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    We must, however, acknowledge, as it seems to me, that man with all his noble qualities… still bears in his bodily frame the indelible stamp of his lowly origin.
    – Charles Darwin

    There was a pivotal moment in history when we began to look at ourselves, and at life, in a new way. Boy are we surprised! But kits with their inordinate sense of purrfection have no such qualms.

    I’m still working on evolution

    It’s Sunday and I hope everyone has a happy~

    COA * COA

    As we go sleeps in our pink blankie – sweet dreams





    Good morning! Natural selection makes for good humor in my opinion…lol.

    I came down with the flu or some similar virus on Thursday…bummer but it is a relatively mild case, I think. I’m able to function for short periods of time with ibuprofen in my system, I always look forward to getting back in bed, though. Kids have it now too…fingers crossed hubby doesn’t get it. If it is THE flu, he got the shot (working for a hospital) so maybe he won’t get it.

    We’re closing on our new house tomorrow morning! Will probably move in the last weekend in Feb. I need to call movers….was going to do that on Friday, but the flu thing hit.

    Hope everyone here is having a happy healthy February so far.



    Morning all! Oh EC, the flu/crud is miserable! hope you and the kids bounce back soon and that hubby doesn’t get it! ….. concats on the house closing tomorrow …. all paws crossed for a smooth closing!

    Sold my bro’s house (finally) actually all of a sudden got 3 offers – when it rains, it pours! …. closing mid March, inspection contingencies are over and now just waiting on loan to be done …. *happy dancing*

    Another day of banging and hammering … I got Lu some calming treats, as it seems to stress her the most, cause Ve’s not here and neither is Son ….. Abby has no problems being cooped up in my room all day, it’s her familiar territory anyway, so she just passes out on her blue blankie and sleeps the day away ….. Caddy on the front porch is not affected at all! I’ll go down and read with her later …..

    I’m making Mr. AV take me out to eat somewhere overlooking the water tonite …. I need my own kind of calming treats …. martini and an ocean view 😉

    hope everyone has a great day!



    Morning all,

    ECB, hope that you and the boys feel better in record time. Here they really do a campaign for efurryone to get flu shot so I do get it efurry yr.

    Hmmm Darwin awards and adorable pics as go with. Well I did mention the time when I couldn’t get a plug out of the wall socket and used a METAL spatula to do the job. And the time I cleaned a light bulb while lamp was still plugged in and on. With a WET PAPER TOWEL! 😳

    Jungle scene recalls another incident that I’ve mentioned often: some guy on photo safari left his group, saw some tiger or lion cubs gamboling on path, went to give them a cuddle. Their mama in bushes. Guy’s last action in this life. 😮 Colleague at former “that place” told me this tale is used a warning on staying with group/guide/staying in jeep with windows closed.

    My 2.5 cent contribution:



    Hey, that love for all animals, I GOTS IT! I’ve also passed it along to my daughters and granddaughters, and I can’t think of a better thing to pass along. I love having my little fish pond, to be able to teach them about all the creatures and plants that work together to keep it healthy. My fish haven’t been frozen in much this winter, and they come to great me when they hear me coming along the walkway.

    Another mild day here in the 50’s, with rain, but this morning when I came downstairs, I could hear the cardinals singing their spring song. They seem to be the first birds to call for mates in the spring and since we have so many feeders out, they nest close to the house in the bushes and trees and this years’ babies and singing for a mate!

    I need to put a couple of my house plants outside and give them a good soaking while it’s mild outside. The heat from the stove dries them out and they are so root bound that when I water them, they drip all over the place. One of the first things to do when it gets nice is to re pot them and split them up and share!

    I’m planning on being a lazy bum today, just like my cats are everyday! 😀



    Oh Miss March… *sigh*
    Yep, I’ve caught myself looking for my phone when I’m on it!
    Sorry you and the boys have the flu, ECB. Feel better and hope hubby doesn’t get it. Sending good vibes that all goes well on the house closing!
    AV, isn’t that Murphy’s Law for you – sell the house and the offers come flooding in. Poor Luna, I hope the calming treats take the edge off for her. Have a wonderful time dining on the lake!
    Speaking of Miss March, are you the hooman version of her, KJ? Just kidding, I believe KJ has learned her lesson: unplug appliance, then clean. Plug clean appliance in, enjoy.
    Hi KZ – I’ve noticed a shift in the birds’ songs over the last week or so.
    We have had snow/sleet/freezing rain all morning here in Jersey. I got four cats to come inside for breakfast. It was a bit chaotic, and they promptly went back outside (except Dewey of course), but everyone’s fed. I promised the cats that pretty spring days are coming soon!



    Oh and I have a yummy brew in the slow cooker – creamy chicken soup with veggies. Haven’t added potatoes, thinking of making dumplings instead.
    Purrfect for a snowy day!



    JJ, I could very well be the hoomin equivalent of Miss March! 😉

    Anyway we’ve got full-fledged storm-like snow falling – for once the weather peeps were accurate in their prediction. I’m inside for duration and don’t care much. Good thing is that snowstorm = warmer temps!

    I’m liking being in posh Health Club. Brought home all my hair products as the stuff provided is good. And the area where my “temp” locker is provides super privacy. Others will have to take what they are assigned. But I believe that I wrote to enough peeps to get preferred treatment, and well, IMHO anyone can do likewise. But they don’t. I might even consider upgrading membership for these privileges. But will have to see what reno brings and it won’t be completed for at least several months.

    Anyway time for coffee and then some work. L8R!



    Oh, dinner on the gulf/ocean was wonderful …. very relaxing 🙂

    Turning in early, busy week ahead.



    Sorry you have the crud, ECB. Of course, it’s at the time when you’re way busy. How exciting it is that you’re at the closing and going ahead full steam.

    Concats on bro’s house, AV. Hopefully, all goes well. I’m glad Mr. AV took you out for lovely evening. Poor Lu

    OK, KJ. That Darwin kit pic is making me crazy. What? How? Arragh!

    I want your weather. If everyone weren’t pissed off at us, I could visit for a few months. Not many counties want us now. *sigh*

    It’s great the temp. locker space is working out so well. I guess some changes are good.

    On Saturday TDK, we have a new member. She sounds like our kinda lady.



    PG, I would think that the Darwin pic is due to the ministrations of Photoshop (at least I hope so!!!!) 😮

    Is it my weather that you want? It’s like srsly snowing out! And the fluffy white stuff could be hiding ice! But it will be nice to get into bed as havoc is being wreaked outdoors.

    If it were up to me you could come here.

    Locker situation is gr8 for sure, as I’m not paying more for privileges. Will be interesting to see what reno results are. Designer pics look neat, as in natural wood and floofy white towels. No way that I would pay xtra for towels. I throw my gym gear into laundry bin after ea class and washing a towel does not wear me out LOL. The main thing about having a lockerette is not having to bring spin shoes/hair dryer/padded bike seat/water bottle etc back and forth 6x/wk. Often I do not go straight home and I really don’t need to be carrying an xtra load.

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