Possible serval sighting in Battle Creek, Michigan

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    Check this out:


    Poor darling. Its front feet are declawed. I certainly hope the baby can be caught HUMANELY and treated like the lost pet it probably is.



    Oh dear, what a beautiful kitty..I can’t believe it was declawed, it must belong to someone..



    Wow! Who ever the cat does belong to needs to be slapped!!! You don’t even let a house kitty that is de-clawed out of the house! Pox upon the stooge that de-clawed that amazing cat.



    They caught her,hopefully,they’ll put her in a reserve or something where she’ll have a better life.


    KYKAT 12 23

    She was beautiful. I am so glad that they were able to capture her and take her to the zoo. Once they have done their evaluation, I am sure they will find her an appropriate home.



    Poor kitty – I’m sure her situation will improve now that she can be evaluated. I’d like the kick the person who put a declawed baby out on her own.



    Thank goodness Battle Creek animal control and police had the sense to trap instead of just shooting the cat. All too often Fish and Game just shoots to kill because “it was dangerous” instead of trying to preserve life.

    I hope they find a nice home for this cat, and don’t return her to the home that she had before.



    What a beautiful cat…I think they handled it’s capture very well and hope there’s some follow up to the story to determine just exactly how this cat came to be out and about and what his future may entail.



    Just to be fair, we don’t know that someone let the declawed animal out on purpose. There could be one very worried exotic pet owner out there (note: I’m not advocating owning wild animals, just pointing out that we don’t know the whole story).

    And yes, it’s beautiful. I hope it’s well cared for.



    At least it went to Binder Park Zoo, they have a lot of knowledge when it comes to cats of this size (they have cheetahs). I’m a little surprised that there is not more regulation in Michigan when it comes to exotic pets.



    I also think he is beautiful! I am worried though even if you are an exotic pet owner your animals still should be feed the best and at expcted weight scales.



    Oh that poor animal! To be one of the wild and declawed is very inhumane. Also that it is so underweight. It sounds like it has been abused. I hope they are able to help it.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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