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    I’m affectionally calling this day for KJ.

    Today is the perfect chance to quit making excuses for one day, get down to business and get your home back into shape! Put everything else aside for a few hours and get to task on all those little projects and DIY jobs that have been begging to be finished for months now. You’ll love the difference a little TLC can make to your life…or not.

    I got back from the movies. Phantom Thread is an odd story but very well portrayed. There was some beautiful dresses too.

    My Steelers play @ 11:00. They’re playing the Jacksonville Jaguars and my Navy buddy is Jags fan. That’s my schedule for tomorrow. Cya

    Have a happy~




    It has been a very hot and humid few days. I have been AWOL as Airy flew in Saturday morning for my birthday and we have been having fun. Today all us ‘girls’ took my Mum out for afternoon tea beside a lake. Very delicious and we are just back from a great dinner out beside the harbour with both girls and the men folks. It is still quite hot and the doors and windows are open to make it bearable.

    PG, I’ve never heard of that movie but on looking it up it does sound interesting.



    PG you are a rock star!!!!!! A day for moi!

    Tks soooo much!

    And I so relate to a day of delightful organizing. In fact I redid my bedding early this pm – put on the flannel flat sheet as so cozy warm! And last night re-organized jewellery box. Ad changed my knitting-mdel teddy’s sweater to a more winter-esque one with snowflake pattern. Dorry wears his furry coat year’ round. Guess that this is one – hopefully not my only – superpower! 😉

    MS, I will turn the chillin’ fans your way – most willingly! -34C with wind chill factored in and I’ll be taking to the road today as huge drifts of snow piled on sidewalks. Plus, methinks cleated boots. Next weekend supposedly going on the + side temp-wise – another reason why coats for all seasons are “neatly organized” in one of 2 dedicated closets. And accompanying boots of course! 🙂

    That film was recommended as one that I’d like, related to fashion and all that scene. Will wait ’til it comes on TV.



    I’ve been working on this for months, and have discarded piles of paper, and taken many garments and household items to charity shops. It can’t all be done in a day, but if one does have several hours, one can make the place much tidier or tackle a specific task. Livia has sometimes “reorgnised” my jewellery – mostly silver, nothing too delicate. I’d love to have the photo of the little black and white in the library, with no text added. Or the little blackie with the dust bunny…

    There are some good ideas at the site Apartment Therapy but one has to be careful as with many such sites, sometimes their solution involves buying more stuff!

    I don’t enjoy shopping for clothes, but did take an afternoon during a thaw to try to find a coat, boots and jeans. I did find a nice pair of jeans at 70% discount but no coat or boots that I thought marked down enough. Oh well, I’ll try again. The jeans are a colour called midnight plum, sort of a very dark red violet, a change from denim or black, but subtle. Now I have to find something to put in the donation bag! Ideally, 2. One in, two out!



    Good afternoon all, at first I typed good morning, only to realize it has flown!

    Well, I have been organizing of sorts, since I got my kitchen pull out drawers (which are the bees knees) and had to organize those. The new cupboard too, which will hold my tablecloths and placemats and also a couple of large bowls, 1 serving platter, and baking dish that will give my kitchen shelves a sigh of relief.

    I need to rehang some pictures that had to be taken down, so I may just do that this afternoon too. Good day to do it too.

    Oh, and my turkey and rice soup with veges was delicious!



    Happy KJ Day!

    I’ll be rooting for the Steelers, PG!

    Afternoon tea by the lake sounds really nice, MS. I’m sorry it’s so hot; tilting fans your way.

    I enjoy a place for everything and everything in its place, though I’m not 100% there. Today I’m de-Christmas-ing. Didn’t do a lot of decorating this year, so it’s not a huge project.

    Your soup sounds yummy, KZ! My slow cooker pot pie was delicious last night. Thinking about making stuffed shells tonight.



    I made a sort of kugel, mushroom, leek and spinach. Did some cleaning this morning, but not really organising.



    I was going to organize something but instead I’m crying in my beer. Thanks JJ but my Steelers just didn’t want to play today. 😥 😡



    Every time the humidifier water gurggles, LitBit Guy races over to check it. Sometimes, he sit in front of the humidifier just in case…



    Great that you found some jeans Lagatta!

    Love that wee “organized kitteh”.

    Actually worked when I got home from gym so much fun to do project that is fun – and get $$$!

    And got some touch-up painting done. Also made some mashed white potatoes and mashed sweet potatoes, which I flavoured with one of 2 just discovered flavoured maple syrups, I used ginger, the other is vanilla bean – very nice on waffles!

    Now I have to fold the bedding that I washed this am, not forgetting to feed Dorry beforehand, lest I get carried away with organizing! 😉

    Tonight I will be sleeping in bed featuring the aforemetioned thick flannel flat sheet – yes! Small pleasures, but still …

    Not as bad out as “they” maintained – then again I was srsly dressed warm.



    Also, there was no wind. I felt like crying in the recent deep freeze, but (well-layered) I had no problem at all nipping out to Jean-Talon Market.

    Love flannel sheets. I also have a polar fleece sleeping bag, reserved for power outages. Obviously under a pile of blankets and with a small black cat! Part of organising was making that and the battery lamp immediately accessible in the dark.

    These are the jeans I bought, I think:

    but those look very low-rise, and they aren’t low-rise on me at all. They are very comfy, and don’t look like “leggings” (which I only wear with a skirt on top, or in a gym). I love the colour. Nothing but the very smallest and very largest sizes online, so I had to find them in-store.

    Livia is in purr-a-thon mode!



    Very neat jeans, Lagatta! Did you take advantage of the “Buy 1, get 2 free” promo? Seems like an unbelievable deal. And did you also get the shoes that you posted pic of the other day?

    Reitmans has some good stuff IMHO. I picked up a faux snakeskin belt for only $6. And they had some nice winter coats, but I’m not in the market for any more coats right now.



    No, I headed to the downtown core during the thaw, when I could walk outside. Malls make me very claustrophobic. The problem with the 3 for 1 sale is that one must find three of the same item one wants, in one’s size (and mine varies a lot, even within the same brand) at a given store. I don’t shop online unless it is a repeat. Reitmans has some very classy “skinny” jeans in petites – and being a bit of a mumsy brand, skinny doesn’t mean skanky-tight but just fitting and close-fitting at the ankles (essential on a bicycle, though I more often wear a gore skirt and leggings or tights). But they had none of that model in the area I was shopping – I don’t think they even had the tiniest and hugeist… It would have to be something basic that I really would wear all the time, as I’m striving to further pare down my wardrobe.

    I saw some very good coats at Simons, but by that point was too exhausted to try them on.

    And no. The shoes were too “open” – too low-cut, not providing adequate support to my arthritic feet despite the excellent soles.



    I bought another pair of petite jeans at Reitmans while we had a thaw – I also had to do some boring administrative stuff in the area, where there is Hydro-Québec, federal and Québec govt offices… Just very plain jeans, but they fit very well and I don’t have to turn them up at all. Reduced over 70%. I will buy a repeat of the “ultra violet” colour if I find them, especially for work at conferences where regular jeans might read as too casual.

    One thing I’m sad about is the problem finding skirts. I don’t care for very straight pencil skirts as they are ungainly on the bike, nor do I do minis.

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