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    First, I’m sorry if I’m posting in the wrong place but this is my first time on this site and it’s a bit confusing to navigate.
    Secondly, a stray cat I would feed outside chose to have kittens on my porch and me and my boyfriend took them inside, the mother didn’t abandon them, it seems like she feeds them and produces milk as her nipples are swollen and the kittens have lasted this long, maybe 8 weeks old now. She had a litter of three, they seemed fine up until last night (as far as I could tell) we already lost one of the kittens over night and my heart is broken and mostly upset with myself that I didn’t notice anything was wrong . after doing some Googling I can tell now that they’re definitely dehydrated (tent test) but I have no idea as to why.:( I’m giving them some Pedialyte but they are not looking good, they’re very lethargic and extremely limp when I pick them up to bottle feed them 🙁



    At 8 weeks old these kittens should be old enough to have wet food. Get some KMR or goat’s milk and mix with the wet food and offer it to the kittens. They are hungry and sounds like dehydrated. The mama’s milk may be running out and she can’t find enough food to keep them fed and feed herself. If they are lethargic and not interested in eating, rub some syrup or honey on their gums to perk their sugar levels up…then try feeding them something. Even if you have to put it on your finger or in a syringe and gently squeeze it into their mouths. Gently rub their throats to make them swallow. Let us know how they are doing!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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