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    Russia Day (Den’ Rossii) is the national holiday of the Russian Federation to commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic in 1990. Gather up the kits, brush up on your Russian and off we go for a celebration.

    It’s been a day and now it’s night. Have a happy~


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    Peeks in, lovely piccies as usual, thanks PG!

    Well getting ready for another night @ ‘that place’ again….at least it has air conditioning which my house is currently lacking….



    Deb that just sucks you have no AC at home at the moment.
    I am sitting here with Shadz snuggled up against me when she could be in her basket in front of the fire, crazy cat.



    No AC, Deb? I hope that’s just temporary.

    Very cute pics….web posted on cat…lol. And we have that same iron curtain in our fireplace here. Pretty sure the cats (probably Eko) have explored back there during the night once or twice. Found a black, sooty paw print. :).

    We did our annual blueberry picking yesterday morning. Aunt joined us and we had breakfast at Denny’s first….yummy….nice time. Our goal was not to bring home quite as many berries this year, simply because of lack of freezer space…otherwise I’d load up. We did end up with less because the bushes were a bit picked over….turned out perfectly. Oh, and I made my favorite healthy-ish blueberry muffin recipe and we had them this morning.



    Morning all! great pics today …. Deb, I hope the A/C gets fixed soon, you can’t head into mid June/july without it! …. My upstairs might have holes cut in the ceilings waiting on our new system, but at least the old unit is working, so it’s cool, just not efficient ….

    We spent a nice afternoon yesterday at one of our favorite local tiki-hut type restaurants, overlooking the water, eating smoked fish dip with jalapenos and sipping margaritas ….. Mr. AV and handy Scotty sprayed the attic with it’s second coat of foam insulation (in prep for installing the new a/c), so we had to get away for a few hours while the smell dissipated …. it was really lovely, the rain came, poured hard, cleared, and came again …. we watched it roll in and out over the ocean ….. the boaters and paddle boarders were fun to watch …. running for cover when the rain came, then as soon as the sun broke, they were right back at it …. and we had a front row seat snuggled up to the beach bar … it was fun!

    Today, I need to get a few chores done (i.e. box change) ….. then I plan on spending the afternoon cooking and getting ready for the week … hope everyone has a great Sunday!



    Good morning – no more vodka for kittah!
    No a/c sucks, Deb, hope you can get it fixed soon. At least it’s cool at that place.
    There’s something about cats wearing kerchiefs that cracks me up! Sounds like HRH is in the mood for hooman warmth. Comet was in his basket earlier, only because it was part of a fort made from a sheet hung on the stairs to dry.
    Blueberries, yay! They are not quite in season yet, but will be soon. It’s so nice you make an annual event of it, ECB.
    What a good time on the waterfront, AV! I love watching the rain come in off the water. Summer weekend traffic has started here, with folks bringing their boats to Greenwood Lake or hiking the many trails around here. Me, I like to stay in my quaint community, though we will soon get the itch to go to the drive in about 20 minutes away in New York State or have dinner on the lake.



    Hi Efurryone,

    Yea Deb-it’s good to see again. No AC totally sucks! Why can’t AC go out when you don’t need it?

    HRH knows her meowmy is most comfy with her around.

    Yum-blueberry picking. That’s a neat tradition you have ECB.

    A front seat at a beach bar sounds so relaxing AV. I’m jealous! 😕

    I agree JJ. Kittahs in kerchiefs are cute, unhappy and possibly plotting revenge, but so darn cute! 😀

    Yesterday evening we had a good rain. It’s heavy for a bit but steady for a couple of hours. Miss Gaea was displeased because I didn’t want her out in the rain. We’re supposed to have a break in temps. today. It’s going to be in the high 80s. I need to mow the back lawn but it’s hot-whine.

    Ugh-I guess I’ll get moving but first

    Bye and have a happy~



    Hi all – had a lovely afternoon at the street fair in my hometown. Visited sister at the shelter tent, donated to the Marines and child cancer research, bought 2 pretty rings and 2 summer tops. Then got a strawberry smoothie, funnel cake and 2 empanadas: cheese and apple. Had to sit to enjoy my goodies, so I walked a short distance to the cemetery and ate with my dad. One bite of the cheese empanada and I told dad that even though he and everyone around me is in heaven, I’m there too, it was sooo good! Now of course I don’t want dinner…



    Sounds like a great afternoon, Joan! I spent a summer in Argentina once and had empanadas there….so good!



    I love empanadas and make them myself, whether meat or vegetarian. They get hoovered up by guests in a few minutes…

    Joan, what do you mean by giving to the Marines, who are obviously funded by the government? Is it a special fund for veterans or injured servicepeople?

    We say hello to our Russian neighbours across the Arctic Circle. There are Siberian Forest Cats as well as Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats, with fur for the cold.



    Good afternoon all.
    Very sad to read about the shootings in Orlando 😥 😥 😥
    ECB, we had a fire curtain like that in one house we lived in and the cat would go and sit behind it. Ohhhhh blueberries. I had a handful of frozen blueberries in my porridge this morning from some I picked late Autumn. So delicious. Yes I found I picked too many too but gave a container to Mum to solve my storage problems.
    AV, I want your day, it sounds delightful.
    JJ, local is always best and the street fair sound lovely. I had to google empanada and found that they are very similar to our pies, a single serve of meat/veg wrapped in pastry. A local manufacturer – Some pies are total gourmet delights like chicken and camembert, venison and red wine. That must have been a superb empanada you had JJ.
    Poor Miss Gaea not being allowed out in the rain. Mama knows best though.
    It may be Winter here but today is gloriously sunny after a nippy start. Spent the morning helping Mum move things around in her bedroom so she is sleeping further away from the window. Went shopping for mattress topper for her bed to keep her warm as she doesn’t like electric blankets.
    HRH is sleeping most nights on our bed now despite us making sure the fire will keep going all night for her. Crazy cat.



    Glad it’s a nice day, MS. It’s breezy and a bit cool here – good sleeping weather. Mac is snuggled next to me, purring and enjoying the good life. Funny that Shadz stays with you instead of sleeping in her basket by the fire.
    I’m guessing mum will find it less drafty/cold away from the window. I had an electric blanket as a kid but hubby doesn’t like them so I haven’t had one in years.
    Those empanadas come stuffed with other things so they must be very close to what you have. I think the ones he had available at the fair were chicken, beef, pork and lobster. The apple tasted like a delicious tart and the cheese, well, I mentioned the cheese!

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