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    1. Keep it fluffy! The Daily Kitten should be a haven from all the bickering and argument you can get elsewhere, so please keep the subject matter to non-contentious issues.
    2. Be nice to each other. Rudeness and personal attacks will not be tolerated.
    3. Keep it clean. Foul language will not be tolerated: not in front of the children, thanks.
    4. Keep it pleasant. Please do not post anything likely to cause upset. This includes links to content that others might find offensive or distressing on other sites.
    5. Subjects not up for discussion: The indoor cat vs outdoor cat debate, and de-clawing. People feel very strongly about these issues, and they’re never going to be resolved here, so please avoid them. Posts that bring up these matters WILL be deleted.
    6. No soliciting for donations. Requesting money from fellow community members will not be tolerated, and any such posts will be deleted.
    7. Think before you post. Does your post make TDK a better place? Are you likely to cause distress or upset? Is it possible that TDK isn’t the most appropriate place for this topic? If in doubt, leave it out.

    Thanks for reading.



    I’ve been looking at your board. You all sound like you have a lot of fun, but after almost 45 minutes, i still have no idea where this board is “from.” I found a poster that had NZ, New Zealand? and a cat from Battle Creek Mi,..Michigan I assume? Howdy, I’m from Texas.

    I’ve read the rules, but I have a question for the board administrator(s) and can’t seem to find an email contact. Am I looking at it with the wrong accent?



    Hi Dee and welcome to TDKland. We consider ourselves the fluffiest feline site around. As you noted, we have TDKers from NZ to Ireland to Arizona to New Jersey. The Kittenmaster is our site genius and some TDKers are moderators. If you have questions or concerns you can post a public message to any of them.

    Our love of kits brings us together. We only post through TDK and don’t have public emails. If desired, emails are shared privately.

    You’ve read the rules and our blog so jump in.




    I am a refugee from another cat forum.

    If I start a thread about favorite recipes on whatever board you have that’s for general topics, will my thread be deleted by a moderator because I should have written this post on a preexisting recipe thread that I didn’t even know existed?

    I thought I would ask before getting overly involved with this forum.

    Honestly – I do understand the importance of a family friendly community and being autistic (Asperger’s Syndrome), I appreciate boards that are flamer and troll free … but being told where to post on what had been described as an open board was a bit much nor did I appreciate the public chastisement that followed. (sigh)



    Hi David,
    MS, as a moderator could you please address this concern? Or JJ? Or Buttons? Tks.
    Not my call, but many TDKers post recipes in Café and/or start topics in General Chat. I would think that as long as you followed the rules about keeping things clean and polite it would be OK.
    Just wondering, as you mentioned that you were on another cat site, are you (like the rest of us ) owned by a cat(s)? 🙂



    Hi David, welcome to TDK, the self-proclaimed fluffiest site on the internet! I don’t see any problem with you sharing recipes. For your own enjoyment, there are a few food threads that are pretty historic, such as “I Like Cheese” and “Gobble, Gobble, I Need Help!”



    Thank you for your reply.

    Am I owned by cats? Absolutely! I am ruled by the firm (but loving paw) of Bob the Bobby Cat, so named because he’s a Manx mix with a bob-tail. Bob has been with me for an astounding 16 years. I’d share a picture but I don’t see a way to upload an image. From what I gather, images have to be posted somewhere on the internet. I can see a way to link to an image URL but no way to upload directly from my computer.

    Bob used to have a brother, Jasper Baby, but JB passed away last year.

    Bob was consoled to some extent by Scraps, a large gray tiger striped domestic from Pennsylvania and Princess Tabitha Panda Kitty Toe Biter (who usually just goes by Tabitha). Tabitha is 6 years old and she’s from southern Arizona. As the sole female living in a household of aging bachelors, she has been hopelessly spoiled and will always be our little princess.

    Bob and his brother were both kitties from Texas. I got them as emotional support animals on the advice of a (gulp) psychiatrist.

    I used to work abroad and was a teacher at an American school in Saudi Arabia. I arrived during the First Gulf War in ’91 when allied forces were building in Saudi Arabia in preparation for forcing Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi army out of Kuwait. Allied jets were either taking off or landing from a nearby base every fifteen minutes or so and for a while there was 24/7 bombing runs in Kuwait and Iraq. The Iraqis retaliated by shooting scud missiles at us and when the air raid siren sounded, we’d grab our gas masks and would duck and cover.

    You can imagine how scared my 4th graders were … so in violation of corporate policy, instead of sitting under my desk, I’d walk around the classroom reading a children’s novel to my students.

