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    My kittens were rescued at roughly 3 weeks old last Monday (04/10/17) considering they were orphans I did take them in and immediately begin bottle feeding and stimulating, they pee regularly but didn’t poop until this passed Sunday (04/16/17) which was so relieving considering we were so unbelievably worried about them being in any form of pain or discomfort, but they pooped without any problems! No strain, no signs of pain or discomfort, the texture was normal, a sort of paste like; so no constipation, and the color was normal as well, so overall everything seems to be okay! But it’s now almost Thursday morning and they have yet to poop again. I just started the weaning process about a day and a half ago so they have a small amount of wet kitten food mixed with formula in their tum’s, will regular food like this help them regulate when it comes to pooping or should I be concerned? Once again there are no signs of discomfort, their bellies are soft, they pee on their own (and everywhere I might add) and they rarely cry (unless they’re hungry and I’m not moving fast enough) any advice would be much appreciated!



    Hi Evelyn! These kittens are way to young to be totally weaned from milk. You can begin to offer solid wet food mixed with their formula, but they aren’t usually fully weaned until the 8 to 10 week old mark.

    The wet food does help them get more regular, but you need to also offer them a litterbox that they can get in and out of easily. Also with plain clay unscented non clumping litter.



    My little darling poppy is 4wks old and has the same issue. She has pooped once this week, four days ago. It was a small paste like poop and she has only been peeing regularly since. She takes herself to the kitty litter and urinates, but no poop. 🙁 i am worried as her belly is a little bit bloated. She drinks up to 110mls of kitten milk per day. The warm wet cotton ball stimulation on her anus (several times daily) has not helped.

    She is a very settled and calm kitten, she never cries or gets scared. I look after her round the clock with bottles of cat milk formula and she has been wormed.


    Worried (first time) kitten mama

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