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    Today is the first day of the New Year! We look back at 2016 and we look forward to 2017. Happy, Happy to all and to meeting your goals and celebrating your achievements.

    Itโ€™s also the Japanese New Year. Since 1873, the Japanese New Year has been celebrated on January 1. However, the original celebration of the Japanese New Year is still marked on the same day as the Asian New Year. That day is 28/1/2017.

    The Polar Bear Plunge raises money for charity, often, Special Olympics. Ready for a Polar Bear plunge? Yea, I thought not.

    We’re off to bed. Cya in 2017 and have a happy~

    PG, Miss Gaea, Miss Moppet and LilBit



    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    Good morning, Happy New Year! May this year bring good things to us all, thank goodness that 2016 has departed the station.



    PG, tks for pic of your crew – what a pawsome purry trio! Plus I could now for sure recognize you in a crows – not! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Re new year and new rent. Don’t know if this would work for you but I always check the going rent increase rate and nonetheless “discuss” with my landlord lowering his asking price some. Never get that much of a reduction. My point is that next year increase will start at a lower rent so it helps. I am a good tenant so landlord is willing to compromise. Peeps ask me why I don’t just own. Not for me, plus landlord lets me take care of any repairs and then pays. Plus just don’t want to.

    Streets are basically empty. Gym opens at 11:45 but there is reg spin class. Ideally with reg instructor as last wk, well it was the guy with whom there is mutual dislike, plus hate his class. Better than nothing and so not the end of the world.

    This is time of yr when gym must make big bucks. Lots of peeps “resolved” to work out regularly. This generally lasts 1-3 mos. It’s just interesting. When I do everything req’d to take optimal care of self and become purrfect (if this is even pawsible,) well … not likely happening anytime soon.

    Enough philosophy. Looking forward to getting back into reg routine (then I’ll complain about that!) And getting back to paying project. Would have been nice to work on it now during quiet period, but guy I’m working for/with is so not handling it well, and nothing that I can do about it. *Sigh*

    Anyway it’s bright and very winter-esque outside, said to be getting way cold later in wk. One just has to dress for it. So headed on out soon and have a good day all and l8r!



    Night PG and happy new year! Deb!!! So glad to see you, happy new year to you and the crew!
    Good for you getting a discount on the rent KJ! Every little bit does help!!

    Have a great day all! Lots of good games on today! And next week, guess where the championship is held !?!??? TAMPA! !!



    Happy New Year everyone! Stayed up a little later last night so slept in today.
    Yesterday I went to see “Rogue One” with my brothers and nephews. Then went to mom’s and celebrated Christmas. It works out well since my brother is with his wife’s family for Christmas, and I have hubby’s family up. Mom wins out by having 2 Christmases celebrated with her; my brother and sister are with her then. Came home and watched the “Twilight Zone” marathon for a while, toasted the new year by eating 12 grapes at midnight, watched a little snow fall outside, watched some more tv, then turned in for the night.
    It’s a pretty winter day here too, KJ, but probably not as cold as where you are. The JJ crew are sunning themselves, and Leela has claimed the wood burner as her own!



    Happy New Year to everyone! Lazy day here, dinner in oven. I’ve already taken the tree down and put decorations away. Have to do it when Avery isn’t here as she tries to ‘help’ which ends up not being help… ๐Ÿ˜†
    Sunny day, which does wonders for the brain. Not really all that cold either, and the winds have died down. We were gone yesterday most of the day and found out the power was out on our road for several hours. Probably a tree coming down on wires. When power is out here, there is no flushing of toilets or water, so it’s good we were gone. House was toasty though as woodburner requires no power..another one of the pluses of wood heat.

    Time to turn on the tv and put my feet up! Later!



    Convenient that the power was out while you were not home, KZ. We don’t have water when the power is out either, and rely on the heat from the wood burner as well. In the summer it’s not as bad because it’s light longer and we can get water from the lake to flush the toilet, but the living is tougher in the winter for sure!



    Yeah, there must be a lot of football games on over the next few. For me, I’m PVR-ing a CNN special on the band Chicago. Really loved them, when Terry Kath was alive, that is before he died playing Russian roulette. ๐Ÿ™

    Our reg spin instructor gave fab class. Themed as tribute to singers who left us in ’16: Prince, Bowie, George Michael, ELP (Greg Lake, Keith Emerson,) and one singer whose passing I was unaware of, Pete Burns – lead singer of “Dead or Alive”, with their famous one-hit wonder and ultimate spin cycle song “You Spin me ‘Round.” RIP gentlemen.

    On a more upbeat note: This just in.

    “Meet Max, the dog who helps Ottawa paramedics deal with tough calls. First dog in Canada to be trained in-house to help paramedics cope, says handler.”



    Max is lovely.

    How could your forget Leonard Cohen? I went several times to the vigil outside his little house on Parc du Portugal; there was always a little crowd singing, leaving tributes, telling stories.

    Too much snow here but it isn’t very cold.

    Livia finds the snow very annoying and doesn’t want to set foot on the balcony.

    Happy New Year and happy 375th to Montrรฉal.



    lagatta, instructor did play Leonard Cohen, at the cooldown. And I forgot to mention that she also played “Earth, Wind and Fire.” There are only so many tunes that one can play in a 55 min class. And for the most part they have to be fast-paced. ๐Ÿ˜‰



    A cool tribute to all the voices we lost in 2016.

    Yep, it’s football day and my beloved Steelers won against the Cleveland (Dawgs) Browns. Yea, Yea! I wasn’t sure if the Steelers were going to show up but they finally began playing in the third quarter. (That’s a joke for teams that play very bad)

    Tampa Bay Bucs, NY Giants and ny Jets win!! Yea-JJ!
    And Dallas Cowboys Lost!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

    Can’t you tell those are my legs their sleeping on, KJ? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I get it about rent but it still annoys me.

    Max is a sweet pup. Who wouldn’t feel comforted by that cutie pie?

    I’m glad you dropped by AZDEB.



    yay for all the winners! my TB Bucs won (miracle) and I’m glad …. can’t wait for the national championship games that will be here in 1-2 weeks ๐Ÿ™‚ …. and no one ever knows where Tampa is on the map!

    Mr. AV and I fished out the ‘mothership’ (huge model pirate ship of son’s) from his pile of ‘stuff’ and now making my house de-Christmas and pro-Gasparilla … it’s Jan. 28th this year (early), with the smaller childrens’ parade (300K +) the weekend before …. Miss Caddy will not like being put ‘up’ for 2 Sat. in a row!

    Want to wish Miss Abbey (CM’s dau) a very happy 8 …. we all waited anxiously that year for news of her birth …. sweet Tinafish called the hospital, and gave us all updates …. we also had a TDK shower for her a couple of weeks prior …. WWM making an amazing quilt for little fishy (as we all called her) …. good memories and just a purrfect example of the TDK bond/love that is ever strong! …..



    Very good day in the world of football, hoping for a Green Bay win next.
    Forgot to mention earlier, thanks for the pic of your babies, PG!



    Happy New Year to all my TDK family ๐Ÿ˜‰ hope everyone had lovely holiday season and wishing you all the very best for 2017

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