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    Angela Torres

    yesterday i found a stray kitten under one of my neighbors houses, she was under the bush and couldn’t really move. My estimate is that she is about 6-8 weeks old. She has swollen eyes and puss coming out, i cleaned them about 3 times today, she’s able to open them up and see now, but i have to keep cleaning them, hopefully they’ll get better. I know she’s a kitten and they sleep a lot, but she’s only ate twice today (wet kitten food, she wont drink milk replacement from the bottle) and the other time she’s woken up i gave her a bath to rid her of her fleas, i haven’t seen her use the bathroom, but she peed yesterday when i was drying her off, is this normal? Should i be worried she hasn’t used the restroom or is it because she has to get use to her living conditions? Is there anything i should be doing to help her pee? Anything helps! Thank You!



    Hi young kittens have to be stimulated by there mother or in this case you to help them poop if they are not helped by you or there mother they can and will die .so what you have to do is wait for the kitten to eat and right after she has finished eating you will gently put the kitten on your lap facing away from you then gently lift up her tail were you can see her anus then with the muddle finger of your free hand you jam it in and wiggle it around for about a minute then you laugh because I’m only jokeing but u do have to stimulate the cat by rubbing its belly or putting a warm compress on it them that should help your kitten with going number two.



    Bottle Babies

    Helping a kitten to eliminate

    I posted some links to help you. If your kitten is as old as you think it is, it won’t need bottle fed. Get some wet food and see if she will eat, but the formula poured over it will be great for extra nutrition. Remove as many fleas as you can, giving her a bath with Dawn dish soap. It kills fleas. You will have to repeat this over and over until they are gone. Make sure you don’t get water in her eyes, nose and make sure she is dried with a hair dryer on low until she is dry.

    Hope this helps. You may have to take her to the vet for her eyes, it usually means an Upper Respiratory Infection and it’s hard to get rid of on it’s own. Usually they need antibiotic ointment in the eyes.


    Karla O”Hara

    Sounds like she has a very bad eye infection. You bring bring her to the vet ASAP. Usually a kitten that age knows how to go the restroom herself, but I thonk you should still try stimulating her after she eats. She will try to wiggle away when you do it (although some kittens will raise there legs, simply knowing what to do from their momma cat). Also make sure its warm (some kottens eyes with close from discharge of they have a cold and the temperature is cold too). I have a 3 week old orphaned kitten rn and if I dobt change his heat pad at night, I wale up to his eyes shit from discharge ( he is now on antibiotics as he has a cold. Its possible that you’remkotten could have this too, so make sure to keep her area warm. And if u cna bring her to the vet, do that too.)

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