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    I have an issue with one kitten from a litter of 5. We found the litter in my garden and the kittens were about 4 weeks old. We took them in (my neighborhood has a crazy stray cat issue) and we’re hoping to find homes for all of them (we already have 3 cats)

    When we first got them they were all scared and hissed at us but since then they’ve all warmed up to us for the most part EXCEPT one.

    This kitten is not scared to the point where she’ll hide if we come into the room. She was just playing around my feet with no problem, but if we try to touch her she gets extremely defensive. She hisses, crouches away, swats, and bites. If we do lift her she cries.

    I’m worried this is a sign that she’s sick or that she’ll always be like this and no one will adopt her. If anyone knows why she might be like this despite her siblings being fine, let me know!!



    Yes, she is afraid and scared. She needs reassurance (love, cuddles, pets) and no sudden moves, no hollering, no hitting, no swatting for her to realize that you (and humans in general) love her and will provide all food and comfort for her. For some animals (and humans) it takes more time than with others. Cats do not think as we do, and to us it seems irrational. But looking at it from her point of view we are large, loud, and scary. With time and lots of patience, she should come around and be loving and unafraid. Some cats just have a jittery, jumpy personality (I have one like that) but she is not mean.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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