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    Hi All,

    My cat is nearly 9 months old and remains intact [un-neutered].
    I’d like some un-bias information as to whether it’s beneficial to leave him intact until he’s perhaps 12 months or if it’s better to neuter him sooner.

    We live in a flat so he can’t escape to mate or get into fights but his howling and “heat episodes” make me feel he’s frustrated and searching for something he will never find. I don’t like seeing him like this and he’s become soooo skinny because he’s preoccupied with searching for a female rather eating normally.

    I do have another cat in the flat [my sisters cat] a spayed female and he’s become obsessed with her and he gets very distracted by her.

    Should I neuter him soon or let his body grow with his natural hormones as nature intended and then neuter him at 12 months?

    I know intact males tend to be skinnier because their testosterone burns their energy quickly so that’s why I’m concerned. For a 9 month old cat to already be a finicky eater and IMO under weight perhaps neutering will help him gain some pounds and remove his focus from mating.

    I do believe males need their testosterone during growth as it helps their bodies regulate hormones and grow normally but I also know that I can’t leave him intact for ever. I just find it almost unnatural to remove his organs which are there for a reason.

    Any advice would be appreciated!!

    Thank you!



    Absolutely you should neuter him now. I have to disagree about him needing male horomones to develope normally. All a male cat can think about when they are unneutered, is procreating. And hopefully he isn’t marking territory (your flat) with smelly urine. Even though the female cat he sees is fixed, it doesn’t matter. He knows she is a cat and of his species and he would be trying to mount her excessively.

    Now the ideal weight to neuter male cats is at 2 pounds. I would certainly get him there ASAP.



    I agree with KZ. You should get him neutered now.

    Intact male cats are all about territory. When your male cat reaches sexual maturity, he’s likely to start spraying your home with stinky urine to establish his turf and ward off strange males. In rare instances, males don’t spray, but most will start sooner rather than later if they remain intact. Once the behavior is established, it’s difficult to eliminate, although neutering may help.

    Intact males who are not allowed to breed lead lives of not-so-quiet desperation and stress, while intact males who are allowed to mate may become aggressive. Neutered males, on the other hand, can be known for their sweet and affectionate temperaments.

    The biggest health concern – testicular cancer. For every “heat” he goes into his chances increase by 7-10%.



    Thanks for the reply Kittyzee, I have taken into account your words.
    I will most likely neuter him as I can’t bare seeing him frustrated and vocal.

    Honestly, I don’t want to but for his own sake I will. I just think it’s a shame to remove his organs but I know I can’t leave him like this.

    Thanks again I appreciate it.



    Thanks pussigato,

    I will arrange a date to have him neutered.
    I just find it a shame to remove his organs as nature intended him to be this way but I completely agree with you about him becoming desperate and stressed if not able to release his sexual tension.

    It’s pretty hard to watch tbh. He can’t relieve himself and the desire to mate doesn’t seem to leave him alone. He hasn’t started spraying yet but he has peed on my bed a few times [something he never used to do].

    I will contact my vet and make arrangements but I just hope his boyish personality doesn’t disappear. He’s such a lad I find it adorable and like that about him.

    I know the sensible thing is to neuter him so I will do it soon.

    Thanks for your words.



    I had my Renzo neutered at that age as he was wily and swift and could always manage to escape although I didn’t want to let him out until he was neutered. I made the appointment when I found him under a car, ACROSS A BUSY STREET, crying and confused. He lived for 20 years after and remained just as active and playful.



    The lives of ferals and strays are short, bloody, and brutal. Even if they survive into adulthood. “Nature’s Intent” doesn’t count for much when it comes to companion animals, OP. If we allowed nature to take its course, we would be even further overpopulated with cats, and our already taxed rescues and shelters would be even further pushed past capacity.

    The kindest, best thing to do for any cat that isn’t of Show Quality, is to get them spayed/neutered. It relieves their tension, keeps them from marking territory, allows them to relax, and keeps the population more manageable. It can also greatly reduce the risk for certain cancers and other ailments.

    I know you have nothing but the best intentions for your companion, but allowing him to grow with these organs and urges intact is only going to cause some behavioral issues down the line. Many places in the States now don’t even remove the entire testicle, they perform what is essentially a vasectomy so the kitty keeps his pride without the negative associations.



    BTW, My LilBit guy was neutered at 8 weeks. He is still a sweet, lovable lunatic! 😉



    My oldest cat was neutered at 3 months old, and he’s 16 now. He’s never had any issues with maturation, grew up healthy (never under- or over-weight), always active – the only indicator that he was neutered so young is a squeaky meow. He’s just a happy, mellow cat. For what it’s worth, here’s one more vote for neutering now!



    lagatta4 thanks for the message.
    I can imagine you must have been going spare not knowing where Renzo was …..and then to discover he was under a car!!! That’s pretty awful.

    I lost Zulu last week and nearly had a heart attack but he eventually came home dehydrated and limping. Made the appointment that day.

    He was actually neutered today. I feel relieved yet kinda sad too but I know it was for the best.

    Hope you have other little companions to enjoy your time with.




    Thanks for the message and I agree about how awful life is for feral cats. I lived in Athens, Greece for 5 years [just moved back to the UK] and had 10 cats in my flat and about 15 strays in my garden and the lives these little creatures have is awful.

    Seeing them suffer and reproduce constantly was a very hard thing to watch and I tried my best to catch them to neuter and spay them but this was not always an easy task even though they trusted me.

    One female was approx 6 years old and has been feral her entire life. A very tough cat who was popping out kittens yearly only for half of them to be hit by cars which made both her and me very sad.

    Now that I’ve left Athens I worry a lot about their wellfare and have asked a friend to go as often as he can to feed them. Poor things must be so confused with not having me there anymore and now that most have kittens I feel even more sad about leaving the mothers alone.

    They were never my cats you understand they moved in to my garden when I started to feed a couple of cats and I was thrilled to welcome more but it’s a problem in Greece.

    Just hope that more people do opt for operation simply because it gives feral cats an easier life. Not an easy life but a life they can cope better with. Met some wonderful fellow cat lovers in Athens who do a great job in TNR programmes for ferals and they also feed colonies on a regular basis so I’m hoping this will become a ripple effect.

    Thanks for your message!



    pussigato I bet LilBit is indeed a crazy lunatic!!!!
    So sweet 🙂 I think many cats never loose their little charming ways and glad to hear he brings you much joy!

    Zulu was neutered today fyi. All went well and he’s back home running, playing and eating well.

    They didn’t remove his entire testicles which I find peculiar but according to the secretary this is normal procedure.

    I was expecting them to be removed fully. Anyway as long as he’s healthy and happy then were a happy family.



    Hi Jen,

    Thanks for the reply and advice.
    I neutered Zulu today and all went well!

    They didn’t remove entire ball sac but according to vet’s sec that’s normal procedure. I was expecting the entire ball sac to be removed. Am I wrong?

    Glad to hear your little companion is still enjoying a long and happy life with you….that’s what it’s all about. I bet you two are best friends!!

    For me personally 3 months is too young but that’s a preference of mine. Zulu is just 9 months old and I feel he was too young but it’s done now.

    Hope you and your little snuggle bug have many more happy memories together.



    Yea-You and Zulu will have a wonderful, furry guy times together. 🙂

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