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    Welcome Danielle,

    I’ve taken liberty of bumping up your post and moving it to “General Chat” where it should be more noticeable. While none of us are vets or vet techs some TDKers have loads of experience and can hopefully advise you. KJ

    Hi I’m new here. I’ve just recently rescued a feral (female I think) kitten at about 6 weeks old this past Wednesday evening. I finally caught her when she wriggled loose and was hiding throughout the house (she’s a bit of speed demon). She’s hiding out in my studio and I’m having trouble coaxing her out. She’s eating well and using the litter pan for peeing but pooped elsewhere. It looked like one poop was semi hard with a little bright blood and I’m guessing the runnier stuff was after if that makes any sense. As soon as I can catch her again I’m putting her in a kennel and scheduling a wellness visit.

    I’m mainly wondering if I’m on the right track and looking for a support group of sorts. I’m giving her plenty of water crunchy kitten chow and a can of fancy feast kitten food a day.

    I’ve rescued older ferals and much younger including a day old all have our had great lives and I want to give this little bit the same.



    Hi Danielle,
    I have rescued many cats and kittens, feral and those dumped on my doorstep.
    I believe that you did the right thing in putting her in a kennel and limiting her movement for now. Especially if you have her bed, food and litter tray in there so that all of her needs are being met. This way she can get used to you and the sounds of your home; if you have any other pets or children; and the comings and goings of everyone. She is safe in there and everyone else is safe also.

    A vet check would be the place to start, making sure she gets vaccinations, checked for any communicable diseases, and checked for parasites inside and out. The blood in the poop could be caused by parasites and once she is on a steady diet of good food, this should stop. Keep us posted on her progress please!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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