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    I couldn’t let September pass by without acknowledging Happy Cat Month. They’re fuzzy, they’re adorable, they invade our lives and take complete command of it and we are grateful…and their willing slaves.

    This is my purrfect type of weather-It’s been a wonderful chilly, rainy day. My gang, however, wants to come visit Auntie AV. 🙂

    Cya and have a happy~




    PG, tks for purry bedtime story!

    Your gang can also come and visit Auntie KJ. Sunday promises to be sunny and hot, hot, hot! 🙂



    PG, those are the most adorable pics EVER!! And we are having weather similar to KJ and AV, it’s HOT here, but the sun is shining and a light breeze–right now it’s 84* and it’s only 1:20 in the afternoon *sigh*–I’ll take your weather right now.

    My cats and I slept in this morning. Mr. KZ got up and they took his place until they heard him open a can of cat food…

    There are things I know I should be doing and one is washing windows. One I have is atrocious that looks out by the bird feeders. They fly over and poop hits the window, and it’s dusty and rain has splotched the dust. I think I’ll do that one and it’s a big window and very heavy, but will be worth it once I’m done. The rest may wait until tomorrow, since I’m just not feelin’ it!



    PG, send your crew thru the wormhole anytime! I’ll send them home exhausted, and full if tuna & nip 😉

    I slept in til 9, then got rolling and changed all boxes, vacuumed, mopped and did some laundry.

    Relaxing on the porch now, hoping I’ll be joined shortly by a certain black furrball …. have a great day all!



    Greetings from summer-like Jersey! Yes it’s hot; wish I could bottle this for use in January…

    Well, Jroc has left the building – she’s in the air headed back to Wisconsin. It was a wonderful week and I miss her already.

    Stupid Giants getting creamed at stupid football…again. Switched the channel and watching the Jets. I won’t get into the intense unfluffy stuff that’s going on except to say that I love my country and my flag more than I like football so I may not be watching too much more. Purrhaps I’ll start attending local high school games.

    Happy Cat Month!!!



    Well, I don’t get football but I get that others do – sorry that your team is turning out to be a disappointment, JJ.

    As promised, purrhaps today is the hottest day of the year! I can see how marathon was cancelled – def not the weather one wants to be srsly running in.

    Now I can either blame the heat – or my being stupid – prob the latter. But lucky for me that I went shopping this pm, as usually I wouldn’t open wallet until purrhaps tomorrow. This is when I noticed that I left my bank card at the ATM machine this am! Moment of panic!

    As soon as I arrived home called bank. Commended on calling ASAP. Card has not been used and is now blocked. Told to p/u temp c ard tomorrow and will get new card in a week or so. I can still do my banking as per and no one has password and in effect if someone picks up card right now it’s just a pce of useless plastic.

    Shopping-wise picked up an awesome suede or suede-look purrfect-size tote bag in “goes with everything” dk beige/dk grey with a “baby” removable shoulder bag inside. I’d set it aside so it was not from shelf but brand-new. Also bought me a “silver” ring with 2 balls on it. Could potentially do damage! And someone that I know would quip that I already have enough balls hehehe! 😉

    Tomorrow I plan to continue research on whether I should srsly contest rent increase. While I’m good at this proactive stuff this one stresses me some. If I go the Rental Board route, judge could decide that the increase could be even higher! And the advice provided is not definitive. Landlord knows that I’m not pleased and I do have 25 days left to figure things out. Plan to start with a very polite email explaining my concerns. Worth a try as I’ve been here 14 yrs and am a good tenant.

    Immediate plan is to get back to knitting and TV. For sure I’m somewhat discombobulated as started next project – a rib knit dress – 3 times! Took me these attempts to get what I was doing wrong. Must be the heat. Or me! Did finish latest sweater as cooler temps will arrive – like Thurs.

    Isn’t efurry month Happy Cat Month? I did see a gorgeous basement kit on way to gym chasing a terrified squirrel. I hope that it ahs a home – the kit that is. Plus we still have oodles of butterflies which I discovered are not monarchs but some type called “Painted Ladies.” 🙂

    Well, to me they look like monarchs! For sure I’m no lepidopterist! LOL



    I think those beautiful butterflies that look like mini Monarchs are Belles-dames in French. I saw a whole bush undulating with them on a bush of flowers on Clark, in Mile-End, cycling home. I was so happy!

    Not getting into the flag and country stuff.

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