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    Scott Covington

    Frick and Frack’s mother was killed last week and I took them in around that time while trying to find a permanent home for them. I bathed them both last night with children’s no-tears shampoo and put them in their pin to sleep once they were dry. I’ve been having my own medical issues so I woke up about 2 hours ago–now 4 AM here–and found Frick at the far end of the cage laying rigid. At first I thought it was actually rigor mortise, she did not respond to stimulus or appear to breathe. But she is alive. I tried several things that I will list below.

    I think she is just over 1 month old. 5 weeks tops. Both have eaten solid food all week and Frack is healthy.
    She did have some fleas–hence the bath.
    Tried Karo syrup on lips. Nose and lips appear more pale than the usual pink.
    Her limbs were cold so she has currently taken over my heating pad. Warmed up a lot and appears to be breathing deeper.
    Have tried massaging her privates to stimulate peeing/pooping. She did pee on me when I did so.

    She has had a couple other bouts of this “rigidity” while I’ve been caring for her this morning. Otherwise she remains limp. She stretches all four limbs out and holds them stiffly; it seems like she is in pain when she does that. I’m actually scared to hold her because she will not hold up her head; claws do not extend to purchase. She just lays there…

    There are no emergency vets in my area and…I don’t mean to sound callous but I cannot afford a vet visit–even at a reduced rate. If I had the money, I would have frankly spent it on a Dr visit for myself.

    If there is anything else I can do for this kitten, I would rather it not die in my bed.


    Scott Covington

    Please lock or delete this thread.



    Hi Scott – it sounds like you have done what is reasonable for this kitten given the lack of an emergency vet. I’m not sure why you want the thread locked/deleted but will do as you ask.
    Please know that all are cat lovers here who consider their hunan’s feelings and never judge.
    Wishing you peace and comfort.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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