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    There’s this cat in my apartments. She gave birth to 5 kitties and to keep them safe she brought them over to our house. We could not let them go so we arrange a box and kept the kittens in there. Now, I have never had a pet kitten/cat/dog. But I love these cute things…however there is so much I need to ask…please let me know if I am wrong because I am really worried for their health:

    A) The cat keeps shifting them from the location. Although we a towel inside the box and the area is quite warm still she keeps shifting the baby to this other specific spot of the same room. I wonder why?

    B) I have not seen the babies poop. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe it’s so little that it’s hardly visible?

    C) The babies are learning to walk,etc. Guess they are above 2 weeks now. They keep jumping out of the box and I am afraid they can come under my or my siblings’ feet. Are they old enough to be adopted by someone who can take care of them?

    D) They don’t eat yet. I have seen the mother cat taking her chicken piece to the babies often but they don’t munch on it. Is this normal?



    They are too little to eat solid food yet, AND they are too young to be removed from the mother and adopted out. Kittens usually don’t leave their mothers until 8 to 10 weeks, when they are old enough to be adopted at that time.

    She moves them around because that’s what mother cats do. I don’t know why, but sometimes they just fuss around with moving their kittens. They are pooping and peeing but you don’t see it because when the mother licks and cleans them, she stimulates them to pee and poop with her tongue. She ingests that and you don’t see it. In a couple of weeks, place a litter box with non clumping plain clay litter near their nest. She will use it and the kittens will start using it too, watching what their mother does. This is a great way to litter train these kittens before they get adopted out.

    You are going to have to be careful not to step on these kittens. They don’t know what danger is, so you have to protect them. Even grown cats have a habit of laying right in front of your feet! 😀

    I’ll post some links for you on kittens and cats.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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