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    β€œMusic is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and everything.” -Plato

    Today is dedicated to the very principles to bring peace and harmony through the musical arts. Throughout the centuries it has had the power to bring people together from many different cultural backgrounds, enhancing peace and social togetherness. And our kits really know how to sing the song of their kind!

    So who is watching “Vikings?” The last episode was, um, wow. I had to read up on it and what’s written about Ivar the Boneless is exactly how’s portrayed.

    Wee-it’s Sunday. Now what? πŸ˜› My nieces’ car broke down so she has mine for now.

    Have a happy~



    PG, I’m watching “Vikings” just to keep up with the series as I started from the very beginning. Not as much fun without Ragnar and not much sight of Lagertha in Ep. 2. The history is totally off whack – but only by a few centuries here and there.LOL. And by a few details, ie Alfred’s father being Athelstan, and they do shoe Alfred as having a tad more compassion than the rest of the crew. Plus I get mixed up as to who’s winning the battles as they all look the same.

    Watched 1st Ep of “Knightfall” and not all that impressed. Might keep watching for entertainment value. Well to me what’s the big deal about the “Holy Grail.” Then again lots of the scheming is actually over political/conquest issues.

    I sang in choirs from the start in grade school. In Uni and for several yrs after purrformed with “Savoy Society” in efurry “Gilbert and Sullivan” operetta save one. Got one line at one point, some “business” as I so enjoyed being onstage and got to do lots of dancing! met ex-Mr. KJ there – can’t have efurrything. πŸ˜‰



    oooooh, I love Vikings, and like KJ, I was on board from the beginning …. also miss Ragnar! …. like most historical sagas, details aren’t exactly purrfect, but close enough to make it exciting!

    Caddy spent most of her day in her fleecy bed yesterday, but then last night, who knows!?! I kept waking up and looking at the front porch camera (from my phone) but she never showed up …. of course, this morning her face was in the door wanting her wet food breakfast …. girl has busy nights, I guess that’s why she sleeps her day away!



    Good Sunday Morning! I’m listening to a little radio station out of Philadelphia that’s playing A-Z 70’s tunes. So much good stuff – songs that I haven’t heard in ages as well as tunes that make me say, “hey, I had this on 45!” When was the last time you heard, “The Air That I Breathe” by the Hollies?

    Back in high school the choir did the final number at the holiday concert, at which time all alumni were invited on stage to sing. Every year, two senior students, a boy and a girl, were selected to sing the solo parts of Oh Holy Night. I can still picture Mr. Cromie, in his tux and tails at the end of the song, spinning around on his heels to face the audience and saying, “Merry Christmas!”

    Oh Caddy, out all night, sleep all day, I know what you’re doing! (Lyrics from a tune from The James Gang.)



    I love to listen to a good choir. Some of my favorite times were in high school choir! We had a choir director that had us from the 7th grade, teaching us to sight read, then he left when we graduated. Lots of tears and heartbreak even from the boys on that one. He taught us so much, and in order to be in the choir there were try outs and initiations. We sang in University chapels, nursing homes, choral competitions and on Christmas eve in the high school auditorium. And like you JJ, the choir alumni was invited to sing. Such wonderful memories. You didn’t dare look away from him when practicing…if he caught you….well, it was awful. He was strict, but expected the best from us–and we gave it. It’s hard for me to watch my granddaughters sing in their choirs, the teachers let them get away with anything. πŸ˜•

    Snowy outside today, although it has stopped snowing. My outside cats all have their own tubs stuffed with hay, an outside electric waterer that keeps the water from freezing, and crunchy food all the time..funny too that my opossum family is looking pretty healthy too. When we pull into the garage at night, one or two of them is sitting on the cat shelf eating cat food. πŸ˜†



    It’s a chilly 54, but sunny here right now. I’m loving this cold snap, seems like it took forever to get here! ….

    Making one of my favorite meals tonight – black beans over yellow rice, and the Columbia’s famous 1905 salad, with fresh cuban bread I just bought from the bakery ….. sooooooooo yummy!

    Scotty and Mr. AV have almost finished ‘Walter-proofing’ the 3rd floor, only two weeks til the house full of cats holidays! …. Dau says Walter showed them how smart he was by ‘unwrapping’ many of the gifts they are bringing with them …. apparently shiney paper and bows are irresistable to him! LOL … BAD!

    Abby had a ‘tinsel butt’ last week, but thankfully, I see it’s passed through to the litter box ….. also BAD!

