Sunday 24-06-2018 – It's Swim a Lap Day!

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    Or sit on a lap, whatever floats your boat LOL! Get your swimming togs on … last one in is … you decide!



    Good morning – I missed pink day yesterday, my favorite color!
    My whack-bonk stick is pink with silver sparkles.
    As a teen I was in a drum & bugle corps who were known as the girls in pink, aka, Stardusters. The uniforms were pink shorts, pink satin poofy shirts, pink sequin vests, white hats with pink sequin bands and white majorette boots. Good times.
    I think Comet would swim a lap if given the chance. As for me, the pool is open but the water is far too cold for me. I’ll swim a lap after a heatwave and when the summer temps really set in.



    Good Sunday morning! There are no pools around here even if I wanted to go swimming. I love to swim though. Given the rain we have been having, I could have gone swimming in my yard–but since it was so muddy and fast moving, I think I will pass! 😆 Avery’s mom and family are vacationing at a southern beach–*sigh*–and eating lot of seafood. Avery seems to be afraid of the little crabs; it’s fun to hear how she runs when she thinks one is close to her. They are actually headed to New Orleans today for a walk down Bourbon Street and trying out restaurants since it’s close to where they are. They are having a wonderful time and I love hearing of their escapades.

    I’ve got my start on being a lazy bum today. I need to work on my feet and may do it on the patio since it’s not supposed to rain today! WOOHOOOOO!



    I can picture Avery on the beach running from what might be a crab!
    It’s beautiful here in Jersey too. I’m sitting on my patio in the shade on a partly sunny and breezy day. Dewey and Star are hanging out too. There are things to do inside but storms are coming later so it’s outdoor stuff for now.



    Good afternoon all.

    Empty pool



    Oh, sweet Queen Cuddles loved water, and would swim in low bath water when Dau got out!

    Honestly, my wackbonk stick was all sorts of crazy, I think given me by Lady Valkyrie……

    Had a great weekend in philly with dau and SIL …. what a precious couple …. so blessed for such great kids. Sil came home with us … interviewing …. hopefully moving to Tampa 🙂 happy dancing here!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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