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    Belinda Flores

    Hi I’m new here!

    I have previously taken care of a four week old kitten and she’s grew up well and is now 1 year and 6 months. Three weeks ago, I found our new baby, in my backyard under a bunch of junk we keep out there. She was meowing very loudly and by herself in the cold night, so I took her inside. To my suprise, she was very tiny, very “rat” like. Her eyes and ears were closed and umblical cord, dried but still attached.

    I’ve been feeding her powder KMR and sticking to my kitten care handbook instructions very closely. The past week and a half, she’s had trouble pooping. I’ve been diluted her forumla to 1:4 ratio since she’s had hard stool.

    Very hard stool and is on/off constipated. As well as her bowel movements and tummy size was concerning, so I took her to the vet. They decided to start her first deworming treatment. The vet technican, suggested that we leave her there for a couple hours so they could keep trying and giving her “mini” enemas.

    She still had not poop so they prescriped her a supplement for healthy digestion and a stool softner. If she did not poop in 24 hours, they wanted us to bring her back for bloodwork and x rays. Now I don’t make a lot of money, so that was utlimately the last resort.

    I decided to switch the powder KMR to liquid, as I read one causes constipation and the other, diarrhea. I was so worried as her belly was big and she hadn’t pooped much in 4 days!

    Although instead of hard or normal stool, she had diarrhea. I’m very worried as to be relived that she finally got waste out of her system or that diarrhea can be very dangerous for kittens.

    I’ve decided to switch back to powder KMR for her next feeding, although I’m very unsure to give her stool softner they prescribed for every eight hours. Since they are also closed so I can’t call and ask till tomorrow.

    Very sorry for the extremely long post, but any advice is welcomed. I’ve already fallen in love with this kitten. Help.



    Hi Belinda,

    Welcome to TDK. The furriest and fluffiest place around!

    As you’ve discovered-Liquid KMR give your kit diarrhea and the powder gives constipation. Goat’s milk is wonderful for raising kittens and you won’t have to worry about constipation or diarrhea. It provides your wee kit with necessary nutrients and probiotics. Also, it is gentler on the tummy. It’s cheaper than formula too. You can can it at the grocery in the cold milk section as fresh, or in the baking aisle in cans as condensed. If you buy the condensed, add water 1 to 1. I will post some link for you to read about kittens and their care. Good luck!


    Chaos’ Guide to Constipation





    Belinda, PG has given you good advice. I raised my last kitten on goat’s milk entirely and is so much cheaper that KMR. It is full of probiotics that is good for their gut and will save you trips to the vet! A lot of vets do not know how to hand rear very tiny kittens. Many of us here have hand reared kittens and it is a tricky job even doing everything right. Try adding a few drops of olive oil to her formula, to soften her stool and get things moving–that is, if she is constipated. You won’t need to do it if she is not. But the goat’s milk will help keep her on an even keel. She sounds like an abandoned new born. Make sure you read the links that PG posted, as they contain many things that are needed for hand rearing very small kittens. Make sure to keep her warm (heating pad on low wrapped in a towel in the nest, a place for her to crawl off if she gets too warm) as digestion cannot occur in a kitten that is cold. Keep us posted on how you and she are doing!

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