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    Today we celebrate our TDK Gray tabby kits. All tabbies are the same colors as the solid cats. The only difference is the addition of stripes – called tabby markings. The silver tabby is the only tabby that does not also come in solid. Silver is a variation of black that is only seen in tabbies.

    I hope we read many stories and see many pics.

    Cya and have a happy~

    mohio tonu koe he ataahua koe (Maori)
    always know you’re beautiful



    And a grey tabby at that !

    I am a grandparent to a large grey tabby, he is such a sweet boy.

    KZ, your pizza party inspired me to have pizza for dinner tonight but not Italian style pizza. I wanted something different so we are having a chili pizza with Doritos and sour cream and the type of pizza that used to be popular here in the ’70’s. It is scary, canned spaghetti, onion,bacon,tomatoes, sliced mushroom and cheese of course. I believe our canned spaghetti is quite different to your canned spaghetti.



    Grey tabby cuddles



    I do find that chili pizza a bit frightening!

    But I like anchovies on pizza, and some might find that frightening. Being a cat, I love fish. No problem leaving them off for those that dislike them or are avoiding too much salt. The can be desalted of course, but are still salty.

    I usually make my own pizza. Always appreciated. With a green salad – so many greens this time of year, though my basil is fading – it is the first herb to die.

    I was interested in those genetics, as my neighbours have TWO precious grey kittens that love to sit on their front balcony and watch the street scene. One is a silver tabby, and the other a solid grey, like a Chartreux, though I’m sure they are both mongrels.



    MS, your pizza sounds quite good–and your canned spaghetti is probably much better than our, LOL!! The pizza party was very good actually. There were probably 10 different pizzas from different towns of course, since everyone brought one from where they came from. Salty thin crusts with delicate toppings to spicy sausage, green peppers, onions, black olives. Cheesy slices with thick pepperoni–there was something there for everyone! And the cake was divine! A friend of mine and his wife have a side business of cake, and cupcake baking–even doing wedding cakes with a really tasty fondant icing and beautiful decorations. Kind of like a mini version of ‘CAKE BOSS’. He did a round, two layer cake with the good kind of frosting in the middle, vanilla butter cake, and sunflower decorations because dau loves sunflowers. That cake fed everyone with one slice left over!

    I went to bed having ‘pizza thirst’ and that dazy over fed feeling–if you know what I mean–but she had a great party. Avery thought that people were singing to her and when her mama’s name was inserted into the song, she quickly jumped down off of her mama’s lap and hid in the kitchen finally realizing that not every birthday is HER birthday! ๐Ÿ˜†



    Ah yes!!! The eagerly awaited Gray Tabby Appreciation Day! Tks PG – interesting to discover that in a sense the silver grey kits are unique!

    For those who have not heard Dorry’s story here it is – and those who have – can easily scroll down to the pics!

    The silver grey tabby of my home and heart, is he who is pictured as my avatar, Dorian Gray Esq. – known to all and sundry as Dorry.

    I adopted him a little over 7 yrs ago from a wonderful local shelter, Cause4Paws, where all the kits live in foster homes prior to (ideally) finding their furever homes.

    I was unable to attend an adoption day, so after a detailed interview, the shelter ladies graciously brought several kittens whom we agreed might be right for me, to my place. While the other kitties roamed about, and one tried to climb the walls, a sleek self-assured silvery tabby curled up on my gray sofa and snuggled in for a nap.

    We both knew that he had chosen his furever home. He is named after the main character in Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Gray.” Like the fictional character, my kitty is at times “wicked,” or letโ€™s amend that to say say feisty. This becomes obvious when he wants something, such as my total attention. Also like the fictional character, who remained young as his picture aged, my boy, still seems kittenish, so maybe there is something in a name.

    The boy himself!



    This group also wants to be included!

    After spin class took self to grocery and bought trad High Holiday round raisin challah (egg loaf) plus awesome lusciously moist honey cake. Just like homemade – but in now way from my home1 ๐Ÿ˜‰ Will give some to Nadine and send some to the Cafรฉ thru the wormhole. Should be good with tea/coffee and IMHO cream cheese.



    Hi all – oh those silver tabbies, this is your day!

    I wouldn’t have thought of spaghetti on pizza, but anything goes, especially if you make it yourself! Around here the pizza is a basic NYC style, which is delicious, so I don’t often make my own. Glad the party was a success! (Don’t worry Avery, your party will come around the calendar again!)

    I like hearing Dorry’s story, KJ. Seems you and your place/stuff was exactly what he was looking for.

    3 years ago around Memorial Day a friendly grey tabby showed up on my back step. I was surprised at how soft his fur was and how much he liked being petted. In my experience most stray cats are skittish, not this one. His ear was tipped, indicating he went through a TNR program. I called him Mac because he looked like a Mackerel Tabby. Over the next few months we bonded, and he ventured inside for a few supervised visits with Leela and Comet. Within the next few months I got him to the vet, checked up, tested and vaccinated. By Thanksgiving he was inside, starting his life as an indoor kitty. He’s FIV+, but generally in good health.

