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    On this “Special Day” one is supposed to look around for someone in a grouchy mood. Then do them a favour to cheer them up. Might be a thankless effort, but we can start with “Grumpy Cat” whom we all know isn’t really grumpy at all, but still …



    I like Boy George! I haz a happie because we’re getting snow.

    Have a happy~




    Wow, yesterday we talked about our WTF days but look carefully and today is riday.

    Has anyone been checking this out?
    Includes latest position map so you can see when it is over your part of the world. I haven’t see it yet and time is getting short.



    Hey MS – tks for turning my “F” omission into something that looks intentional, sorta kit-like as in “I meant to do that!” πŸ˜‰

    Groucho Mark hehehe!

    Didn’t know about the humanity star, bkgd is awesome!

    Poor blankie!



    β€œIf a black cat crosses your path, it signifies that the animal is going somewhere.”

    – Groucho Marx



    Oh how I love today’s pics! The Oscar the Grouch pic in the basket is hilarious! Oscar was always my favorite anyway….and how can anyone be grouchy on a Friday?!

    People mistake my lack of being a morning person for being grouchy….I’m NOT, just don’t expect me to make conversation until I wake up and have had coffee!!



    Livia has been much happier since she was able to have a couple of quick outings in the garden below. Oh, she only stays for a short time – we’ve had so much snow that despite the melt, there is still snow on the lawn and among the bushes – but is much less antsy when she returns. But Livia is never grouchy; just antsy.



    Paw up waves…happy Friiiday!
    cat paw up friday

    friday boom coffee
    Coffee Time…all day!

    Adding my 2.5cents worth:

    Friday feeling

    friday work
    Yay…li’l more than 1/2 day left of this solo fun stuff!
    3pm friday fun
    Hmm…Happy Hour just around the corner!
    But first…lunch time ~ fast approaching!
    Back Later/hope…if not have a pawsome Weekend!
    Almost forgot…
    brutie hatBrutie is in house today!



    Good Saturday morning, the sun is out and the cicadas are singing. HRH has had two breakfasts and even ate one inside rather than me take it to her on the balcony, yay.
    KJ, I knew all along that you meant today to be ‘F’less and it wasn’t just a typo. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ nod nod.
    Lagatta I love that saying of Groucho Marx, so simple yet factual and it really tickles my streak for sarcasm.
    KZ, Oscar was sister KK’s favourite Sesame Street creature BUT we had quite a dilemma with his name. To her the American accent made his name sound like ‘Arskar’ and if we didn’t pronounce it that way in her presence then all hell broke loose and we got a lesson in how to pronounce it. To this day we all crack up laughing at that, maybe it was an omen(good) that she would marry an American. πŸ˜† As for being grouchy on a Friday I managed it very easily yesterday but it was heat induced. Not humidity this time but straight out heat. I wasn’t very pleasant to be around last night with a heat headache. I think I have to make it up to Mr MS when he comes home from work.
    Lagatta I am glad that Livia has eased her cabin fever with a couple of outings into the garden. Cats can be quite insistent when they want out. Antsy ! La la la la sounds like ants. Thankfully they are gone, for now.
    JK, love the waving cameo cat and t he 70% nicer made me laugh. Brutie you have a very pixie look in that hat, cute.
    We are being warned about the looming tropical cyclone Gita or her remnants. They still can’t tell where she will cross onto land yet but she could still be quite a serious event with heavy rain and gales and are being encouraged to prepare by cleaning gutters etc and tie down trampolines. This should happen Monday or Tuesday. I am worried about my fig tree taking a battering and losing all the fruit.

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