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    A bad hair day is a day when everything is going bad. It doesn’t necessary have to do with you hair rather it’s just that everything is going wrong. The term “bad hair day” derives from how psycho one feels because everything is going all wrong on a particular day!! Grabs handfuls of hair and tugs in in desperation, “Arrrrrgh!! I’m having such a bad hair day!!”

    Everyone needs a Sqeeeeee!

    Cya and have a happy~



    Oh that’s bad.



    So funny pics today! …..

    I’m so sick of the early Christmas rush! …. adds, people/homes already all decked out, flyers …. oh heaven’s sake, let us enjoy and get through thanksgiving already! ….. *steps* off soapbox …. I just get so frustrated sometimes!

    Looks like a mild cold front/rain will pass through here later today …. kick the temps down to the low 70s for next week, just purrfect IMHO ….
    Enjoyed a semi-late sleep, and now sipping coffee and enjoying my cooking shows …. have a great Sunday all!



    Good morning and Happy Sunday! Got to sleep in after a few busy days at work. It’s gotten quite busy since the second doctor started, but I’m still extremely happy there. Both doctors made a point of telling me how well I handled a hectic Thursday, nice to hear.

    The rain has moved out and it’s partly cloudy and very windy. Between the wind, the static-causing cold temps, and my too-long hair, it’s a bad hair day for sure!



    One vendor is already selling Christmas trees at Jean-Talon market nearby. The needles will be dry before Christmas…

    Thanksgiving is not really a thing here. There is a Canadian Thanksgiving, in October, but not celebrated much in Québec, and low-key everywhere. I try to avoid Christmas glitz as much as humanly (or felinely) possible, but do take advantage of the lull a) to organise a couple of small suppers with friends and b) do a serious cleaning of files and other potential messes.

    Some wet snow is falling for the first time here. Livia is screaming bloody murder – she wants to go out in the garden and is thoroughly disgusted by the nasty stuff out there. I fully share her sentiment.

    The bad hair theme reminds me that I’m due for a haircut…



    A bad hair day, hmmm … I so understand it on a psychological level, although technically my hair cannot look bad, as it’s super short, longer on top and looks good even when it needs a trim.

    That said, nonetheless I can easily feel not right in myself and that’s how the past couple of days have been. Not way srs things, or a way of covering up more srs things. Although there is a saying “a problem shared is a problem halved.” I will do you all a kindness by not sharing.

    At present I am waiting for fix-it guy to get here and re-fix kitchen drawers so that I don’t srsly injure myself on screws that are sticking out. How could he have not noticed this??? It is not my way to stand over someone while they’re working, but today this is what I’m doing. I’m upset, my landlord more so (he suggests that I get a discount, but how can I do this when I already paid him?)

    The other stuff will sort itself out. And my stress will or will not abate and there’s nothing really for it. *Sigh*

    JJ, so glad that this job turned up for you! What a joy actually being appreciated!

    I’ll have to say that I don’t miss Christmas hoo-hah at all. In my n’hood one home already has lit tree that one can see through huge window. A bit early?

    And I did not enjoy the sleet/dampness/wind/chilly temps that we’re getting today at all! Have to be more careful walking too as some spots are downright slippery! 😯 Winter’s on it’s way!



    Good Monday morning, it is a glorious Spring day with a top temp of 23C(74F) forecast. I have many things to do in the garden but I tweaked my back recently which was almost back to normal until I pulled a couple of past the best kale plants from the garden and upset my back again. Result was a restless night and a grumpy tired me this morning. Of course the jobs involve heavy work or pulling of old plants. I think I will prune the grapes again, they are growing like triffids and blocking the path past them. I can also clean and scrub out the bird baths that double as Shadz water bowls outside and wash out last years tomato planters ready to fill with compost and tomato plants for this year.
    AV, so far I haven’t seen many Christmas decorations in shops but then again I only visit the fruit shop and supermarket so far but I know it will come with the OTT decorations and music. The local paper are already asking for people who decorate their houses to sign up for the Light Trail where they publish which streets in which suburbs to visit to see the houses all lit up.
    JJ, a sleep in sounds wonderful especially after a hectic week. It is great you are still enjoying your job even with the increased workload. Sucks about the wind and static causing temps, we have had some strong winds lately and Mr MS couldn’t even keep his hat on yesterday while working but he doesn’t have to worry about static bad hair, hat hair is usually his problem even with the little hair he has.
    Lagatta, Christmas trees already ! Indeed they will be dead by Christmas unless there is some amazing treatment you can give them.
    Poor Livia and the nasty snow.
    I too require a haircut, I am beginning to feel like a cross between an Old English Sheepdog and a thatched cottage.
    KJ, you can whisper your problems to Dorry and see if that helps. I am sure he is the soul of discretion and won’t tell anyone else.
    As for the discount try asking for a 10% refund as you have been hampered by having to wait for the repairs to the original job.
    Yes please be careful walking to and from now KJ.



