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    Few things on the planet are more beautiful or fascinating than flowers. Flowers have served numerous purposes over the millennia, from decorating purposes to medicinal ones. However much we love flowers, kits love them too.

    And, of course, it’s that time of year

    On this Sunday when we’ll soon feel the effects –

    I’m getting caught up on Grimm. Cya l8r and have a happy~

    nighty night




    I like that even Basement Cat has sentimental moods!

    And for all who celebrate today:

    Don’t know who will be brave enough to venture out in the srsly bitter cold, but I plan to do the costume thing for spin class as planned (expected?) LOL.



    It’s a little cold here to plant flowers outside, but maybe a houseplant or two is in order…I’m not sure, but it does brighten my mood to have plants in the house. The kind that my cats don’t find appealing, like a spiney cactus or two… 😮

    KJ, have fun dressing up for your spin class!

    What did you think Grimm PG? I love it and look forward to it all week, knowing it’s bringing me closer to the end.

    Well, I’m feeling the loss of the hour this morning, I’m still being a lazy bum and still in my jammies. The cats don’t seem to mind though 😆 They got their claws all clipped yesterday, so sleeping with them was much more pleasant. I also put flea treatments on them all too, even though I’m not sure they had fleas. A couple of them were scratching so I went ahead a did it, the weather has been so warm that the fleas are surely waking up. Even though mine don’t go outside, it’s so easy to have fleas on cats in the house.

    Well, the least I can do is go brush my teeth, so off I go! Later!



    Good afternoon, though it should still be morning!
    Mother Nature’s little sippy cups, adorable! I’m not a dog person, but beagles are so cute! Neighbor across the street has a beagle mix. The JJ crew strut past and make him crazy. Neighbor mentioned the black cat to hubby, who said, “um, actually there are four of them!” That explains a lot!
    Too cold to plant a flower here too, but I may go out and cut some forsythia in the hopes of it blooming indoor in a week or so. The last batch I cut didn’t bloom, so I’ll try again. The first batch is just starting to wither.
    Friday, St. Patrick’s Day, is the day when peas are to be planted here, according to my dad. With a foot plus of snow expected on Tuesday, that probably won’t happen.
    Hi KJ – I think it’s cool that you’re doing the costume thing at spin class, have fun with it!. Purrsonally, I like the “I gotta be me” attitude, my wearing two different colors of mascara, for example.
    This episode of Grimm wasn’t quite right for me this time. Probably because of some issues involving my mom. The final few episodes should be really ramping up, looking forward to watching!
    Trying not to whine too much to you guys about this, but getting past the loss of Louie is tough. I realized last night that he was partway out of the shelter because he was coming out to see me, as most of them do almost always when they hear or see me outside. He probably got up and took a step or two when his heart gave in. Doing my best to focus on the living, which is always important, especially in the face of loss. Huey showed off his glorious self to me, and allowed me to wipe his eyes. He is such a funny guy, guaranteed to make me smile!



    Awww JJ, I’m so sorry you are feeling the loss of Louie so greatly. It means to me that you loved him dearly and his absence leaves a gaping hole. You know this of course, but sometimes it helps to know that others know too. And do not consider it whining, but expressing your grief, which is natural–especially here to those who know you.
    There is one little cat’s death that I will never get over, mostly because I witnessed it and feel partly responsible. Her death that day changed me forever and how I deal with people and cruelty. There wasn’t anything I could do to stop it, but it haunts me still. It seems like it is the most trusting and kind cats/kittens that die sooner, as their natural instincts for survival are not like a feral cats to take off quickly and run.
    I love that Huey is letting you care for him and you at least get to put your hands on him!!



    I’m not a doggie purrson either, but that beagle is way cute!
    As is “time change” kit. I guess that I can use the time change as an excuse for feeling moody for at least a week or so. 😉

    It was fun dressing up and as expected I was the only one in costume. Instructor thanked me for representing Purim. It’s like you said JJ. If I’m going to wait for others to give me purrmission to do my thing, it’s going to be a long wait, plus I don’t follow styles, I set them. 😉

    Whiney, JJ? Not in my book and no worries. Here, you know that we get where you are coming from. I’ll tell you that I still miss my first kit Nicky. He was so gentle and a big softie, a true cuddle bug, “lean ‘n (at times) mean” Dorry could be his opposite, as the boy is quite feisty. Sorta like KJ, At times I get exasperated and then the guilts set in. I remind myself that kits supposedly only have like a 9-min. memory and soon after it’s all good. This a.m. he came to cuddle me awake, and we had some snuggle time, a rarity.

    If anyone ever gives me the “just a cat” thing, they should expect a good b-slap. I have gotten “looks” the odd time I mention that “a cat” is mentioned in my will, which BTW everyone should have. And when I called a long-established no-kill shelter to find out if I had set things up correctly, well guess what, I was in no way the first. If a good home cannot be found, cat gets cared for the rest of its natural life. And although this was not required I included a substantial donation. So I guess that I am leaving $$$ to “the cat home.” Hehehe. As far as it goes there will always be a cat in my life.

    I’m going to leave off with this topic now.

    It’s probably the coldest it’s ever been for a long time. But I was well-dressed and prefer cold to ice as streets are dry. As for peeps driving from heated garage to heated garage and moaning, well they deserve a good b-slap too LOL.

    Anyway I’m going to get some knitting done, almost finished back/front of latest sweater and then it can be partly assembled while waiting for its sleeves.



    Finally made it to the Cafe.
    Plant a flower day is right up my alley. I love planting flowers and vegetables. I have been busy dealing with a large crop of beets today. They are all roasted and now cooling so I can pickle some tomorrow and make beet orange relish tomorrow.

    Sounds like it is cold for most of you. It’s hot and humid here today.
    I had a huge scare yesterday, I heard noises on the balcony and when I got to the french doors I saw a dog on the terrace below and another big dog advancing up the steps. I had that door unlocked in a flash and I was out the door yelling at those dogs about their lack of pedigree and their shameful family history and they disappeared very quickly. HRH was cowering in a corner of the balcony and fled inside the moment I opened the door. She scared but otherwise unharmed and spent the night sleeping close to her Meowmy. She is back outside today but staying close to the house. The dogs have been reported for wandering and acting in a menacing way.
    I love the wee ‘sippy cup’ dog and the purrtiliser kit.
    JJ, even though Louie was an outside cat he had the inside of your heart firmly in his grasp. You have provided above and beyond for him and his siblings safety and comfort and given them all the love you can. It does hurt when you lose a kit but that is because you loved him so much. He was one lucky wee black cat to have found you and he is telling all the other cats in the Meadow all about you.
    Oh my LOL at the neighbour finding out he was seeing in quadruple.
    KJ, yes you called it on being the only one dressing up. Keep warm.
    KZ, what’s and hour lost when you’ve been snuggling with cats.

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