    I was a USO volunteer at the ill-fated Khobar Towers and used to bake cookies for our servicemen and women. After the USO pulled out due to force reductions, I was asked to stay on as a civilian volunteer and worked with the Air Force Morale Group. Khobar Towers was hit by a terrorist attack in ’96. I was not there but I heard the explosion and within minutes, lights around the area I was living in were coming on as many of my neighbors worked at the corporate hospital and all shifts were called in to deal with the in-coming wounded.

    In later years, I worked at another American school in Beirut. On the last day of school, Israeli jets flew in low and fast over the Mediterranean Sea. They rocketed over my faculty apartment building causing the entire building to shake. Having been a civilian employee in Saudi Arabia, I knew better than to stand at the window which might have exploded from the passage of the Israeli jets. At the first wailing sound of a civil defense siren, I rolled out of bed and crawled under a heavy desk. From under my desk, I could see over the window sill. Tracer fire from a Syrian anti-aircraft gun from just one block away was rising into the night air. I could hear the ack-ack-ack of the guns firing into the night sky. In the distance I could hear the wailing sirens of first responders that was punctuated by explosions … and after an hour or so when I began to wonder if it might be safe to leave my shelter, another wave of fighters would roar in and the gun fire and explosions would start all over again. The attacks continued until dawn … and when I reported to work the following morning,t he only employees present were expats like myself … Americans, Canadians, New Zealanders etc. Some of the Lebanese staff had taken refuge in the hills while others were in hidden bunkers that dated back to the 17 year long Lebanese Civil War.

    When the international airport reopened in Beirut, I was on one of the first flights out of there.

    I came back to the states and thought I was find … and during a thunderstorm in North Carolina, I had a flashback and found myself lying face down in a supermarket parking lot with my groceries strewn around me. I had my hands clasped over the back of my head and I was shouting, “IN-COMING!” to the amusement of bystanders.

    I thought I was going insane but as it turned out, I had PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder … compounded as it turned out by fatigue because every time I slept I had screaming nightmares.

    My psychiatrist told me that what I was going through was “perfectly natural.” I was a civilian in two war zones and although I could function whilst overseas, when I came home, I let my emotional guard down and began having flashbacks that were triggered by noise (thunder claps or sirens) and smell (fireworks).

    I went into counseling and my psychologist suggested that I get a pet as an emotional support animal. A pet? I snickered at the thought … but then I got to thinking that I might like an aquarium with some restful green aquatic plants. I missed the sight and sound of running water having spent 7 years in Saudi Arabia … so I went to PetsMart to get some fish … and I wound up coming home with two kittens and some $500 worth of cat supplies.

    The two kittens were Bob and Jasper Baby.

    Jasper Baby was fluffy and cute. Bob was not … but because JB was so painfully shy, I adopted Bob as company for JB. As things turned out, Bob eventually became my best friend and although I miss JB, I am thankful to still have Bob with me.

    We’ve been through a lot over the past 16 years. We’ve lived in 8 different homes in four different states over the past 16 years. A lot of this is because I was a Culinary Arts teacher in Arizona and when the economy went ka-blooey back in 2007, the state began making cutbacks to education funding and Culinary Arts teachers tended to be among the first teachers on the chopping block when it came time for lay offs. Over a six year period, I lost three jobs due to budget cuts and had to move three times.

    After my last district laid me off ONE WEEK BEFORE THE SCHOOL YEAR STARTED, I found a job in Nevada. I initially taught for two years in the greater Las Vegas area but when a job opened up at a small rural school, I voluntarily transferred. Whereas I used to have FIFTY-FOUR students in just a single class, I now have 47 TOTAL STUDENTS. My kitchen is larger than the one I had in the Vegas area AND I even have an adjoining classroom.

    One last thing that I will mention in more detail about myself is that I’m autistic. I only found out about this last year when I was 54. I’m apparently on the high performance end of the autistic spectrum and have Asperger’s Syndrome. Although I am not a drooling savant such as the character played by Dustin Hoffman in the movie, Rain Man (1988), I still share symptoms in common with other people on the autistic spectrum. For example, I lack the ability to infer unspoken intent. I do not understand sarcasm or most types of humor. Aside from the most obvious forms of facial expressions and body language, most types of verbal communication elude me. In short, think Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory … but he’s better looking than I am. He is also much younger, works in a different field, and is far more annoying.

    In any event, as previously mentioned, although I do appreciate boards that are flamer and troll free … I hope this is not a board where I will find my posts deleted … NOT because I said or did anything wrong … but because the moderator thought that my post belonged in a specific thread. This actually happened a few times in another cat forum AND was accompanied by a public chastisement which I thought was singularly inappropriate.

