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    Hey all

    Yesterday I rescued a kitten that had been abandoned by her mothers owners near where I work. I have no idea how old she is but is walking and playing but a little wobbly sometimes. Since I got her home she hasn’t pooped, she was has 2 little wees under my bed ???????? and seems more interested in eating her litter than using it. She is very playful and eating a bit but not much. Apart from that all she wants to do is cuddle and play with me and then steel my pillow. Any advise on the toilet issue would be grate.




    hey rob.. firstly I just want to make sure your using Non-clumping litter ? this is very important especially as she’s eating it. Clumping cat litter can cause intestinal blockage so if it’s not non-clumping throw it out ASAP and get non-clumping litter.

    other than that just make sure the litter tray is big enough and that she can get in easily. have you weighed her? sometimes that can help with age of your not sure. it generally goes 100gms per week of age so an 4-6 week old kitten if health generally weighs anywhere from 400grams. to 700grams.. you mention she’s a bit wobbly?

    keep an eye on that if it worsens get her to a vet. There is also a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia that effects kittens from birth this causes imbalance which can be so mild you don’t notice to sever where a cat can’t walk.. there are also slight signs one of which is called attention tremor which looks like a little bobbing head when they are really concentrating on something or “hen pecking” their food. CH is a non progressive condition and one that cause no pain at all and some CH cats have trouble litter training for the first few months and need easy access litter trays with 3 high sides and one low entrance so if CH is a factor be prepared for a few accidents if you don’t have the appropriate tray..I have a CH kitten and they are amazing cats!

    again you may not be dealing with CH but I felt I should mention it as you referred to her as a little wobbly



    Hey cheers for your reply. It is non clumping I made sure, when I said wobbily she just occasionally falls over.

    I have found a few wet spots under the bed and behind the dining table this evening so I am thinking maybe she just likes her priversy and am thinking about getting a tray with a lid. Well that’s if she wakes up and let’s me move without digging claws in every time I go to move away from her lol.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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