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    My baby is stormy she was found mid August in a storm drain with goopy eyes and underweight. With some lysine, antibiotic eye drops and a good grain free diet she is a very healthy active kitten. The vet wants to wait until the beginning of December to spay her she will be 5 months for sure by then.
    Well here’s the first question…she’s been going around the house chirping the last couple weeks. It’s like 1 maybe 2 days each week. Could she be going into early heat? I want her fixed before she goes into heat bc of the future health benefits. Is it possible that she could be going into heat. She is 17-20 weeks old (bc she was so small when found we weren’t sure if she was 6 or 8 weeks old). She’s still my baby I don’t want to think that she’s growing up too fast. I’ve never had a cat chirp like this but could this just be how she talks instead of meowing all the time?

    Also her fur seems greasy. Could it be from not grooming herself good enough or from hormones? Should I give her a bath? I brush her but it doesn’t help the grease



    Hi Melissa,
    It sure sounds like your kitten may be in heat. They do chirp a lot when they come in to heat–just make sure she doesn’t get outside, or a male cat get inside! It won’t hurt to bathe your kitten either, some really like water. Just make sure you rinse her good and dry her and blow dry her fur. You don’t want her cold and shivering. I don’t know why her fur would be greasy looking, or why she isn’t grooming. That would be a question for the vet when you take her back for her spay.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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