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    We have 2 sister cats (Subh & Poitín) that are just over a year old. Both are outside cats and the kitten’s father is also our’s (Theo).

    Subh had her 4 kittens almost 4 weeks ago and we’re starting to introduce them to feeding from a dish with milk (we felt she was struggling to feed them recently hence starting them early). Poitín gave birth to 3 kittens yesterday but decided to give birth with her sister and her kittens! Both mothers are curled up together and Subh regularly cleans Poitín and her kittens although we have yet to see her try feed them! Her kittens are getting big but love cuddling up with both their aunt and mother… We seen the older kittens feeding off their aunt both they seem to be aware that she’s not their mother as they’re always trying to follow their own mother everywhere! We’re afraid that the older kittens might prevent the newborn kittens from feeding as Poitín has more milk?



    It’s great that both mothers can share the raising of their kittens together. It gives them the support they need to care for their kittens. One thing that you need to do is to make sure that all kittens are getting fed, from both litters. The bigger kittens will crowd out the smaller weaker ones, and then they will become sick and die. If this should happen, you can supplement them if need be with formula or goat’s milk. Once your mom cats get their kittens weaned, you will have to spay them or they will end up having more kittens–which unfortunately in my experience they rarely raise because they are exhausted from two pregnancies and nursing kittens. The first two litters will need spayed and neutered too.

    Hopefully there is an animal welfare league close that can help with the cost of spaying and neutering.

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