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    Father’s Day is a celebration honouring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society.

    In the US and Canada Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. Typically, families gather to celebrate the father figures in their lives. Of course retailers have adapted to the holiday by promoting greeting cards and supposed “fatherly” gifts such as electronics and tools.

    Let’s not forget that kits have Dads too – often more than one – and said Dads don’t tend to stick around after the generative act. The rearing of said kits is left to Mama Cat, often aided by kindly, caring purrsons.

    Even Basement Cats have a soft spot for Dad!

    That said, they’re still Basement Cats! 😉



    Didn’t get to Fridays Cafe, got the Winters blues a bit at the moment.
    AV, KZ and JJ, I’m with you on missing our Dad. Sunday would be my Dad’s 102nd birthday and it’s been 14 years since he passed away in May. I miss him a lot, we were and are very alike in so many ways especially with our cheeky sense of humour. I am sitting here smiling just thinking about him. 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀
    Father’s Day doesn’t happen here until September.
    We have had a mixed weather day today, cold then sunny then overcast and dreary. I vacuumed the downstairs and steam mopped the kitchen floor to keep warm but now that I have done them I am cold again. 😕
    It has been a long slow boring week with Mr MS very busy but I get to go with him to feed out to the stock tomorrow. Yay ! ! Sure it might be frosty and very cold but it will be a change of scenery.
    HRH is continuing to be a fussy eater which is driving me crazy. I have got some rabbit out to tempt her tastebuds. She has also been extremely cuddly and if Mr MS sits down he suddenly has a cat on his lap.



    Awww MS, I’m sorry you have the winter blues. They are no fun and especially on a weekend. Hopefully, being outside and helping Mr. MS will perk your mood and energize you!

    I am getting my toes done this morning!! YAY! I think I’ll go with a melony pink this time..I have a silver sparkle on at the moment in bad need of removing. 😛 I remembered to wear my flip flops so I don’t mess up my polish, now to find a coffee to go with me. I’m set!



    Good morning – oh the winter blues are no fun. Hope the change of scenery will help, despite cold temps. Shadz, it’s sweet of you to cuddle with daddy, but how about being a bit less fussy with your food? That rabbit should be tempting.
    Ooh, a pedi, that sounds nice. Niece turned me on to Jamberry wraps and lacquers so I’ve been doing my nails myself.
    I’m really glad the new job is part time, I’m exhausted! There’s so much to know and most everything must be done now now now! Very detailed stuff too, as one would expect from a doctors office. At least the basics of the practice are familiar, and details are coming back to me after being away for 11 years.
    Hubby let Baby Aslan out of his crate this morning. I was relaxing with Comet and Mac when the tiny terror disguised as a marshmallow found us! He’s a ball of fire, and growing so fast! I was stretched out of the couch last evening and he jumped off the top onto my belly, oof!
    Cloudy day here in Jersey with rain expected. A good day to get some stuff done inside.



    Happy Caturday all! ….. sunny and hot/muggy here this morning (as usual), storms will roll in this afternoon …. at least it keeps my yard lush and green

    Sorry for the winter blues, MS, I think going out with Mr. MS tomorrow is just the medicine you need to lift your spirits! …. Hopefully HRH will be tempted by the rabbit …..

    JJ, I love your stories of the ‘marshmellow terror’ …. Mac, Comet & Leela are troopers for putting up with the toddler!
    KZ, I’m sure your hooman toddler can be exhausting too, my hat is off to you for being such a help to your daughter with little Miss Avery …. I can’ wait til Dau and SIL give me some grandbabies, but that’s a few years off, as she is getting her BSN …. and Son just broke up with latest GF, so patiently I wait …… I’m thinking he might just meet the right hometown girl when he moves back here in August ……

    Scottie and JUI were supposed to be here bright and early this morning, but it looks like they are a no-show *sighs* …. well, I give them a pass, afterall it is Father’s day weekend ….

    sooooooooooooooo that means a lazy day for me, maybe I’ll go putter around the mall ………. have a great day everyone! and where is PG? yoohoo, we miss you, girl!



    Hi efurryone,

    I’m around but still having trouble with my left knee. They’ve been draining fluids off knee. It’s painful and wears me out. We not sure why this is happening though. 😥 I’m waiting to see Ortho.

    My dad passed away in 2000. I think about him a lot and wish he could see what a man his grandson has become now. Clayton and family are in New Mexico with his Father.

    It’s hot and muggy (unusual for Denver but not like Tampa) and I have to take it easy…bitch, bitch, bitch!

    I took some yummy pain meds. so zone off or night or both.




    PG, you don’t have to justify feeling in a bitchy mood – def not to me! What with waiting for Ortho appt and in pain, well it’s a lot. Hope that the pain meds are doing their job.

