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    Awkward moments happen all the time, and to some folks more than others! For anyone who’s ever wished the ground would open up and swallow them, Awkward Moments Day is a celebration of all awkwardness. Today even boasts a mascot, the awkward turtle. So if anything awkward happens, have a good laugh about it, before moving on to the next one!

    I hope everyone survived their St. Patrick’s Day and will have a quiet Sunday.

    Have a happy~




    This is awkward –
    Way too tired to post more, I’ll be back tomorrow.



    Awww MS, rest up and recharge.

    I hope today isn’t filled with awkward moments. Mr. KZ and I and sis and BIL are going to a village not far from here to shop for a friend’s retirement. It’s a wonderful village–a throwback from the 60’s and 70’s–full of shops that smell like incense and the coolest clothes, pottery, jewelry and the restaurants are unique too! Some of the shops even have resident cats and my favorite jewelry store has a white cat named Pearl.

    Best go get my shower going–have a restful Sunday everyone!



    Hi all – Comet was in TDK land all day yesterday, dancing like no one was watching. Anyone take pictures? There are glittery green sparkles all over the house today, mostly in the area of the wormhole, hmmm…

    I have always had lots of awkward moments. The difference is the older I get the less I let things get to me.

    It’s a beautiful but cold day here in Jersey! Still lots of snow, but it looks like the next storm will not be coming up the coast at us, so spring may actually really be on the way!



    Comet dancing off into the sunset but I don’t think it was glitter, JJ.
    Wink, wink, nudge, nudge



    I’m with MS, too stressed and don’t want to dump stuff on decent peeps.

    I will say that it’s bitterly cold here, like -16C with srs wind chill. Parade on, but the peeps dancing on floats and the St. Paddy’s Day Queen/Princesses wearing bare shouldered ball gowns – can’t be all that much fun!



    It’s raining, it’s raining

    WooHoo! Happy Dance

    rest up all



    PG, tks for heartwarming story from my very own province! Goodness Barley was in sad shape until she found her furever family!



    Greetings all, I no longer haz a tired. I have slept.
    We spent the day splitting logs of wood into firewood and piling it or tossing into trailers. Today I am a trifle sore and weary despite a good nights sleep. Arnica ! Now we have a huge pile of wood at home to barrow into the basement over the coming week.In the meantime HRH Shadz is enjoying investigating the pile of wood.
    PG, love the pic of the kitty seeing it’s human in the buff for the first time.
    KZ, that village sounds wonderful. I bet it’s a great place to shop for birthdays and Christmas.
    JJ, heck awkward moments happen and there’s no use worrying because you can’t do anything about it most of the time and I too find that the older I get the less I let them bother me.
    We’re still getting some amazing warm days but the night temps are lower and a reminder of what it to come.’
    LOL, love the pic of Comet dancing. 😉 😉
    Hmmmmm what’s that stuck in his whiskers? Has the lad been indulging in the ‘mint’ so to speak?
    Brrrrrrrrrrrr KJ< that is cold. You just pamper yourself and feel happier soon.
    PG, beautiful heartwarming story about Barley. What a wonderful lady she has grown into.
    I see tomorrow’s Cafe is open. I must pop over and post.

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