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    I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what happened. I found Louie laying part inside one of the shelters with his head on a pillow of straw just outside the shelter. Whatever happened, it had just happened when I found him, as he was still warm; picking him up was like picking up a sleeping cat. Though his eyes were fixed, I did CPR and breathed for him for quite a while. I’ve always had trouble finding the pulse on a cat (inside of the hind leg) so I put my head on him. I heard a heartbeat for a while, or was it mine?
    He seemed fine today, sitting on my lap while I read for a while. I cuddled him one last time, and put him on the chair he loved while I got a carrier and towel. The cuddle meant a lot; he was the one who cuddled with me when Squeeker died, and he was the only one of the gang that loved to be held.
    Run and play in the Meadow, Louie. Squeeker will be happy to see you.



    I’m so very sorry Joan.



    My heart goes out to you. So very sorry for the loss of beloved Louie.



    Oh Joan, I am so sorry about Louie.
    I am so glad that the two of you had some together time this morning.
    Louie, chase butterflies with Squeaker in the Meadow.
    Hugs for you JJ.



    OH, JJ-what can I say? Louie was a sweetie and much loved by you and the gang. Louie takes your love and cuddles to the Meadow. My heart is breaking but I’m sending you lots of warm healing light and love.

    Squeaker and all of our fur babies are welcoming you as you cross the Bridge.




    Sigh, oh ((Joan)) sending condolences to you on Louie’s passing to the
    RBBridge – he is now with our furry family/friends and will wait for you until heaven meets earth <3
    Bet Crocky – Dot and asst’d TDK kittehs are having a great meet-up heavenward 🙂
    cat waiting in spirit
    JKT – Lucky & Scoot xo



    ((((JJ))) This is just the saddest thing. Poor little Louie, beloved of Joan and his TDK family. I know how much you will miss his sweet face and happy personality.

    It makes me wonder if he got hit and came back to his safe place to lay his head and knowing you would be there. I wish I could ease your heartbreak. Sending you love and hugs and healing.



    Ok, here’s the story of what happened yesterday. My sister texted the ACO in my hometown so she knew I was coming. When I took Louie out of the carrier, a bit of fluid came out of his nose. The ACO freaked a bit, and noted that his belly was still soft. We wound up going to the local vet, who confirmed that Louie was deceased. The ACO is kind of new and wanted to be 100% sure before taking him. I had wrapped him in a soft towel with his face peeking out just a bit. I think a small part of me hoped I would find him looking to get out of the carrier Thursday morning. I had closed his eyes, so he looked like a sleeping kitty, a peaceful sight. Handling him was not too bad. Besides, I had said my goodbye the night before while we cuddled one last time, and I kept reminding myself that he was already at the Meadow.
    The vet agreed with my suspicion that it was most likely a heart attack. Large cats are prone to enlarged hearts which must work harder to support a bigger body. Louie was a large cat indeed, not fat, just a big boy. The other thing that can take a male cat quickly without warning would be intestinal blockage due to crystals. I’m less inclined to think that because Louie ate wet food daily, though he did like his crunchies.
    So there you have it. Going from feeding six cats to five has been hard. Each cat has his/her uniqueness in the group, and the missing element that was Louie is palpable. Oh how thankful I am for the remaining five!



    I also have to say that out of all the dangers that outdoor cats face, this probably had nothing to do with being outdoors. Weird, but I’m kind of thankful. At least I got to see him, to say goodbye. He didn’t just wander off and die. Maybe he knew I was with him.



    Oh Joan, God bless you and Louie will have many friends at the bridge



    Joan, my heart sunk to see this today. I’m so sorry for your loss. RIP sweet Louie.



    Joan, I am so terribly sorry for your loss. I hope it is somewhat reassuring for you to know why he died, and to know that it was to some extent from a natural cause.

    Their absences are felt quite keenly. Each one leaves an empty space, no matter how many remain.



    You do so much helping those homeless cats, and I’m so very sad about Louie. I still cry about my Renzo, though it was an ill of extreme old age. I don’t think that particular cause of death had anything to do with being an “outdoor cat” in a well-established shelter.

    I’m very sorry. His memory will live on (Sorry, I don’t believe in the Bridge and the Meadow)





    Hi everybody
    Hey Joan I know it’s been a while but I was really sorry to hear about your Louie. It’s the worst ever.
    I just had to put down my beloved Mr. Peabody it’s been two weeks and I’m still crushed.
    I miss him so much



    Hi Backyardcatlady – BC for short! Thank you so much. I’ve been thinking about my friend a lot lately. Next month will be a year already.

    I’m sorry about Mr. Peabody. Everyone here understands the hurt and sadness that you feel. I hope the sad memories will soon give way to happy ones, and you’ll be able to smile at the memory of him again.

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