    MS, hope that your feeling out of sorts passes as quickly as it came.

    Our weather is weirding out again. Fri was kinda chilly for summer. But tomorrow with humidity temp will be +40C!!! Still much prefurrable to winter. Plus I do have A/C which makes humidity/heat basically non-existent.

    Slept the day away as per my Caturday. Beginning of week will be stressful, with anticipatory stress already started. Trying to not stay up way late! Tues am appt at 8 am, meaning I’ll be going the DIY spin class thing at 6:30 am, and my “purrsonal” class is way harder than anything any instructor can dream up. But it’s my choice and, I gues hobby!



    Thank you all for your concern. I haz a happy ! 😀
    PG, sorry about your left knee giving you so much grief.
    JJ, love the marshmallow terror stories and oooooff when a cat land on your belly.
    It is amazing what helping feed out to the stock and sniffing the haylage can do to raise ones spirits. Add to that helping unbox recently laid concrete in the rain and getting muddy and a fence post dropped on the foot 8-O. It was wonderful. Yeah I sound crazy but it was fun.
    HRH has been Mr MS’s shadow whenever he is home lately. If he is sitting down then she is on his lap and if he moves to another room she follows him and sits by him. Ain’t love grand ! 🙂 🙂
    Long day and I am so tired.



    I went for a long bicycle ride yesterday, as today we have a general meeting of my housing co-op, and it will be hot and humid, either outdoors, or if it rains, we will move to a member’s flat, as the hall we usually rent nearby is being renovated. This is not a pleasant prospect.

    Early this morning Livia brought me a mouse, still alive. I disposed of it and praised her huntress skills.



    Hi all. Just caught up on some of last week’s cafes I missed and saw Joan has a part time job. Congrats, Joan! Hope you enjoy the work.

    Was so busy Friday I never checked in…had a busy day in the kitchen. Hadn’t had one of those in ages….so nice with all my kitchen stuff unpacked. Made scones and had my aunt over for brekkie on Saturday. Then went to the zoo, then mowed the yard. Today I did more yardwork and cleaned the outside of the windows in the front of the house…did the back a while ago. Sipped on hubby’s Father’s Day treat….sweet tea vodka mixed with lemonade. Did the sipping while cleaning the windows but didn’t leave streaks…lol.

    I enjoyed catching up with everyone. Hope your blues continue to disappate, MS.



    Good morning all. We have some sun this morning and it’s not cold. Yay. I will make the most of it as we have rain on the way. HRH is sprawled on the deck soaking it up while watching some spotted doves that have decided they like the seeds that fall from the wild bird feeding dish. I rather enjoy their gentle cooing and they are great ‘cat TV’ for HRH.
    Well done Livia, first for your catch and second for not letting it loose inside but taking it to your Meowmy.
    Wow EC you have been busy in the kitchen and the yard.
    Winter blues being held at bay still. 🙂



    The huntress returns – Yea Livia.



    Good evening – I’m sorry your knee is giving you trouble, PG. wish you get some relief soon.
    Good job on the catch, Miss Livia!
    How great to get all your kitchen stuff unpacked and into your new kitchen, ECB. Yummy drink too!
    Glad you have a bit of sun and somewhat mild temps too, MS. Sending good vibes to keep those winter blues at bay.
    Sounds like we have similar weather, KJ. Today was humid here with storms expected tomorrow. Comet was out on his harness today, under my watchful eye, of course. Right now he’s upset that the tiny terror disguised as a marshmallow found his hideaway napping spot.



    Think we set a record for heat/humidity today.

    Plus I seem to have a sore throat, purrhaps it’s a sinus thing and/or going in and out of A/C. And of course I keep swallowing to see if it still hurts. *Sigh*. My Tues appt, the one that’s doing a srs number on me stress wise is with an MD and although she’s not a GP, I would think that she can easily take a look at my throat, if it still bothers me.

    The srs stress is also after-effect as over the past few wks I’ve had 3 stress-laden appts, this will not happen again, just that they ran into each other. Some things I can arrange, others, well you take the appt that you get. Which is how Tues appt happens to be at 8 am. I guess better than later, which would give me even more time to stress out.

    Think I’ll briefly luxuriate in a short soak and plan on early-ish nite.



    Livia: And though she be but little she is fierce. Turns out my neighbour had mice, but I saw Livia bring hers in for me… (errr…)



    Lagatta, I have a T-shirt with that Shakespearean quote on it! Peeps get a kick out of it as it well suits me. I only wear to to the gym. Livia and I seem to have a lot in common, well being tiny that is, me being a purrson and sans a predilection for catching mice! 😉



    The character Miri in X-Company was like that too, though she preferred hunting Nazis.

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