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    A day of global whisky celebration!! 😛 Today everyone is invited to try a dram and celebrate the water of life. All you need is a bottle of whiskey to share with your friends. Not a whisky person? This is a great excuse to give it a try!

    And what better day to celebrate then

    Sleeptude is upon us

    Have a happy~




    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    G’morning it’s been awhile since I could sneak a moment to see what is going on


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    Well finally spoke or rather had the telephonic consultation with the Homopathic Doc in Boston on Thursday, after about 1.5 hrs of questions will now wait to see what he comes up with as a possible help for my migraines and other things going on with me.


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    I know that I enjoyed when the young bobcat would sleep in my backyard, can only imagine seeing a young mountain lion sleeping next to my door. I had one that visited my backyard in another town, it would watch me and the dogs be out and about during the day, just curious.



    Good morning – the cat ordering up whiskey is a riot! I’m not big on whiskey, but hey, I’m not one to back out of a celebration, besides, one can’t go wrong with cyber whiskey!
    Hi Deb! Wow that’s quite a marathon phone consultation, hope doc comes up with something to help you.
    It’s cloudy and cool here in Jersey, possible rain later.
    While at Petco yesterday I got the kitties a few toys, including a catnip banana. All 3 kitties went nuts over it! Also got a ‘big mouth bird’ for Leela. She loves toys with feathers and when I went to bed she was sitting on it, daring me to try to take it from her. Wanting to keep my fingers, I let her keep it!
    PG, did you watch Grimm last night?



    Joan, I’m still fired up about Grimm! What a great way to do a season ender–my hat is off to them! So glad I have that show DVR’d as I could blaze through the commercials and get right down to it again! I may even watch it again…LOL!
    Hi Deb! Hope the doc can give you some insight as to the cause of your migraines–and better yet, a CURE! 😀
    Rainy and drizzly here today, but took my hanging baskets down and set them under the eaves for drippage, nothing like rain water for plants. I did get my pots planted yesterday, now they just need to fill out. Went with a red/white theme this summer –sort of patriotic I guess. Now I need a few perennials to stick in places where I have bare spots.


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    It’s supposed to be a ‘pink moon’ tonight for the 21st 🙂



    The Grammarist on whisky vs whiskey – Whiskey is the Irish spelling, and Whisky the Scottish, of the word in both closely-related Gaelic languages meaning “water of life”. Whiskey also refers to US American types such as Bourbon, and Whisky to Canadian types.

    As you can see, whisky is made in many countries worldwide: A friend from Argentina says they make whisky there (due to the British presence in that country).

    I’m not really fond of hard stuff; I’m quite fond of wine and don’t particularly want to get into anything harder!

    The beautiful cougar sleeping on the porch has a lovely whisky coat. I didn’t see whether he or she moved on or had to be removed…



    Morning all! …. Hi Deb! …. prayers that the new doctor comes up with some great and helpful ideas for you! ….. You have struggled long, my friend!
    JJ, the new toy sounds like a hit … even if it does resemble that evil yellow fruit!
    PG, KZ and everyone else that loves Grim ….. don’t tell me yet, I recorded it last night and plan on watching it this afternoon … no spoiler alerts! LOL
    Lagatta, I’m with you – I’m a big wine fan and don’t dabble too much with the harder stuff …. altho, I can sip a good single malt every now and again ….. but it’s a rare occasion ….
    Caturday dawned bright and muggy today ….. need to do some domestic maintenance …. clean litter box … muck out Atuin’s pit …. generally dust/vacuum …….. *sighs* …. not big on ‘chore days’ ….. have a great one all!



    May not get enough rain to water the plants – I’ll give them a shot from the hose later.
    Thanks for the whiskey info, Lagatta! The only hard liquor I like is coconut rum.
    The moon has been beautiful the past few nights. Won’t be seeing it tonight, however even with cloud cover it will be bright.
    No spoiler alerts AV, enjoy the show!
    After watching the trio take turns playing with the catnip banana, I’m thinking of going back for the carrot…



    OH, Joan, my cats have the same banana and love it! Like you, I refresh their toys with new catnip….just put in a ziploc with catnip and shake it around….like shake-n-bake chicken. Yes, I’d go for the carrot too!

    The library yesterday was great…kids were amazed by the size…so was I! Took home as many animal books as we could carry. Son will bring a forklift next time.

    Had my aunt over for brekkie this morning….so much fun! Then soccer stuff or several hours midday…now resting for a few.



    Hi everybody,

    I used to drink whiskey and don’t anymore. I enjoy a good beer though.

    I really hope your Homopathic Doctor can find something that works for you. I believe we’ve been throwing medications to solve our ills. Thank you for the Mountain Lion story. He’s a very handsome guy!

    Don’t tell me the season finale! I recorded it too and am watching it tonight. It’s amazing how much more you can find in the downtown libraries. A forklift, eh? That will keep him reading for a week or two. 😉

    It’s warm today so I finished cleaning out the garage and said that’s it. Tomorrow a.m. I go whack more weeds. Yippee?



    Sounds like a successful venture to the library, ECB. Yes, give yourselves a break, bring the forklift. 🙂 I bet your aunt likes to come for brekkie at your house, you’re always baking something yummy!
    Think I will get the carrot.
    I’m not sure if I mentioned my recent acquisitions. A neighbor who passed away in March had a doggie day care and I ended up with the gates and crates, which I donated to the shelter as promised. I did, however, keep 2 cat crates just in case I’m needed to foster. My sister, thru the shelter, got me a cat shelter in the shape of a barn. Apparently there’s another one there, in which case I’ll give them the big dog crate. I took it out of my truck the other day and set it up, and since I didn’t have any spare straw, just put a towel in there. Huey was in there for several hours today, yay! Hopefully another step toward getting my yard to be the place they want to be.
    As I was writing this, I saw a squirrel at the crunchie bowl. Also saw Lord John Grey/LJG, aka Big Ba**s Billy, aka Billy. I don’t really want to take Billy in as a regular, as he doesn’t have a tipped ear, but figure if he wants some crunchies once in a while, that’s okay. And if he can shoo the squirrel away, that would score points with me too. Imagine my surprise when that ba*%#@d squirrel attacked him! These tree rats are getting greedy.



    Oh my gosh Joan….crazy squirrel. Aww, bet Huey likes the cave like feel of a crate like my Eko does. Eko loves hanging out in the “cave” when I get a crate out. (Ours are actually small dog carriers, shi-tzu sized.) I don’t have space here to leave one out permanently (did in Lubbock) so I feel so sad for him when I have to put it back in the garage.

    PG, you’re a better person than me with all that yard work you do. I really don’t enjoy it, but I hate looking at a messy yard so I do the bare minimum to keep it from being a mess.

    I think that’s great, Deb, that you’re exploring alternatives for your headaches. Keep us posted.



    At one time I used to enjoy the occasional sip of Jack Daniel’s. Not any nore. If it comes to wine, I prefurr white, but it now comes down to fizzy mineral water, Perrier, store brand, whatever’s on sale. And of course the ubiquitous latte.

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