I wonder how I could get a white pawprint back on it. Any thoughts? I suspect the original paw print was a transfer but I don’t recall having see any in the stores but it could be worth looking for some.



    My landlord won’t let me put a line up so I made one that can be taken down when I leave.
    Maybe this will help, MS.

    Get some rest KJ and you too, Lagatta. When I get that tired, I make mistakes. Wine and Feta cheese sounds light and tasty. Yum!

    I saw the pictures of your outdoor crew on FB, JJ. You love and take care of them.



    DaiseyMew! aka Julie
    My pawprint is wearing off too.



    MS, Julie was DaiseyMew (DM) …. I think she hand painted them, then sent them out to all of us, it was around Christmas time, when my mailbox would get stuffed full of our TDK cards! Great memories!!



    PG, your url for rock painting looks like it could be a plan for MS and JJ.

    The only line that I could have would be the electric line connected from one pole on my side of the street to the pole across the street! Not a plan. πŸ˜‰

    MS, I was glad to see the crossover pic back too!
    Glad to hear how the wee meezers are settling in.

    Just watched a truly awful “made for TV” movie. No known actors in it, one of those suspense flicks where I figured out a way around it that no one tried. Yet I stayed the course as I was knitting.

    I have now dosed myself and an taking my self off to bed, hoping to feel better by morning. In any case I will be heading off to gym for DIY class as if it’s the crud there’s really nothing for it.



    DaisyMew ! Thank you JJ.
    Yes AV, I think she did it herself. She did some lovely craft work for her Christmas cards too.
    PG, thanks for the rock painting link.
    KJ, sometimes those really awful movies are so bad they are good in a perverse way.
    Sleep well and heal.
    It’s one of those days here, nothing much getting done as I feel less than 100%, mainly due to eating something that doesn’t agree with me.
    ‘Nuff said.
    HRH is enjoying the sun and the shorter lawns.

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