Please help – my kitten is acting like he’s drunk?

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    Stumpie has been fine all day long, eating, playing, sleeping. A little while ago I went to wake him up because he’s been sleeping for a very long time (4+ hours). I picked him up, and he opened his eyes, but his body stayed limp. I put him down on the ground, and he just slumped over and laid on his side. At that point I started freaking out, so I took him to the sink and washed his face with some cold water, he could sit then, but still couldn’t walk. He meowed when he saw some food, which I gave him, and he ate it, but when I tried to give him water he almost chocked on it?? He walks a bit now, but very wobbly – like he doesn’t know where his feet are. Please help??



    I think I would call the vet. I know he has other problems right now, but this sounds almost like he’s eaten something he shouldn’t have eaten.



    Oh Skyron, this is very worrying. It also sounds almost like it could be neurological symptoms. I’m with CBM, get him to the vet, ASAP. Emergency vet if your normal vet isn’t available. Could he have gone into shock for any reason?

    Hoping you don’t need it but just in case, this site tells you how to perform rescue breathing and compressions on your pet:

    {{{Skyron and Stumpie}}}



    Just got back from the vet. Its 01:21 am in SA. I phoned the man out of bed. He took one look at Stumpie and said he’s starting him on a drip and running blood tests – prelimanary diagnosis: toxoplasmosis. Something to do with parasitic brain infections . . . (googling it as I type). I got the first blood test results back as I was driving home – BUN test was normal, red blood cells were normal, white cells elevated. The vet said he has to do a specific test to get the diagnosis, but he’s certain of it. He says the prognosis with treatment is good, and that the next 2 days are going to be important as to whether he makes it or not. There may be some lasting neurologic damage. Apparently treatment involves killing off the parasites in the brain tissue while controlling the amount of swelling and bleeding that occurs as a result in the brain. I going to start a fan club on facebook for my vet . . . More prayers for Stumpie please??



    You got ’em, Skyron, oh, poor little mite. I’m so glad you have a marvellous vet. Healing energies being sent to poor little Stumpie in abundance.

    Toxoplasmosis is carried through the faeces, can be transmitted to humans and can be dangerous to pregnant women so wear gloves while scooping his litter tray.

    I have known a couple of kitties with brain deficits, sometimes they shiver a lot and are wobbly but they have been some of my favourite darling kitties. {{{Skyron and Stumpie}}}


    What a wonderful vet and wonderful mom you are! More prayers coming right up for Stumpie and you!



    best wishes to Stumpie.

    I hope he gets all better. Sounds really scary but it’s good you rang the vet early.



    Prayers and good wishes for a full and fast recovery for Stumpie. You have a vet who gets out of bed for calls? Wow, what a great guy!


    Good catch, Skyron! Stumpie is a lucky kittie to have you and your vet ready to deal with such a serious health issue. 🙂


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    {{{Stumpie}}} healing energies and prayers for his recovery, and for you to have strength now. You are very lucky to have a damn good vet, keep him he is doing a fine job!



    Healing Energy for Stumpie, I hope he improves rapidly.



    I went to see my baby this morning. I was so happy that he’d made it through the night I started crying all over again. By the time we got him to the vet last night I couldnt get him to wake up anymore 🙁 I’m just so glad we decided to take him in last night, if we’d left it till morning he would’ve died. Apparently there are three stages of toxoplasmosis, first it attacks muscles, then it inhibits the central nervous system, and then lastly it shuts down the liver and other vascular organs. Stumpie’s in stage two. There is no treatment for stage 3. So there are lots of spinal taps and blood test lying ahead for the child. At least there is treatment. Thank God. Antibiotics, and lots of them, and cortisones, and steroides . . . The vet said we are looking at at least 4 weeks in icu, and we’ll only know then how much damage has been done to his brain. Thank you for all the support & prayers. I’m sure he’s using them all 🙂



    Continued prayers that he will thrive under your watch and the care of the vet.



    Best wishes to stumpie and we will all pray for his recovery! You are bieng a very good mom and congratulations on finding such a dedicated vet. Dont worry, cats are fighters with an amazing will to live.



    Prayers for Stumpie.




    Skyron, Stumpie is lucky to have you as his mom. I send best wishes and prayers for Stumpie and you. Also, tell your vet he’s awesome.



    Best wishes for Stumpie



    Sending healing energy for Stumpie and many {{{HUGS}}} for his mama.



    I’m new here I just joined today because I have a 9 week old Kitten named Booger and I read through this post and it scared the crap out of me.. What my question is, is how do they get toxoplasmosis?



    Also all my hopes prayers and wishes are with you and Stumpie

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