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    A Gift that’s handmade
    Is a gift not replaced
    Entrapping sweet memories
    That can’t be erased
    – Amanda Evanson

    There’s just something amazing about unwrapping a gift and finding inside a tangible representation of the love and care the person giving the gift feels you. Nothing says that like a hand-made gift, you get to be the one to share that love with the people you care about. We all know how much kits love to give gifts…eek!

    I hope everyone is having a good weekend. It’s so dry here, I’m going to water my bulbs and new shrubs.

    Cya and have a happy~

    Quente e aconchegante (warm and cozy



    This gift is perfection … my niece received one of those from her cat.

    Finally dry here, after 5 inches of rain, a huge amount but a bit less than forecast. North-east Victoria got a lot, lot more.



    two TDK links

    Wanted -Your ideas for gifts/kits

    TDKers Creative Christmas Gift Ideas

    The gift of laughter.

    I have just been trying to entice HRH Shadz inside with cheese – fail. She enjoyed the cheese though. The moon is just rising higher and wow it’s bright outside. It is shining through the windows like someone has a light outside. If she doesn’t come in soon I will leave her out there as she does have a way of getting in via the basement and garage.
    My Sunday was one of those days where you make one step forward and two back and sometimes one back. I was thwarted at the gardening I wanted to do but have got most of it done when Mr MS came home and chainsawed the fallen tree into chunks. Tomorrow will be another opportunity to succeed. Oh, printer ink really stains the hands, that’s another thwarted job. Least said.



    Good morning all! Oh MS, how I hate those kinds of days…it seems like everything you touch, you drop or screw up and your normally calm demeanor becomes one of a snapping wolverine! (In my case, that is) The moon has been so big and so bright, it’s like daylight outside. It’s cold, crisp and quiet with the moon high in the sky. You can see anything that moves outside, and it just beautiful. When there is snow on with a moon this bright, it amplifies the moon’s brightness.

    Printers drive me batty. Just about everytime I try and print something, it tells me I’m needing to put more ink cartridges in. So I have to spend at least 10 minutes trying to outsmart the %)(*##$ thing to print, because they are new cartridges! And it’s the worst every to remove from your hands, especially underneath fingernails… 😡

    Well, I got my tree up and my Santa’s on the mantel, with some greenery and little lights. I love lights this time of year to help brighten up the darkness!!



    Hi everyone! Didn’t make it here yesterday – worked in the morning and took it easy for the rest of the day while nursing a headache. Much better today.

    Great pics! Might have to send the “I destroyed your gifts…because I’m the only one you need” one to the animal shelter. Maybe it might make a good ad to help adopt animals. Then again it might imply that cats destroy things!

    Oh perfection! Smokie liked to catch snakes. Come to think of it, I used to watch my outdoor crew play with snakes in neighbor’s yard a few years back.

    Going to work on de-cluttering the house today to make way for Christmas stuff. It’s cloudy, but not crazy cold, however the wood burner feels great!



    Hmmm … not sure that I’d like a snake … don’t think that we even have those long snakes in my n’hood, plus Dorry staying indoors, no worries. 😉

    Admittedly I’m glad that I don’t have to do any gifting whatsoever, although I might give a gift certificate to someone who is very kindly towards me, and helpful. Then she can buy what she likes. I recall from “that place” how some peeps would end up having to pay off huge amount of gift debt. I just don’t get it as it just spoil the holidays. I don’t spend $$$ that I don’t have.

    Peeps who (stupidly) ask me if I miss Xmas get on my nerves. How can I miss what I’ve never had? And answer is no.

    Picked up awesome new wedge heel sandals at post office.

    With inserts to make them smaller they are super comfy. OK, so they’re for the summer, but with reg. price at $130 and me paying $20, not a long thought process involved. LOL.

    Hope that my last gift to self items fit in mailbox.



    Happy sunday eve, all! Had the fam over for my famous Turkey tetrazinni from the tday leftovers , really turned out good! Got our tree up/ decorated ….. menorah is on the mantel, and angel themed table is set….. I’m so looking forward to the holiday, I get all my fam for 12 whole days! Taking all as vaca, so can’t wait to spend time with them! I feel so blessed! And hoping all of you are also!!



    It’s finished and I apologize for the delay. Through the worm hole you will find Orange Almond Biscotti, Sea Salted Caramel cookies, Tea cookies, Biscochitos, and to top if all off there is Fudge and Peanut Brittle. I stumbled on a Gluten free recipe for Cinnamon Round cookies. Naturally, all types of coffee and tea are available.

    A purrfect home gift for my TDKers.

    Warm fuzzies to all,




    You don’t miss Christmas, KJ? But how is that possible? 😉



    Oh, PG, that sounds scrumptious!!



    PG, hard to believe it but true – it is possible for me not to miss Xmas!

    ‘Scuse me for typing with my mouth full – the sea salted cookies and fudge are virtually superb! 😉



    Oooh, thank you, PG! Just brushed my teeth, but I can’t resist still warm from the oven goodies, and fudge, and peanut brittle!

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