    Protesting this chastisement (using appropriate language and no anger) also turned out to be against forum policy … and so I left.



    Thanks for response JJ!
    David, that’s some adventurous not to mention somewhat dangerous living you’ve done! And it’s neat to see that cats share your life. And that you feel comfortable to share aspects of your life with us. We are the “fluffiest site on the Internet” – self-proclaimed or other! LOL
    I, too was taken on by my first kitty when I was a (so-called) adult. And it took me quite a few years of dithering before I followed someone’s advice and pounced in. My kit is Dorian Gray, Esq, commonly known as Dorry, he’s the kit in my avatar.
    As for posting pics, you have to use an upload site. Most of us (I think) use You copy photos from your desktop to your Photobucket library, then click the img link just above text box on this site to copy/paste the link here. Free, and easy (I’m no techie!) Also, while feeling free to open your own threads, you might also want to stop by the daily “TDK CafĂ©” which operates like a regular cafĂ© only 24/7 and virtually.



    Thank you all for your replies. I don’t want to hijack this thread, so I’ll simply say that I tried editing my last post using a pin interest link and that didn’t work. I will try photo bucket … maybe this weekend.





    How do I contact the moderator? No, it is not for advice about my cat; I have lots of catpeople friends here, and one of them is a vet (in a nearby city). It is about an inappropriate post.


    Marsha Owens

    Hi. First of all, thanks for being here. It’s wonderful to have a place to talk about and share about the thing I love most in the world, kittens.

    I’ll post an introduction in the intro forum. I’m afraid I’ve already posted much of my story in an inappropriate location, a reply to the kit of the day post. I’ll re-post it ever it should have been. I’ve alteady apologized for hijacking the thread.

    Happy kittening to all!



    Welcome Marsha to TDKland. We are the furriest forum around! 🙂 We’re friendly, cat oriented peeps.

    Please feel free to stop by and chat – we have important rules about posts. It’s pretty easy to keep it fluffy. (I mention this because some folks aren’t sure what’s fluffy)

    We generally use our initials so you would be MO unless you want something else.



    Hi, new here. When I logged in someone left me a message but I don’t know how to reply. Any assistance will be appreciated.


    Khalid Farhan

    i have to say, things are a bit confusing here. May be that’s because the format is a little different, IDK.



    Good Morning Khalid,

    We are the fluffiest forum around and would love to have you join us.

    You need to set up an account. The account is free. Once you do that then you can write posts, responses (like this) and chat with other TDKers.

    We have the Supreme KittenMaster who runs the show. Some TDKers are moderators who keep an eye on the daily posts. The rest of us are participants. We all love cats.

    You’ve read the rules and they come down to this – Be courteous.



    Andrea Smith

    I am newbie here and I am really hoping that you guys can help me with my dilemmas about cats. See you around



    Hi Andrea,

    Welcome to TDKland. We’re the fluffiest forum around.

    As you can tell, we love cats. We all have experience with kits, some more than others, so there’s info here. Just a note – we are not vets. and can’t give medical specific advice.

    Join in and ask you questions or concerns. We’ll do the best we can do. Hopefully, we’ll see your kits as our TDK kits. Follow the link “Add Your Kitten.”

    Good luck


    (we identify ourselves with initials so you’ll be AS unless you want something else.)



    Hey there!

    So I’m new here and I need help/advice! I guess I should ask my question here…
    Anyways, let me tell you my story. A feral cat had given born to 5 kittens in our attic. We found them about 10 days ago. As I love cats so much, I kinda stole one of her kittens lol???? SHE WAS SOOO CUTE! I brought her to home and she stayed with us for like 2 or 3 hours, I’mm not sure whether she was scared or not.. but she kept kneading me and she liked me to hold her so I guess she wasn’t uncomfortable. Anyway, we took her out but when we came back, we saw her mother waiting for her in the yard so we had to give her back to her mother:(
    From that day until today, I’m trying to catch her kitten again but I can’t! The attic is massive and so messy so it’s easy for them to hide. Also, her mother always gives me a death glare and is protective of her kittens. Her kittens hide whenever they see me:( How should I make them come out of hiding?? Oh and if I put food for them, they don’t come out and eat it, they only eat it when they are sure I’m not there???? What should I do?:(



    Hi! Idk where to post about this–tried to make a public message for Tom the kittenmaster, but it didn’t work, so I’ll just post here. I submitted my cat Cleo to be a star kit a while back–maybe 2 months ago. I haven’t seen her as a star kit yet. Will she be featured soon? I’m sure this is a common question but I didn’t know where else to post about this.


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