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    hi all,

    My kitty is about 5 months old now,
    she is having wet food for her major food and dry food for minor food.
    I am worry for that wet food do not have enough nutrition (eg. protein..)
    the ingredient of wet food it have more than 10% protein inside,but dry food have over 40%…

    should i stop to feed wet food for major?

    Orijen six fish and Nature’s Variety Instinct raw boost which one is the best for kitten?
    have any review for this?

    thanks a lot 😀 🙄



    Hi smelly,
    I don’t know about the ingredients of the food you have listed, but I have a couple of links that are long and very informative. I feel the more informed you are about feline nutrition, then you can come up with the best solution for you and your cat.
    These are long articles about felines and their nutritional needs, but I hope you can get the info you need to help!



    I feed my cats blue buffalo. The kittens have both started on the wet food as their main as well until they loose interest in it and then when I ended up wasting more wet food than they eat I don’t give it as much just as a treat. With a good quality food I feel it’s fine for them to choose. They drink a lot of water so I don’t worry about them getting dehydrated. I figure I’m a picky eater so I let them have the choice

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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