    Well, this fix-it guy is now off my “go-to” list! He showed up hrs late, ie 7 pm. Huffily removed screws and replaced them with proper-sized ones, outright refused to patch up the small holes. And when I showed him email from landlord asking for a discount, actually said that he should have charged for having to come back!!! Grrr! 😡 I touched up holes with paint and they don’t show anyway. And had good chat with landlord who agreed that if anything happens again to call someone else. And I had spoken with another guy who sounded professional. But I went with my guy (and waited 3 mos for him to be available) as I had trusted his work. No more. Some don’t get that a good reference is worth a lot as peeps are often asking me to make recommendations. Whatever.

    Sorta solved (I hope) another issue too. And purrhaps another one as well. Lots of little annoyances in KJ-land. *Sigh* Then there is the can’t be solved right away stuff, but I have a workable plan.

    My guts are churning so I might be wanting noms. And a hot tea. Dorry is his usual chill self. 🙂



    I’d look absolutely horrible with very short hair, but of course we are all different. Like an escapee from some type of institution… And I’d also freeze. That said, I need a trim.

    No year’s end hols decorations at all around here so far. There might be one or two people who do them on my street, not very common.

    Moonshadow, I know of no magical treatment for keeping a tree felled over a month earlier from losing its needles and becoming a fire hazard. It is very strange. Livia has settled down but she is still antsy about the horrors lurking outside the door…

    Hope all have celebrated a happy bad hair day and World Toilet Day, for sanitation and reading rooms!



    Of course we’re all different. Actually very few peeps can wear their hair like I do, but hey it works – and very well! Now if I had longer hair I would look like the waifish poster child for “Les Mis” as in overwhelmed by hair that’s way bigger than me! LOL

    Part of my n’hood was all decked out for Halloween and will be all decked out for Xmas. Southwards that is, northwards hardly any Xmas decorations at all.

    I will place my Chanukiah (Menorah) in the window, but it can hardly be seen as I am quite high up from the street. Anyway this year Chanukah starts at sunset on Dec. 12 so way before other winter hol.



    I love the wee Sphinx kitten, I said a trim!

    The dry air gives me static cling. I have two small humidifiers running all the time so I’m not shocking the gang all the time.

    Oh, I empathize with you Lagatta. If the weather is raining, snowing, windy, or cold, I get the stink eye from Miss Gaea. If you can imagine a child stomping around because they didn’t get their way, that’s her.

    Spring comes around and you want to get started in the garden. Be careful, who’s going to feed HRH if you down because of your back. My knee is feeling good, my calf muscles are tight. PT couldn’t think of reason why so said to keep massage it. The Arnica wasn’t helping as much so I bought some Aspercreme Lidocaine patches. It really does help. There was no image of a thatched roof to put on top the dog’s head but I think we get the picture.

    I would enjoy Thanksgiving if it had any meaning to my family. I don’t remember a time when it didn’t feel like an obligation. When I spent time with friends it was great.

    Sorry KJ. I hope all improves this week.



    I hate people who have no work ethics. Can you write a letter to BBB or another place where people can see reviews? Yelp is really popular and accessible for reviews.

    Your Chanukiah is placed where it your and Dorry can see it. That’s important.



    Good that you found pain relief that works, PG.

    I’ve met so many peeps with no work ethics that I wonder why I’m at all surprised. Just that this guy had worked well for me in the past else I’d not have called him and waited 3 mos for his availability. Ultimately he will lose out as my landlord lets me find fix-it peeps and calls me when he needs recommendation as mine is not the only condo that he owns and rents out.

    Although BBB is a thought I don’t really want my name on anything I’Net related. I can’t believe that I am letting something go. Then again it would be my landlord who should take things further as I am getting fully reimbursed as per usual. But reputation counts IMHO and as mentioned I am often asked to recommend a pro for this or that and word gets out.

    Something light did happen today. My n’bour was washing the outside of his door. Turns out his condo is on the market and peeps were coming for open house. He offered to wash my door as well. Like sure I said! Very nice couple, I hope that when they sell and move I get equally nice n’bours.

    Agree, holidays can be difficult if one’s family situation is difficult. Glad that as adults we can make choices that suit us.

    Could be stress but I feel just that cruddy. Purrhaps getting into cozy bed will help. With an intriguing book. And an intriguing kit! 😉



    Yes, I have friends who look great with very short punky hair! One just has to know what suits one’s look and style.

    Livia has lovely fur. No styling, but I do comb it a lot, especially with a “flea comb”. Oh, she’s had her anti-flea treatments, but she loves the fine-toothed comb that gets all itchy loose hairs out of her sleek coat.

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