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    Grandparents Day was aimed to highlight the plight of elderly people in care homes and encourage families to visit and learn from their wisdom and guidance. It has blossomed into the event known today to honor grandparents and let them show their love for their grandchildren. Naturally, kits are welcome to celebrate their grand meows.

    Today is a purrfect day to visit or call your grandparents…or not. My grandparents are gone but my grandma Josephine was the bestest!

    Cya and have a happy~

    Behageligt i alle dine sΓΈvn (Danish)
    Be comfortable in all your sleep



    Crossover pic –

    My Grandparents are all gone too but what wonderful memories I have of the two I knew. I am not yet a grandparent(hoping) except to my Grandkits Ruby and Lucky.



    Morning all! thought I would check in while I can ….. apparently the storm is going to pass directly over Tampa! …. we are the center of the bullseye! … We’re fine, we’re ready, all shut in tight …. Caddy is in the spare bedroom, along with A’tuin ….. we’ll probably loose power and internet, so hope everyone has a great rest of their weekend, and thanks for the prayers and white lights. I see on Facebook TDKF that many are concerned about Dee, I haven’t heard from her, but know that she’s special needs, I’m sure she’s been evacuated ….. we’re hanging on tight, L8R all!



    Thanks AV for checking in and we’re watching and hoping Irma turns West.



    Good morning – my grandma B had an amazing memory. When I introduced her to my hubby-then-boyfriend, she said her kindergarten teacher had the same last name! Mother of 12 and I don’t know how many grandchildren and great grandchildren, she knew who was having a birthday, getting married, going to college, having a baby, etc.

    Thanks for checking in, AV. Your house must be crowded with all of our TDK good vibes around you! I heard that Dee is okay. No details, but knowing she is out of her ground floor place is good.

    I love the turtle on grandpa’s head!

    Great great grandma Jinx would be amazed with the toys and beds and food selections cats have today. Other than catching something outside, her only toy was a crumpled piece of paper with a string tied around it that she could chase and pounce when someone dragged it around. There were no beds; she cozied up to one of us kids or the baseboard heat. As for food, she did ok. She had two choices, take it or leave it. She also got people food on occasion, such as cheese, tuna and chicken. On looking at this, she had a rich life back in the day, didn’t she?!



    Yes Jinx did JJ!

    I have many grandkits that I’m thankful for, and I LOVE the pic of the three little kits with ‘stick tails’ and their little buttholes showing asking Grandpa to tell them of the ‘gud ole days’!! πŸ˜†

    AV so glad to hear from you….gurrl you have me really worried! Along with ECB, keep in touch with us anyway you can–even if it’s by dreams!!

    My cats are so spoiled with all of their toys and gadgets, towers and beds…wonderful different types of food. They are all pestering me now because it’s past their lunchtime. How do they know when it’s time to eat?



    Heehee, I remember you saying how much you love those stick tails, KZ!

    Another TDKr has made it to a shelter after having difficulty getting to a pet friendly place. She lives in a trailer so she had to get out for sure.

    Hey MS, been meaning to ask you how your mouf is. Hope you’re feeling better!



    Hi, guys! We started having tons of rain last night…before Irma had even hit the keys. I laid there at 2am in bed thinking, “What the heck?” Apparently there has been a nor’easter with rain on and off all day…so our cul de sac is partially flooded before Irma even gets here…limbs down…power flickering. We’re thankful we still have power for now. Parts of the city have been without power just from the nor’easter. But the crews are out fixing it until Irma fully arrives and then they have to wait it out.

    Glad AV checked in…Tampa will definitely get strong hurricane weather.



    Thanks for checking in ECB, I am worried for you and AV and others….I sit and watch the weather channel and wring my hands.. 😳



    Well our Floridian TDKers seem relatively safe and may they stay that way.

    Grandparents hmmm … gets me when peeps assume that there is a stereotypical “Jewish” Grandma, and you can fill in any nationality/religion you’d like. My family was I guess atypical. Grandmother left home at age 17 as she did not get along with her stepmother. My family in general, well whatever. I do recall lighting the Sabbath candles with my grandmother and going with her when she went for fittings as she had her clothing “bespoke” ie tailor-made. No cuddling or srs cooking or anything like that. And I am just as much, if not moreso a non-cuddly, non-cooking type. Interesting.

    Things have srsly changed. At Knitting Circle a woman was knitting a cute tiny lamb. Said it was for herself. Then dau and grandkids showed up. The kids said what do you need a stuffy for? The grandau outright said “I want it!” No please, no nothing, the dau said nothing either. Rudely. The woman said she could have it. Guess that when the kid wants a car at age 16 she’ll automatically get it. This would never happen in KJ-land. 😐



    Hi all. It’s a very cold wet day here but nothing compared to what Floridians are facing for a day or so.
    Glad to hear that another TDKer has made it safely to an animal friendly shelter.
    Wow, I am stunned at the pics and reports from many places around Florida where the ocean has completely disappeared, sucked out by the power of Irma. Scary stuff. I see Tamps Bay emptied out. The eye is supposed to be over Tampa in about 2 hours. Yes, we are getting comprehensive and continually updated news here. Makes for humbling reading at what people must be going through and that they have to face it twice – each side of the hurricane.
    Grandparents – my maternal grandparents were farmers and ran a plant nursery and my Nana grew flowers for the flower markets. Must be where my green thumbs come from and the ease at which I had adapting to country life from city girl.
    JJ, not long back from a quick check of the mouf by the dentist, all going well. Still tender on the roof of my mouth but that will ease.
    ECB, good to see you checking in with your TDK family, we’re all thinking of you and your family. Do you have sandbags in case the water rises more.
    One of our TDKF family has water coming under her door, blown by the force of the rains but she is doing well.
    KJ, family ! ! I bet Dorry thinks you are a cuddly person. πŸ™‚
    Wow, that must have been an embarrassing and difficult exchange of words to sit through at Knitting Circle. I feel sorry for the lady that she won’t have her lamb but then she did give in to the child. 😑 to the child and her Mother who allowed bad manners to flourish.



    MS, are you at least back on solid noms yet? When I had my toof removed I had to go to a dental surgeon (he was very good looking!) And both he and assistant got all garbed up like for surgery! I even had to cover up my hair. But once the freezing kicked in it was fine. After … well. At least you’re healing well.

    Nope, Dorry does not consider me cuddly. He’s just not that type of kit. I’m feeling more atypical by the minute LOL.

    That poor kit kitted out in that Grandma-style knit sweater. Well the sweater can be categorized as appalling! Appawling? Hehehe!



    KJ, semi soft. Anything too solid has a habit of finding that tender empty tooth socket. My mouth is a bit reluctant to open too wide too so it’s still small bites and cutting off of crusts.
    Tonight we are having lemon garlic spatchcock chicken and I was going to do roast potatoes but I think mashed may be the best option.
    Aha, Dorry is an aloof kitty, HRH Shadz is like that too, until she wants cuddles then I had better deliver. She is standing by me trying to decide if she will curl up on the blanket I put there for her. It is raining outside and dark enough for lights at 3.30pm. It is also rather cold and the blanket has swayed HRH to curl up and purr.
    Oh yes the endodentist was like that minus the hair covering.

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