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    Paper Mache, knitting, decoupage and decorations – ever since you were a kid, you’ve known that making things is fun. Who said that fun had to stop just because you grew up? Craft Month is all about celebrating crafty little hobbies that keep you occupied on those gloomy days.

    As we wake to another Sunday, I hope you have a happy~


    Nos da (Welsh)



    Crossover pic –

    Maybe this is one for KZ and Avery to try.

    coyote pup



    What a great idea….Avery and I could make this craft for her Momma!! I’m not very crafty, but this is more like artwork, which I love and I even have some acrylic paints and I’m sure Avery would like to put her foot in paint… 😆

    It’s a lazy Sunday here, and it has just started to rain. Mr. KZ and I were wanting to go to the pond store and get another bio filter, as we think the old one may have a crack and is leaking, but in checking the site on the internet–they are closed today. Our ponding season hasn’t really started here yet, and when it does, they are open on Sunday. Well, we won’t be opening the pond today then, we will wait until we can get the new bio filter. Avery would enjoy a visit to the pond store as they have bunches of ponds with beautiful fish and all kinds of water features.

    Well, I guess I will get my shower. I need to go to the local big box hardware store and get a new lamp shade, some bulbs, and a ceiling fan duster…maybe I’ll even wrangle Mr. KZ to get lunch out! 😉


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    Just love the pics, morning everyone. Long time no-see, seems that days and weeks have gotten away from me lately.



    The yarn fought back..hehe!

    Avery would love to make something with her nana. Esp. if it’s for her mom.

    It’s Deb! Too long no hear-I hope you’re feeling good.



    Also LOL at “the yarn fought back” – hasn’t happened chez KJ – as yet!!! Figuring out “where to start” is way fun too!

    And one of my faves!

    Nice to see you Deb!

    Now crafts are making (it seems) big time comeback. The weekly Knitting Circle that I attend is in a store that is packed with customers and contrary to “popular” misconceptions, not with “ancient grannies” either.

    Which reminds me as finished back of one of latest sweaters, must do row 1 of front. Must? Well, want to. And then it’s off to gym on what seems to be a srsly chilly day!



    Agree with PG….good to see you here, Deb!

    I love the sparkly poops, win win…lol. Eko likes sparkle balls.

    In our quest to get into an efficient routine with leaf cleanup (and lengthen the lifespan of our roof), I learned to climb a ladder yesterday. I’d never used one of those you lean against the house. I need to be able to do things like that so hubby’s weekend to do list doesn’t get too long. I removed old rusty bent screens from rain gutters. Home inspector said they were doing more harm than good. Still need to do the back of the house today. Later this week a roof rake I ordered should arrive. In theory it will help us keep the roof clean without getting on the roof. I don’t like heights and hubby isn’t at his fighting weight these days, so neither of us should really be on the roof blowing leaves. We’ll see how it works.

    Hope everyone has a restful Sunday!

    ETA….just saw yarnia…lol!



    Hi all – cats and yarn, such a classic and cool combo. The exception is Comet and yarn, as he likes to eat it. I still have the pink ball of yarn baby Leela liked to play with.
    I managed to stay awake to watch Dracula to the end. Kind of tired today but it was worth it! It is a grey and chilly day here in Jersey.



    Hi everyone! Happy Sunday! ….. good to see some old faces (hiya Deb!) ….. Abby has never played with yarn, but hairbands are her obsession – she loves to bat them across the wood floors …. my housekeeper finds several stashes under the couches, chairs and behind doors LOL

    Got up early this morning, got the boxes changed, washed my car (it’s green with pollen), then showered and did the grocery shopping ….. now relaxing for a bit, it’s mid 80s today, and lots of sunshine! ….. hope you all enjoy your day!



    Well I did get a goodly amt of knitting done. And then I fell in garage on way back from bldg locker where I’d gone to check on Passover supplies. Wrist/palm pretty bruised. And foot ached just a bit, tiny bruise too. Did the usual arnica/ice thing. And Tylenol, cause why not. More panicked than anything else, but spoke with N which calmed me down. And then I sliced my finger, tiny cut and bleeding did not last long. In any case I speak with my physio every Mon., ’cause I do a lot and just ’cause.

    Raining out, supposed to freeze over, hopefully not as for me this would be another panic mode ready to happen.

    I’m going to bed and hopefully will get some decent sleep.



    Sorry you hurt yourself. I hope you feel better soon, KJ.

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