    I’m going through my closet again. Need to weed out stuff I wore at my last job that I’ll never wear to make room for scrubs. There’s a good size pile of stuff going out, but also a “sewing pile” which I can’t help but chuckle at. I don’t even have my mother’s sewing machine in my house, but I’ve got sewing projects!



    Equatorial Guinea is with the program!

    LOL at “grey hare” and “Bitch … 50 shades of grey” and have not read the book/seen the movie/don’t plan to either.

    Nice to hear about Mac too, JJ! I like the idea of uniforms, for school, work, saves so much thinking and time, esp the neat scrubs that one can get nowadays. When I had my srs toof work dental surgeon and ass’t wore like deep shark grey scrubs – I told them this was way kewel and he told me that they try to be fashion-right. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Elaine, or EC (you’ll notice that we tend to turn names into acronynms in TDK-land) are those your kits? Sweet!

    Clearly grey tabbies rule!!!!

    Ought I to have me these? They are available (along with loads of kit-themed jewellery) at an Etsy shoppe. But for $55+ w/shipping, have to give it some thought. It’s not like I don’t have any kit themed stuff. But these are the right shade of tabbies! Hmmm …



    Nice earrings, KJ!

    I’m building up quite a wardrobe of scrubs with more to come soon. I want them to be easily accessible and organized. I already have a top for Halloween, fall and Thanksgiving. Will be buying another Halloween one since I’m working on Halloween as well as the Saturday before. Soon I’ll be looking at winter stuff!



    Winter stuff??? We’re not that far from each other relatively speaking and here it’s +30 degrees C!!!

    Found me another site with loads of kit-themed jewellery. Like these earrings for $10. And I like the ceramic ones better. However I’m in the process of going through the site and it seems bona fide (but cannot vouch for it unless I place order) and like 17 pgs of cat-related jewellery!
    Cat Inspired Jewelry and Products



    Hi Katzenjammer – thanks for the story of Dorry. Cats do choose their people!

    My photo shows grey-tabby Oscar, who turned up under a friend’s house as a tiny terrified 5-week-old ball of worms, fleas and fuzz, and for the next 18 years that’s how he saw himself. About two years later a neighbour moved a pile of rubbish and found an 8-week fluffy ginger-cream (Theodore). She gave him to us (or us to him?), and for Oscar it was love at first sight.

    Names: when I signed up I’d intended to hide my real name and use my user-name but that’s not how it appeared. I’ll go fiddle with my account settings and see if I can switch it around.



    We finally hear from our Gray/silver tabby resident extraordinaire. Dorry said that’s my lap, maman. The ceramic earrings are beautiful. I think the enamel pair looks good but if they’re avail as a push back.

    The webcam-I hope I look as good dancing to Saturday Night Fever. ๐Ÿ˜†

    Oh, you have been adopted by two gorgeous floffy tabbies.

    Uniforms are so much easier. As KJ said, putting your days’ wear together is very easy.



    Dorry is blushing at your purrfect compliment! Hard to tell with all the silvery greyness, but I sense it. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

    PG, I feel confident that you look just as good, if not better than webcam kit when you’re movin’ to the beat.

    Speaking of movin’ they’re getting some new equipment at my gym, including an “Airdyne Assault Bike.” Never heard of it, but the name is highly intriguing! Associate Fitness Director (and pro biker and very easy on the eye!) sent me a YouTube link. Bike is indoor resistance model that’s designed so that one moves both one’s arms and legs simultaneously thus supposedly enjoying the toughest workout in the known world! Anyway bike is arriving soon and he wants me to try it out. Hmmm … must give it a srs think.

    Well PM (or whatever you decide that your user name should be) Oscar is one handsome dude. IMHO, just like black, grey just goes well with efurrything! ๐Ÿ™‚

    For no logical reason decided to do some DIY as in switching out a DIY kitchen shelf for a nicer one (both street finds, but I had one in locker that matches my cupboards.) In the midst of this plan realized that I actually need someone to hold the thing in place while it gets screwed in. Thankfully N is coming tomorrow, she’ll probably insist in doing the whole job while I hold the shelf and basically do nothing! At least I got the shelf screws in and tomorrow must get some paint to mix up with my other paint and get the right match, as now there are some srs holes in the wall from repositioning. Filled them up with $$$Store mactac stuff.

    Still not feeling all that gr8 so think I’ll open tomorrow’s Cafรฉ and plan to go to bed before it’s already tomorrow! Something like this.



    Ah, beautiful Dorry…

    I want some of that challah. I don’t live very far from the famous Cheskies bakery at the boundary of Outremont and Mile-End.

    Once I was in Paris at Rosh Hashanah and a friend of Polish-Jewish origin had us over. Typically Parisian mix of Ashkenazi and Sephardic foods, and very very good.

    It is practically the end of summer, but we are enjoying the best summer weather this year. I am looking for a winter coat though, alas!

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