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    Ziggy is 12 weeks old as well as his sister mazzy.. as of 4 days ago Ziggy has become lethargic.. he eats.. drinks ..pees poops.. and then sleeps.. his sister is off the wall.. Ziggy’s third eye lid is showing for 2 weeks.. not his sister’s.. he had blood work on day 2 .. low red and white blood cell count.. 2 weeks before this he had his first set of shots… His leukemia test came up negative…. The vet gave him an antibiotic.. I never had a sick kitten.. does it last long.. he really only shows lethargy.. no discharges or vomit or bumps.. no answers from the vet.. I’m really worried.. he will walk and talk and follow his pet human Amy upstairs and downstairs. So he isn’t weak I guess. Any thoughts?



    I’m sorry Ziggy is lethargic. Please try to find a vet ASAP who can look into this further and give you some answers.
    Try rubbing a bit of honey or caro syrup on his gums to give him a little boost.
    I’m pretty sure your Ziggy needs medical intervention so he can keep up with his sister.



    poor Ziggy …. I’d say the same as Joan I’d get another vet opinion.. and also another FeLV test too..its recommend in kittens to test again 2-4 weeks after first test as it take about two weeks for the virus to show in bloods after exposure and that’s why it’s so important too also retest positive FELV test 2-4 weeks later as some FeLV positive reading on the snap test are actually showing the anti bodies from a transient infection ..

    Honey is a good trick for a lethargic kitten Manuka honey is even better again but can be expensive.. you could be dealing with a parasite as kittens new to be wormed ever month untill they are at least 6 months old and a single celled bacterial infection like Giardia or coccidia can really make kittens lethargic and all cats that have been in contact with a giardia or coccidia his need to be treated and all litter trays and litter tray areas completely disinfected .. get another vet to test his stool for parasites

    and goats milk might help him feel better if he’s an upset stomach


    I’m lost.. like i said. Hosted and white blood cell was very low. Vet gave him antibiotic on Sunday. He eats. Drinks alot. Poops pees.. will play if stimulated bit mostly wants to sleep .. 3 vets can’t find what is wrong.



    dis any of the vets ask for a stool sample? if not I would get them to test his stool..


    No one.. so I’m going to take stool to the vet.. last vet in spoke to said to get x-ray if stool is dark.. internal bleeding maybe.. what color is dark? It’s poop..



    if there’s bleeding in the stomach or high up in the intestines by the time it comes out in the stool the stool will be very dark almost black… if there’s is red blood it means the bleeding is fresh blood towards the end of the intestines.. fresh blood can be present because o parasites.. I’m very surprised they didn’t test his stool when he presented first 🙁 all these symptoms could just be parasite related but some vets like to bamboosle us with science and charge an absolute fortune on test that may not be needed. some parasites like giardia and coccidia can NOT be killed with standard worming meds! they need to be treated with an antibotic called flagyl or a parazole liquid wormer. . Stool sample tested before before any vet suggested expensive ultra sound scans.. unless the kitten get worse…



    also just because a cat/kitten doesn’t present with the usual symptoms of giardia or coccidia (mucousy , bloody smelly loose stool) doesn’t mean they don’t have it in the intestines some cats become carriers and only have symptoms when they get stressed and can continue to spread the bacteria in their feces even though they show no outwardly signs..

    I hope he feels better soon .. I would insist on them testing his stool! and this might sound gross but it needs to be fresh! 😆 like hours old fresh


    Honey did nothing for him…I checked his poop it is green to brown.. a little hair in it. He finally sneezed a couple times and his eyes have some discharge.. he seems to play a little more each day.. he has a vet appointment… But I don’t feel vets here are all that great..



    if there’s a possibility he has feline herpes (confused with cat flu) I’d get him on 500mg L-lysine twice daily that with help with the virus and help him gain weight


    Ziggy seems to be doing way better.. wether it was the antibiotics or not I don’t know. He has a vet appointment coming up.. as for water drinking.. maybe it was related to fresh chicken and dry food .. when he scarfs down wet food he barely touched water now.. his coat and eyes look better. Energy wise he is back to himself platlying with his sister for hours.



    I’m so happy he’s doing better 🙂 yes wet food is always SO much better than dry.. it’s not always as convenient but it’s much better for a cats health


    The vet said his red blood cell count is still about Five Points lower than normal but it looks like he is recovering from whatever it was his white blood cell count is normal… And he looks great … Very happy hungry thirsty poop and pee in and playing..

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