    Got all my gifts wrapped, so a relaxing Sunday afternoon is in my future … hope everyone is having a great day!



    First “real” snowfall today – meaning me walking in the middle of the road to avoid slippy sdewalks.

    Speaking of choirs – IMHO this is possibly the best choral version of Toto’s “Africa” by the Angel City Chorale – gives me the chills – enjoy!



    Hi KZ – thanks for sharing similar happy memories from back in high school!

    Oooh, your dinner sounds really good, AV! I’m glad some cooler air has moved in – now we need to move it in MS’s direction. Oh Abby, stay away from the tinsel, pay no attention to it’s sparkliness! Admire from a distance!

    Looks like we got about 5″ of snow. The ground isn’t frozen so the roads are ok, even in these little mountain dead end streets. I’m happy to report that all the JJ cats came inside at one time or another yesterday during Winter Storm Benji. Star and Huey really made progress. They came in and stayed in for pets and belly rubs, in addition to a snack, of course. Berta knows her way around, but won’t stay in long. Mama Cat is quite skittish, but will come in to eat.

    Bought some apples the other day, so I’m off to look up the recipe for apple butter while I listen to the tune KJ posted.



    Thanks KJ, I had forgotten how good that choir rendition was!! Now I have an earworm!!!



    Another hot muggy day even though it is overcast. My gardens are so dry they won’t even hold water now, it just runs off. There is a slight possibility of a shower this evening. Yeeha ! I won’t hold my breath though.
    I was in choirs all through my school days and then I moved to orchestra.
    KJ, all but one of the Gilbert & Sullivan operettas, wow that’s a few and lots of fun too.
    I met Mr MS when we were about 8 years old when our Mother’s were making costumes for the local Boys College production of The Mikado. We used to play under the trees. Music brought us together then and again ten years later at the same boys college with the orchestra and it wasn’t until many decades later that we realised we had been playmates. LOL.
    AV, I’m with you on the night worry. HRH is still refusing to come inside at night but she seems to be fine out there and has let herself in one night so I will just have to be ok with it now. She is either at the door in the morning waiting for us to open it or she bounds out of a shrub as I get the paper in.
    Great radio station JJ, we have one here that only plays 70’s and 80’s music and it’s great listening. Even the girls love it. Great memories of the holiday concert and of Mr Cromie.
    KZ, great memories from you too. All good choir masters/mistress seem to be strict but fair. It brings out the best in us. Thank goodness the snow has stopped.
    AV, I thought you had a typo there for a minute with Walterproofing but then the penny dropped and I realised what you meant. What a hoot that he likes unwrapping presents. Sounds like he needs some good old fashioned newspaper bows on a string to play with. oh Abbey, not the dreaded tinsel butt. Tickle much?
    KJ, I love the intro to that song, very effective and now I have a great earworm.
    JJ, that is really wonderful that all the JJ cats feel fine abot coming inside for a bit.



    Tks gang! It is a gr8 earworm, yes? I love it when the choir mimics nature sounds and pounces on what would appear to be a metal stage. Must be fun to be in that chorale!

    MS, boys taking on all the roles in The Mikado? “Three Little Maids from School” as portrayed by 3 guys? Well, why ever not? Men played all the roles in Shakespearean times and for quite a few centuries thereafter.

    Only production that we did not do (for some reason) was “The Sorcerer”. I have some good memories of those days. Neat that G&S sorta brought you and Mr. MS together. Quite a few peeps in our productions became couples and lasted, as opposed to my case. πŸ˜‰



    KJ, the boys and girls colleges would join together for the annual musical which back in those days were usually Gilbert & Sullivan. Mum was doing costumes as one of my brothers was in the show.
    It was during rehearsals for My Fair Lady that I met Mr MS again and we did several more shows before we moved away to the country farming.
    Still hot here but I have managed to plant out several dozen Spring onions(scallions) and water them in and cover them so cats can’t dig them out.



    JJ – I too have been following along with the XPN countdown! Being born and raised in Bucks County PA I missed XPN when I moved away but thanks to the internet I can now listen to it anywhere. The end of year countdowns are always interesting. As my mother always said (of herself) – I can’t carry a tune in a bucket – but I tried. Several choral groups let me hide in the back in high school – I can mimic others so with enough practice I blended in.



    Hi TM, glad you’re enjoying XPN too! My voice isn’t very good either, and I didn’t make the choir, but had fun being in the high school chorus with all the other mediocre singers.

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