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    I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream! Butternut Crunch, Rocky Road, Chocolate and Vanilla are hundreds of flavors of ice cream and the hot months of the year are perfect for indulging in this fantastic dairy delight. The first true ice cream was said to be introduced by Catherine de’ Medici in the 16th century.

    The weather was fab. It was hot and icky but then a light rain and cool winds came through and wow…it so nice! I believe I should have ice cream for my birthday. Yum!

    Cya and have a happy~

    Nótt, ég elska þig (Iceland)
    Night, I love you



    Hi! It has been ages since I posted here. I am usually in the TDK facebook page. Doxie was a daily kitten many years ago <3

    Chey (Chantelle)



    Yay, we is gonna get a icecweam!
    I like lots of ice cream flavors and combos, but my favorite is chocolate.
    Hi Chey, nice to see you!
    It’s a pretty day here in Jersey. Comet is getting excited about his birthday on Tuesday. He wants a party…



    Such sweet pictures…love the white cat with the sprinkles, such a sweet face…JJ, does Aslan like sprinkles? 😆 My fave is chocolate too!
    Peso loves to lick the bowls when we have ice cream and pesters us until we put them down where he cat get to them.

    It’s beautiful here to JJ, humidity is a lot lower and sun is shining. Best get to it, I’m trying to type but Peso is laying up against my arm and as he is falling asleep he’s about to sprawl all over the keyboard! 😳



    … and he might very well get one JJ! I believe he is now the same age as Dorry!

    So the earlier spin class is a better plan as it gives me time to run errands after.

    As planned bought me a hair clipper set at a srsly low price – “store clearance.” Of course had to try it out right away. Will use it between stylist visits for back and sides. I tell him that I do in-between trims and he’s cool. With super short hair within a week or 2 trimming is needed IMHO. But he’s the expert at getting the total style purrfect as top is quite long (for me) and
    I wouldn’t risk DIY. I was a tad nervous but did a pretty decent job. and am now covered in those itchy hairs. The set comes with awesome cutting scissors too! Gr8 for taking care of sideburns.



    PG and efurryone else,

    To alert KM has to be (ampersand symbol)kittenmaster. No spaces, and it will show up as a url.

    Anyway now I’m watching a sorta interesting weekly doc called “24 to Life.” About peeps who committed crime – at the end of show they reveal what they’re going to jail for – and how they spend their last 24 hrs of freedom. Today’s ep (now on pause) features a woman who induced labour so her kid would not be born in jail. I feel sorry for none of these peeps. As saying goes “If you can’t do the time …”



    Thanks KJ. I wasn’t sure about the post and decided it wasn’t important. Hair clippers? That’s getting into dangerous territory for you. 😆



    PG, I do have to exert care and self-control with the clipper. ‘Cause I tend to think the the sides are not quite even and trying to even them out, well I don’t want to go for the “V for Vendetta” look! 😮 So far I’ve done OK.



    PG, I do have to exert care and self-control with the clipper. ‘Cause I tend to think that the sides are not quite even and trying to even them out, well I don’t want to go for the “V for Vendetta” look! 😮 So far I’ve done OK.



    I discovered that the ice-cream place, owned by the chefs of two well-known local restaurants (they also have a wonderful and NOT-OVERPRICED corner shop) has at least two offerings with no cow’s milk: a sorbet made from seasonal fruit and a vegan ice-something (think it is made with almond milk). They offered to let me taste them; I wasn’t in the mood, but will. Important for me that they not be too sweet, as I rarely eat sweets to they could be cloying, though I doubt it, given their provenance. Now there are so many options for people with dairy allergies or lactose intolerance. I simply couldn’t eat ice cream when I was little, as I had a very severe dairy allergy. I might have been sad but I loved cats far more than ice cream and was given a kitten for my 6th birthday.

    I had my hair cut too; a nice bob: shoulder length when cut, but my hair is very curly so a little shorter when it does its thing. Coiffeur did a good job; hair like mine is hard to cut properly.



    Lagatta, gr8 that you found a stylist who pleased you. I also have curly hair, but it’s so short and fine that with aid of dryer/flat iron it’s purrfectly straight – even in this way humid weather. But I do recall over the years stylists not realizing that curly hair in effect “shrinks” when dry so has to be cut with this in mind.

    Admittedly playing around with new clippers hair might be a bit too close cut, thank goodness that I did not touch the top! Might be a tad embarrassing when next I visit my stylist, they can tell when one goes the DIY route. But in most recent trim he cut sides/back way short as in a week it’s growing in.



    No sprinkles for Baby Aslan, he gets into enough as it is!
    KJ, it seems not too long ago our boys were only four…
    This afternoon I made potato salad, lemon jello salad (jello mixed with cool whip), mixed up a pitcher of lemonade, and opened a can of baked beans. A pkg of Sabrettes hot dogs was at the ready to grill. Then I got a call from Shop Rite alerting me to a recall of them! (I’m not saying why; go to the website if you really want to know.) Yep, the type, size and sell by date fit the criteria. Texted hubby who stopped st the store, noted that the shelves were cleared of Sabrettes, and cane home with Thumann’s. They were good, but we decided we like Sabrettes better, but will wait till they are re-distributed!



    Well JJ, you’ve given us all a hint as to tomorrow’s theme! 😉 No Sabrettes on the menu. Store called you? How did they know you’d bought the brand? Did they call efurryone in JJ? Here, one finds out this sorta thing via news announcements on the radio or in newspaper. And if one doesn’t access either? I’m glad that you found out in time. I did not look up product, but I can get the jist of it. 😮

    Yup it does seem like yesterday that our boys were way younger!

    I realize that I did go just a bit too far with new clippers! Still looks fine. Why I’m worried about stylist’s reaction is beyond me. He might have to not trim sides and back is all (not that there’s much left to trim hehehe). Years ago I re-cut my hair so badly that I had to return to stylist as in next day. She said that all I had to do was not touch it and come back and she would have done a recut. For sure not efurryone can rock my look – or is wanting to. All I can say is that when peeps say they have super short hair and by that they mean 3″ all around, well IMHO it’s not super short.



    I’m thinking they did a filter of purchases and robo-called the number on file. Never had a direct call like that before.
    Oh and I topped off dinner with an ice cream sandwich – had to celebrate the day!



    Still glad that you were called JJ.

    I’m having some Greek frozen yogurt – velvety cappuccino flavour, with “two-bite” brownies thrown in for good measure!



    Belated FYI: Ben & Jerrys Yum!
    Ben & Jerry’s Dairy-Free Flavors Are Headed to the U.K. and People Are Freaking Out
    Ben & Jerrys DF
    Yum! I Luv B & J but now vegan…still can have treats 🙂

    After the debut of four incredible dairy-free flavors last year, Ben & Jerry’s recently released not one, but three, more vegan flavors. The seven delicious varieties are all certified vegan, made with almond milk, and available at stores across America.

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