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    I am rehoming my cat, Nyla today…Ive recently met a wonderful man who has severe asthma and allergies, his lungs are actually scarred. His doctor says he may only have a few trips to the hospital that he can be helped if he has a bad attack. I have been trying to find a home for our sweet girl but haven’t had any luck. Today the previous owner said that she will take Nyla back. I am so happy because I know she will have a wonderful home..but the guilt is killing me! Nyla is a very timid cat, doesn’t like to be touched much or held, she would only lay on my bed with me (pre-boyfriend). My daughter is 15 and never really bothers with Nyla but is sad and upset that we are rehoming her. I am upset too, cying at my desk as we speak but I cant let my boyfriend suffer or maybe die!! we plan on living together sooner than later and eventually marrying. It took me a long time to find such a wonderful man…I keep trying to justify my decision to everyone, even though I know it is the right one! should I feel so guilty?



    I have no sympathy for you Amy. You’ve made your choice now live with it.



    I’m sorry, Amy. I am glad Nyla is going to someone she knows.

    What you can do is keep in touch with Nyla’s owner and make sure she has a happy life.



    Hmm…it’s too bad your BF made you choose rather than accept you as cat person 🙁
    I tend to agree with PG.
    Future Reminder:
    stop wedding not a cat person

    Good Luck in your life’s choices…remember always be #TruetoYourself!



    I know this is a very difficult decision and I’m sorry for you. Like the less supportive responses you’ve gotten, I don’t think I can ever give up a cat I’ve taken responsibility for, but people and their situations aren’t all the same.
    If you are sure he’s the one, and that Nyla is going where she will be loved and appreciated, I think you are doing the best you can – as there is no ideal solution.
    Like JJ says, keep in touch with her new home and make sure she’s doing all right. Remember that safe and cared for is better than on her own or in a shelter. I would also argue against visiting her, as that would just make it harder for her to settle in.



    It’s your choice, as long as your cat is safely rehomed – remember that adopting a cat, dog or other sentient being is as much of a commitment as adopting a human child – but I’ve been through far too much s**t with men to ever privilege then over my cat, male or female.

    The most important thing is that the cat is safe and loved.

    The last time a man treated me like s***, my cat (a tomcat, by the way) was the only being who kept me on kilter.

    I don’t want to diss anyone who has found love, but would you give up a human baby?

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