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    Hi Kittenmaster and TDKers. Plez halp! I’ve been lurking mainly because I can’t comment on the cute kittens. I don’t have any trouble with the chat it’s just when I go back to the main page, click on the kittens name at the top, the ‘log in to reply’ reminder is still on. Uh, I am logged in. It takes anywhere from three to tweleve log in attempts before I can comment on the kitten. So most of the time I just look at the picture without bothering in to log in because I want to avoid the fustration. You know I love you all. This is such a wonderful group of people. I’ll have to settle for lurking at the kittens. Maybe this is a test and I should just join in the conversations more often. Hmm.

    Have a great Caterday!


    I have trouble logging in on the main page from my work computer, Teresa. I don’t bother to try, but I am able to log onto the chat forum. Please keep posting in the chat forum so we can get to know you better. Purrs and hugs!! 🙂



    My computer seems to have a mind of its own on this one – sometimes I’m still logged in from previously, sometimes not. Have you tried clicking on the kitten comments first? I usually do this, scroll to the bottom and log in if it tells me I’m not. Thatthen takes me to my log in page, and then my basic details. From that, click main site and go from there. It’s a bit long winded, but seems to work.



    Whew! I feel better that I’m not the only one that has this problem. Thank you Kitten Whisperer for the invite. If my memory serves me correctly, you had a young family member stay with you a few months ago and she wanted the screen name Hello Kitty Princess. I was the one who posted the Hello Kitty crochet pattern. Thank you MCW for the suggestions. I’ve tried several routes to get to comment about the kitten. Sometimes they work sometimes they don’t. I shouldn’t let it discourage me from posting and saying hello to everyone. Big purrs and hugs!



    Used to love commenting on all the sweet kitties but haven’t been able to do so for almost three weeks now. Seems when I try to click to the last one to leave a comment by using the RSS area nothing happens. Don’t have time to scroll through 350 comments (at times that much or more) to get to the bottom, so I just let it be. Now they asked me to re-register and so I did. Anyone have any similar situations? Love and hugs for all the kitties.


    Yes, Teresa, my niece is the Hello Kitty Princess. Thanks again for the crochet pattern. That was very thoughtful of you. Glad to see you posting again!

    Sheri, the new chat forum took me a long time to get used to. Some threads go too fast for me to keep up with, especially on the night shift thread. If there are several conversations going on at once, it can be confusing. Folks are pretty good at saying the name of the person their comment is directed to. I also figure out how to catch up by looking at how long ago the last comment was posted on the main forum page. If I haven’t looked at the threads for a couple of hours, I know that any thread more than a couple of hours old doesn’t have anything new for me to look at so I just focus on the newer comments. Don’t be discouraged, Sheri. 🙂



    KW do you have the post card address? I bought the post cards and now can’t find the address.



    These issues aren’t actually issues with TDK, but are the results of how many cable companies handle webpages.

    I’ll try and explain this as best I can. Your cable company may see that a webpage is being viewed by lots of people. To speed things along a bit, it may save a copy of that page on its servers (this is called a cache), and when people try to view that webage, they get the version that is held by the cable company, not one from the website itself.

    Now imagine this: you’ve been logged in at TDK. A day later you revisit the site, but instead of getting your logged-in page, you get the page held by the cable company, which might be a logged-out version of the page. Alternatively, you might see a logged-in page from another user – it all depends on which page has been saved by the cable company in its cache, and this is why we see these problems. There’s very little you can do apart from being patient, although you could try forcing a refresh:


    ctrl + F5



    But even that is no guarantee of success. You’ll probably find that these problems don’t exist when you use another Internet Service Providor, because they handle this kind of thing differently.

    And just to show that this isn’t just us, this is from the FAQ page on Metafilter, which is probably the biggest community weblog on the net:

    I hope all this makes at least some sense!



    My internet connection is though my phone company…a provincal sector of the Bell Company. No problem on my end commenting on kittens.



    Good Evening:

    You might try this in Internet Explorer. Go to Tools/Internet Options/on the General Tab, the button in Temporary Internet Files called Settings. You should see four choices there. Under “check for newer versions of stored pages,” click the radio button for “every visit to the page.” This will clear your local cache and force a refresh.



    I haven’t had this problem until tonight. All I did was log out, then log back in, and the problem was fixed.

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