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    “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche!” translates to “Let them eat brioche” rather than “Let them eat cake.” Of course, brioche is rich bread almost as luxurious as cake. There is no evidence that Marie Antoinette uttered those words. However, none of this changes the fact that cake is arguably one of the most delicious things humans have ever made to eat so dig in….

    The weather’s nice and Miss Gaea and spent the day sleeping under the shrubs. When I went to check on Miss Hypatia there were no other critters but she keep following the sun around the yard. The weather is suppose to be nice on Sunday so I may try a bit of raking but only until football starts. 😀

    Cya and have a happy eating cake~

    Dormir en toute sécurité dans le confort de votre couverture

    (Hypatia, often called Hypatia of Alexandria, was a Greek mathematician, astronomer, inventor, and philosopher in Egypt, then a part of the Eastern Roman Empire.)



    Patty cake cats



    LOL at the pics today! …. My sister made our family’s famous caramel cake for thanksgiving, the family loved it! ….. I don’t eat cake (too sweet for me), but Mr. AV and both my children enjoy it.

    Headed out to my favorite nail salon shortly, my toes are starting to resemble paws with claws, so time to get them trimmed and painted nicely for Christmas …. I’ve been watching the dog show, which I DVR’d …… it was a family tradition to watch it each year at thansgiving when My grandparents were alive ….. I forgot how much I enjoy it!

    Going to see ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ later, love the original, hope this one holds up! Enjoy your day everyone!



    I don’t eat cake either, except for some less-sweet ones such as a Dutch apple cake. And confess to loving brioche, in particular panettone, though I only indulge in that during the year’s-end holiday season, and may buy one – and share it with friends I’m having over. Panettone isn’t very sweet – except for some unfortunate modern variations with cream fillings – but good ones are made with pure butter. 😎

    In general, I avoid concentrated sugar. But love sweet pussycat photos… What I like less is the dusting of S-N-O-W we had here upon waking. Livia hates it.



    Well, I LOVE cake, especially chocolate. I wish I had some now, after reading about it! 😆 Yes, the pics are adorable today!! Our dinner yesterday was fabulous, with lots of leftovers and I sent some home with everyone. The turkey was delicious and am thinking of a piece for lunch right about now. I am doing laundry and will shop online today since Mr. KZ is gone shooting–for the first time in a few weeks because the weather has been awful, but today is beautiful!



    Hi all – I’m so full from Thanksgiving…oooh, cake! I love cake, the sweeter, the better! I agree, KZ, chocolate cake would be good right about now!

    It’s a sunny, chilly, breezy day here in Jersey. Hoping that if I rest today I can kick the crud. The woodburner has the house nice and toasty and I’ll probably get some soup going for dinner. It’s a good day to watch football, especially since the Giants aren’t playing. 😆

    I’m not sure how many other shelters have Black Cat Friday/Weekend, but I hope many black and black/white cats were adopted. If I didn’t have 8 already (Mama Cat has been coming around more lately), I would be tempted to share my home with a few more.



    The “patty-cake kit” ahhhhh!!!!!!!

    Guess that one can “have their cake and eat it too.” 😉

    I find cake too flaky, prefer muffins or brownies.

    But here’s my contribution:

    I’m waiting on Cyber Monday. Missed out on 2-for-1 Black Friday deal, but purrhaps tomorrow I’ll do even better. Ordered way discounted nighties from major dept store and price was even lower as I used up a gift card. Then ordered several prs pf way kewel tights (another passion and this store has house brand that’s totally awesome) from a store that Lagatta also likes called Simons.

    DIY spin classes today and tomorrow, I somehow work harder on my own. Plan to chill for rest of day.

    Streets in n’hood had some “hidden” ice spots – scary! 😮 We might get some snow though.



    Did you buy any velvet leggings? It is wonderful to find something pretty and warm.

    Yes, I like that store very much and they seem to have good business and customer service ethics. I shopped there decades ago as a very young adult when they only had two stores: one in the historic distric of Québec City, and another in the suburb of Ste-Foy where Laval University is located. It was a treat when I was interpreting and collating input from workshops at conferences at the Centre des congrès: the Old Québec store was very close by.

    KJ has no need to buy pullovers, but their merino sweaters are far more substantial than those at Hudson’s Bay, in the same price range.

    As for cake, brioche etc preferences, “tous les goûts sont dans la nature”. But I avoid concentrated sugars mostly because my teeth are very soft due to a very severe cow milk allergy in childhood, when there were very few substitutes available; fortunately thee are many now.

    There was a panettone tasting today at Milano, a famous Italian grocery in my hood. No, I didn’t buy any; I only buy one, and I’ve lived around here for 30 years. I know the prices will drop in a few weeks.



    No velvet leggings for me, Lagatta, they don’t work as my feet would freeze and I don’t knit socks as I only wear skirts. But I have a huge collection of tights in interesting shades/patterns/textures – mostly from Simons. I mean $4.99/pr – terrif!

    And you’re right, I don’t buy any sweaters, anytime I want one I buy the yarn and make myself one that’s totally one-of-a-kind as I never use the pattern’s suggested yarn, I make sure that I get a good online deal. I have 31 more waiting to be made – in due course! 😉



    Oh please knit yourself some socks. I’m sure even you can make the look chic.

    I’m debating if I should go online to see if there’s sometime I might need or disconnecting my computer for the day.

    My nephew is home and Hypatia is happy, well, for a cat. We didn’t see the fox again. Maybe it decided not to come around again after she chased away.



    PG, socks are not all that easy to knit – at least for me. One has to use like 4 double pointed needles and I tried them once, the stitches kept slipping off them and my frustration made it not worth it. Chic? Not so much if worn over tights.

    So N and I were looking at shoes from our respective residences and while she found nothing I bought me a pr of olive green faux suede high wedge heel sandals, reg $130, now $26! If they’re not right I’ll return them. And purrhaps give my other green way old sandals to charity. They’re for summer, but season will return – eventually.

    I say go online and see what’s on sale. You’re not obligated to buy anything, but if you do get a fab deal – well why not?



    Yes, I saw their pretty tights. But I’m not at all averse to the funky look of leggings and pretty socks, unless I have to be more formally dressed for work, of course. And Simons have some great socks right now, including some cat ones.

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